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    How many are Hapkidoists?

    It's an old joke 90% done 90% to go.
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    Share your greatest song or lyric???

    Muse Uprising [Verse 1] Paranoia is in bloom The PR, Transmissions will resume They'll try to Push drugs to keep us all dumbed down and hope, That we will never see the truth around Another promise, another scene, another, A packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed, And all the green belts...
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    How many are Hapkidoists?

    I'm about 1/4 way through construction...
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    How many are Hapkidoists?

    I consider myself a Hapkidoin. I've attained third dan. I've dabbled in other arts over the years and even earned dan rank in one but in my heart Hapkido will always be the art for me.
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    Hapkido Online

    Wow this an old thread. I'm happy to say that five years later Hapkido Online is still a "going concern". While I've polished it some over the years it still works fundamentally the same way. We've progressed four people all the way to black belt. I still get new students routinely and like...
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    Friend is thinking about martial arts.

    First thing you will want to accept about being a martial arts instructor is that you can't be all things to all people. Teach your art, and you will find some gravitate towards your way of teaching and some don't. Make it about the art and don't worry so much about what other people think.
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    Tkd by video

    I used to drive an hour and thirty minutes to meet with my instructor about twice a month. In between I trained at a guest school and worked out with some old videos my teacher made to help out.
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    Dismissed from a Taekwondo club, what to do?

    I rarely ever reply to threads anymore because I find once I've gotten to them other people have already said what I would have said and said it better. Good job folks!
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    I'm pretty late coming to this thread but I feel compelled to respond. I agree with having occasional hands on time, which is why in addition to our online content we offer interactive training via webcam and of course brick and mortar seminars and the annual conference.
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    Why its important for martial artists to be familiar with guns

    I would say learning how to safely use firearms is always a good idea, provided you are of sound mental health and have no prior felony convictions. The world has changed a lot, when I was growing up we had a representative from the NRA give us safety training for rifle, shotgun, and various...
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    Hello to everyone. Greetings from Italy

    Welcome! Enjoy..
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    do you find this disrepectful?

    If the DJ bugs you then listen to something else. I find most DJ's to be obnoxious... Best DJ's play good music and when it's over tell me what they played then play more good music.
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    Being tempted by Aikido

    I think you should have a very frank conversation with the Aikido instructor about your physical limitations and see if you can participate.
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    40 years and starting...

    Good on you! It's never too late.
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    My first instructor

    Sorry for your loss. I am blessed that mine is still with us though we had a close call last year with his heart. Like your teacher, mine changed my life in a positive way. Note: Admins, we used to have a way to remove signatures from a post. I really did not want to include mine on this...
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    Just my students and I practicing

    The art itself is unchanged by my faith. I guess the biggest difference is just the people who are practicing. We have a huge friendly family kind of environment. Our Hapkido Conferences and seminars are like big family reunions, lots of hugs and jokes. We prize humility and meekness in...
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    Just my students and I practicing

    Sorry for my very late reply Chisoro, The military recently moved me to a new unit and I've been swamped learning my new job and haven't had a chance to frequent forums much lately. I am still completely dedicated to Hapkido Online and help students regularly. I apologize if the Christian...
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    SpartanCops: What Is The Best Martial Art For Police Officers

    Not to blow our own whistle but Hapkido is very suitable for law enforcement, corrections, and sanitarium work.
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    How safe is Jujutsu or Judo?

    Yup that sums up the whole thread perfectly. I've taken the liberty of putting the most important part in bold letters.
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    New to Forum

    Welcome! Enjoy MT.
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    The Bible does not condemn self defense

    Phil Bradley: "Basic human instinct causes us to protect ourselves when threatened. This self-preservation is built-in. You can control it to a point, but you cannot remove it (nor should you even want to). Self-preservation is why we do not stand in front of a bullet train or oncoming...
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    Disabled students as black belts

    Our standard has always been effectiveness when it counts. If you judge a student on that standard you should be okay. So what if he can't do a jump spinning crescent kick, how many would use that technique in an actual fight? We live in a day that soldiers lose a leg, strap on a prosthesis...
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    Bully Apologizes after 20 years

    I am just curious what you guys think about the root causes of bully behavior?
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    Bully Apologizes after 20 years

    Bully s Powerful Apology to Student He Tormented 20 Years Later I sure would like to see this kind of thing happen more often. I dealt with bullies all through my school years and I sometimes wonder what kind of people they grew up to be.
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    Professor Title

    Badass isn't a rank in BJJ? :p
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    Hapkido 2015

    Jes, If you could find an uke that is off and available when you are, you could continue to practice hapkido on your own outside of your class. Jon
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    For us old guys

    I would like to have the series on DVD, maybe I'll buy it. I find to my modern eyes the martial arts in the series is lackluster but the part I always enjoyed were the Zen and philosophy of the characters.
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    need enlightenment

    Parkour is running away in style.... Martial arts are more closely alligned with the opposite of running away.
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    Its about the journey not the destination

    One thing I will say is that in many systems black belt is the minimum rank to teach others and getting the ability to teach others is a HUGE thing.