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    Coaching & Cornering experience. What's better for the fighter?

    I recently have been bumping heads with another member with a differing opinion. So I pose the question here, For Amateur Full Contact Fighting, Western Boxing, North American Kickboxing, K-1 Or Muay Thai, is it better to have someone trained or experienced in Coaching & Cornering from a Boxing...
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    Jun Fan Wooden Dummy sets

    I have posted this in the JKD section as well, but I would like a Wing Chun practitioners opinion on the Jun Fan Wooden Dummy Sets. Do you feel they are closely related enough or do you feel that they two completely different animals? Just want to discuss. Thanks
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    Jun Fan Wooden Dummy sets

    How many of you work the Mook Jong (Wooden Dummy) and use the Jun Fan Wooden Dummy sets 1 thru 10? Anyone like or dislike it? Please discuss.
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    Thank You MT!

    I would like to thank MT for hosting a place that people can have healthy debates and opinion exchanges. I have been busy between work and home so I read and post when I have time. I have noticed a change in my MT belt rank over time and have not gotten around to acknowledge it. I want to thank...
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    Okinawan/Korean Martial Arts

    This joke is not to offend anyone. My first Instructor was a Black Belt in both Okinawan and Korean systems. This was a joke among his colleagues. What is the difference between Okinawan and Korean Emptyhand? Many would debate different aspects of both arts. The answer...
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    Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back

    Why do people train in Jun Fan Gung Fu/ Jeet Kune Do nowa days? I am sure many people train in JFGF/JKD for good reason, but it seems to me that there are as many or more people in JFGF/JKD circles now who simply want to be associated with Bruce Or Dan Or whomever they see as an authority just...
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    Defending yourself cold

    Opinions welcome, What do some of you think about the fact that most street attacks happen quickly and some trained skills take too much warm up or prep. EXAMPLE: Jump spinning hook kick to the head. Granted many TKD practioners may pull this off with little or no warning, but what of those who...
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    Henry Sotelo?

    I trained many years ago near DC with a man named Henry Sotelo. He called what he showed us Kajukenbo. I have recently tried to find out more about his background and who he trained with. Grandmaster Ted Sotelo said he is not related to him and in fact he has never heard of him. Does anyone know...