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    What is Moh Kempo?

    I believe I saw your name come through the mail for new membership. Welcome aboard and hope that your journey in Professor Chow's Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo System proves to be exciting and enjoyable. Because I do not get on these forums too much, if you have any questions, you can write me directly...
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    What is Moh Kempo?

    If you tell me the instructor's name and area that they teach at, I can let you know if they are indeed a part of our organization as ALL black belts are sanctioned by our board and I promote them personally. Grandmaster Kuoha
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    Does your art involve Ki?

    It is our foundation!
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    Kara-Ho Kenpo?

    What's in July? Grandmaster Kuoha
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    Kara-Ho Kenpo?

    * I have done a little of this myself. Grandmaster
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    Kara-Ho Kenpo?

    Sensei Jamey: As I trained with you last was good to see you again and you did quite well for not being here too much, recently. Too bad your regular job keeps you from making more classes. I was impressed with all of you and how you folks were able to communicate both body and...
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    Kara-Ho Kenpo?

    In this aspect of the martial arts, we in The Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Karate System have always learned from Professor Chow, first the meaning of Kata or Forms and he would always tell me that if it doesn't work...then it needs to go, but in katas or forms...his meaning was they are a series of...
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    Kara-Ho Kenpo?

    Sensei Marlon: As I have written to you via e-mail in hopes that I have helped answer some of your questions but with this question, as in the e-mail...I personally feel that a martial artists should start at one point in his/hers career to work from the inside out. Majority of the arts teaches...
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    Memorable Moments In Your Kenpo Training.

    I was back in Hawaii for a 3 week training session with Professor Chow and knew that everytime we trained, I came back with an injury. I had taken all my comp time alloted from the Sheriff's Dept. so I had no time left. On the second to the last training day, we were going through multiple...
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    Martial Arts Magazines?

    **Negative they are each owned individually, but I prefer IKF as compared to any others, even if there is allot of advertisements. This is how they keep the magazines going as costs of selling them doesn't make it. Some of the other magazines that CFW Enterprises, Inc puts out are also pretty...
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    Probationary Black Belt ???????????

    Hi there everyone, been gone a long time...been awfully busy traveling and fixing up our home. In the Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Karate System, we have probations for every dan rank, from 1st on through. Evere promotion is 1-year and then if they pass the physical test they will recieve their belts...
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    How old were you when you first started Martial Arts?

    I started in the arts when I was 4 years old and at 12 went to live in a temple training continuosly since then. Now 58 years old and still have much to learn. Trained in various other arts also while still training in Kara-Ho. Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Hsin Hsing Yee Ti Kung Fu, Combat Tai Chi Chaun...
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    Is this rank HIGHER than Black Belt???

    Anything for the public to buy. It's a belt you wear when you want to go not allowing someone to know what rank or belt you really are...right? Kinda like training in the sly! Grandmaster Kuoha
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    Adapting Kenpo for a disability

    WE have an absolute awesome woman student in Billings, MT that is a confined to a wheelchair and does just great. I helped the instructor accomodate the techniques and forms to fit her but very little needed to be done and she is progressing just slightly behind a normal student. She has been in...
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    Best place to hit first?

    The eyes, nose and throat are instant release areas to strike and I might add from past experience from myself and others that an elbow to the bridge of the nose serves basically the same purpose as being struck in the nose but with extreme pain that works on the brain, instant...
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    Most Difficult Belt Rank?

    I believe for me was my go-dan or 5th dan as there was so much responsibility and pressure put on me that I wasn't expecting. Let alone the criteria which was very rigorous with the mental and physical strain. As always it all depends on the instructor and what they are determined to recieve...
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    Rank titles in Kenpo?

    This is the way Professor Chow had it set up in the 40's-70's. 1st dan-4th dan: Sensei (teacher) 5th-7th dan: Chiefs Low-high chiefs) 8th-9th dan: Professor 10th: Grandmaster (only one should be in the entire system) In the 70's-present it has changed a bit now. 1st-4th dan: Sensei...
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    Breaking question

    Before learning to must first condition your hands with a sand bag and/or a makiwara bag. Building up one's knuckles enables you to be able to break objects without injury. If you are going to condition your hands be sure to rub it down with dit da jow after (I was just contacted by...
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    KENPO - Whats the big deal?

    Even as a Kenpo instructor, I feel that any art practiced correctly and with a good instructor would be a good self defense for the street. Like many people I trained extensively in other arts such as Shotukan, Aikido, Tai Chi Chuan, Hsin Hsing Kung Fu, Escrima and Tae Kwon Do, several of which...
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    Shotokan to Kenpo

    Over the years I have had to teach many students that were of black belts status from one system to the Kara-Ho Kempo System and one person in fact is our personal student and was a 3rd dan in Shotokan and joined our system several years ago and the first thing I did was teach him Ki Principles...
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    Dating in the dojo

    Dating in the same dojo is not recommended in our schools. Many times if the couple were together before they joined then it would be all right, but we are not a dating service nor are we Payton Place. There have been many occasions that turned out pretty bad when allowed these types of things...
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    Why did you choose kenpo?

    I have been training over 54 years now and when I was 12 years old, my mother put me in a temple in Hawaii because she was afraid that I would be in a llot of trouble due to my temper. The master was a protege of Professor Chow, Master Kuheana and he taught me great discipline, honor, respect...
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    United Studios of Self Defense (USSD)

    I have heard many stories before about this organization including if you do them wrong they will use strong arm tactics (car bombs, etc.) with you. I have a vague knowledge of their leaneage or background. Would someone that knows for a fact enlighten me? An organization or a system without a...
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    Training your Kids vs. Training other people's Children (Students) in the Studio

    Good question! I think an instructor should be able to teach his/hers own children. Molding should come from what the child can gather on their own. We, as instructors should not try to mold anyone...we give them the tools by which they mold themselves. Sometimes we make mistakes while trying to...
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    I got my black belt!!!!!

    Well congratulations and now your learning and training really starts. You have now mastered the basics so now you will have to train twice as hard. Keep up the good work and many good things will happen! Grandmaster Kuoha Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Karate Professor Chow's system
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    Dog training...

    Yes, these are all good dogs however as noted do your homework when purchasing a dog for you and your families needs. Actually many medium to large breeds can be good for home protection as we have trained many sporting dogs for protection also. It seems as if they know when they are in attack...
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    Chow interview

    I believe that in his days in the past 20 years Professor Chow was an angry man. Angry at many people that came to him for a few short weeks and then went and made exaggerated claims of being high ranking belts from him and this is why since the mid 70's he decided to make all his instructor's...
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    Chow interview

    Sorry this letter was writen by Dr. Perry, MD of Hawaii who was Prof. Chow's personal friend and physician and his closest friend. He was given the responsibility for acting as Prof. Chow's attorney after he passed away and also Patsy Chow. I wrote him and sent him some questions that everyone...