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    Restrictions on who can award black belts

    I guess I'm a little confused. Is the Seigokan Hombu a different entity than the Japanese Seigokan organization that you mentioned in your first post? If it is not then it seems that non-Japanese would still not be allowed to issue dan grades. Is that right? Pax, Chris
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    Sparring against Shotokan Black Belt

    Nice match. You both did pretty well. I'd concentrate a little more on fully extending your leg when you kick since it looked like some of them missed their target because the knee was bent. FWIW, the stylistic differences between you and your friend were fairly evident. Pax, Chris
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    TKD would be reccomender for girls... Right...

    You may want to consider that the net force of a blow isn't exactly unrelated to the amount of damage it inflicts. It isn't the only variable, but it is an important one. Pax, Chris
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    Researching a Theory - Do you play chess

    I used to play chess a fair amount. Started up again maybe a year and a half again when I taught my son how to play. I've played a bit of Go (Baduk), too, though am not nearly as good at that. Pax, Chris
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    "Question Mark" Kick

    That was how I was originally taught to do a turning kick. My instructor is an ITF member and the ITF turning kick is performed differently (and I've learned both versions) but he also has roots in the Chang Moo Kwan. I don't know for sure but the method used in the kick in the video may be a...
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    1949 Changmoo Kwan Demo

    There is a video on youtube of a member of the Kang Duk Won performing older Kwan patterns, but they have different names (Pal Gi Kwon, Balsae, and Jang Kwon). The Kang Duk Won has the same lineage back to GM Byun-in Yoon and Park, Chul Hee was one of the Kang Duk Won's co-founders as well as a...
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    Master / Student Relationship, and Honest Discussions

    Not at all. But we should remember that having an honest discussion in no way means not being courteous to who you're talking to and treating them with the respect they deserve as your teacher (if you're a student), nor does it mean belittling them if you disagree with what they say (if you're...
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    Cross-Training in Kuk Sool Won and Tae Kwondo

    GM Seo, In Sun (GM Suh, In Hyuk's brother) studied with the founder of Hapkido, GM Choi, Yong Sul so that wouldn't be totally surprising, IMHO. Pax, Chris
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    He claimed to have a 4th dan from an organization I belong to. When someone posted a video of him doing the most basic pattern from that organization it was very obvious he didn't have any understanding of the body mechanics of the style he claims to be ranked in by my organization. The ITF...
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    I just checked the ITF member database and his name doesn't show up. Likewise, he isn't listed as one of the "affiliated members" on the web site of the group under GM Trajtenberg. I didn't see any way to search for members on the site for the group under Master Ri, Yong Son so can't speak to...
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    My criticism of your performance of Chon-Ji was to point out that you have not the slightest grasp of the body mechanics underlying Gen. Choi's system. Why you claim to be a 4th dan in the ITF I do not know. If I had to hazard a guess from viewing your video and from the quoted statement above...
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    It's not just a question of how a 4th dan should be moving. What I want to know is why someone who claims to be a 4th dan from the ITF has no understanding of the body mechanics of that style. The manner in which he steps is wrong, the shifting of his feet in between steps is something you're...
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    Congratulations to Grand Master Earl Weiss

    I'd like to congratulate Grand Master @Earl Weiss on his recent promotion to IX dan by GM C.E. Sereff and the USTF. Pax, Chris
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    Resources for Tae Kwon Do coming to America

    The first time Taekwon-Do was introduced to Hawai'i was actually in the early 1970's (at least by 1974) by GM Lee, Kyo Woon of the Oh Do Kwan. Pax, Chris
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    Tae Kwon Do Forms

    Agreed, sir, but I am fairly sure there's another quote somewhere specifically about patterns relating to angles. It's going to drive me crazy until I find it again. I think I first saw it in the 1972 book and may have to spend a bit of time rereading that volume in the next few days to see if I...
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    Tae Kwon Do Forms

    Master Weiss, I remember reading a statement to this effect when I got a copy of the General's 1972 book back when I was a green belt and thinking something alone the lines of: "How does that work?" While I have no idea of Gen. Choi was familiar with the concept that Kenwa Mabuni states...
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    Tae Kwon Do Forms

    I do agree with you to a certain point. The problem with this analogy is that actual historical research requires going back to eye witness accounts and primary sources. The debate about forms and their (possible) applications largely doesn't rise to that level of study. Not all but most of what...
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    Tae Kwon Do Forms

    Yes, Iain Abernethy's interpretation of that move is as valid as most I have seen. But does it mean it's correct? The presupposition that the "esoteric" movements have had their "real" applications lost is a good one. But I don't know that it's true so much as just someone reverse engineering...
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    Tae Kwon Do Forms

    I couldn't say, since you were the one who brought up "esoteric" stuff in martial arts and said that they're the result of a lack of knowledge of applications. To wit: "In fact, often, many of the "esoteric" portions of "martial arts" come from a lack of understanding of application." If you...
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    Tae Kwon Do Forms

    I'm not saying martial arts has no martial application. Of course they do. What I was asking about was your statement that "Everything we do has martial significance and application." If this is true, IMNSHO, you would have to have a definition of "martial significance and application" that is...
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    Tae Kwon Do Forms

    Wouldn't that depend on the art? You've expressed a common theme that is popular with the "alternative application" crowd but I tend to think people should avoid measuring a particular art by a different art's standard. Pax, Chris
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    Tae Kwon Do Forms

    Checked the link again today and it worked fine. Good video of Gen. Choi giving instruction on Choong-Moo from one of the ITF training tapes series. Pax, Chris
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    Tae Kwon Do Forms

    Master Weiss, I'm not sure if it's different for other people but FB says "attachment unavailable" for me. Pax, Chris
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    Certificate Eligibility

    If someone wants a certificate transfer for an organization other than the KKW or GTF from the ITF a request has to be submitted by an INO (Independent National Organization) or MO (Member Organization). This means the person in question must have contacted that national organization, or an...
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    Tae Kwon Do Forms

    You've gotten some very good input so far, I'd just add a few things to keep in mind while practicing. 1) Work on accuracy of your stances. It's like building a house. If there's not a good foundation the rest of the structure will suffer. I am thinking particularly of your sitting stance...
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    American TKD Grandmasters List

    Master Weiss, Master Wheatley was just promoted to IX dan Grand Master by Grand Master Choi, Jung Hwa at the current ITF World Championships in England. Pax, Chris
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    Advice Wanted

    He said he has never hit so hard before, not that he's never been hit so hard. Pax, Chris
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    Cross polination of Okinawan/Japanese styles - Split from:Bodan

    Now THIS is interesting. Do you have any information on these co-training session(s)? Does Jigen Ryu have an empty handed component to it so its practitioners would have some common ground with the Okinawans? Or was it more a matter ofthem showing sword techniques and the Okinawans sharing...
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    Some guidance for a beginner would be SUPER appreciated.

    Welcome to MT. Perhaps I'm misreading your statement here, but it appears as if you think both Kali and Aikido are Filipino Martial Arts (note the bolded statement). You're aware Aikido is a Japanese art, correct? No big deal, I just was a bit confused by your statement. Pax, Chris
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    skipping belts???

    Perhaps if you described the belt ranking structure used by your school people might be better able to help since I, personally, have never seen purple used as a color for belts in Taekwon-Do. That being said, it is not unheard of for people who do exceptionally well during a test for a gup...