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    What do you think is the most ruthless?

    Funny...I'd put my wife in the same category also. LOL.
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    What do you think is the most ruthless?

    I would argue that in terms of ruthlessness and unforgiving, I would consider the Southeastern Asian Martial Arts to be the most ruthless. The filipino martial arts and Silat probably has the most deadliest of the martial arts, because the art is simply a deadly art. I know that many other...
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    Attack of the Killer Trolls.

    Thanks- I am very new to the discussion forum and haven't really met anyone I didn't like so far. This is very good to know.
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    10 Commandments Of Self Defense

    Well... I really think that the he has a lot of great concept to teach. Yes, I've seen curriculums like this before, especially through the filipino martial arts. I noticed that he used a lot of lock flows, wrist locks, yelling, and passive aggressive tactics. Generally speaking, the content...
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    Help...armed robbery right next door...advice???

    There's already a lot of great advice on this forum... they are right, you should keep a database of all your items and also place a value to them. Also include the serial numbers. A year ago someone broke into my house and stole some pretty valueable items. The cops asked for the serial...
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    First thing you wanted to learn

    There's so much I wanted to learn... I wanted to know everything like how to do the katas, learning how to spar and employ techniques, mastering the self defenses, and so much more. I guess what I really was interested was the JKD portion of the class. I love going through the pak-sau and...
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    can anyone tell me how effective bjj is for self defence

    I've read most of the answers replied in this forum and for the most part they are correct. It does depend on the teacher, it depends on the situation, it depends on how long you've studied the art. Yes it all depends. But the art as a whole is considered a soft art because it lacks striking...
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    A new member to the Forum

    Thank you, and I look forward to reading your perspectives as well!
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    A new member to the Forum

    I am glad to be here and to serve our country. Thanks for taking the time to say hello!
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    A new member to the Forum

    It's no problem serving the United States. That's right Semper Fi, Always Faithful! I am looking forward to your insights in the forum.
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    A new member to the Forum

    Thank you! I look forward to reading some of your insights.
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    A new member to the Forum

    Your welcome, but it's a joy serving this country and people like you! Hope to see you in throughout the forums
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    A new member to the Forum

    Hello Fellow Martial Art Enthusiast! Finaly a forum site that has a sense of a real community of transferring information, rather than the dog-eat-dog mentality of other sites. I look forward to talking with anyone about anything related to the martial arts. I'll give a bit of a background...