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  1. ShelleyK

    TKD and photography...really DO mix well!

    This shot is of two sisters that are Jr instructors in my Dojang, I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot on them last month...I thought I would share this shot with you :) When I get the chance I might post more!
  2. ShelleyK

    I got creative with smoke :-)

    Ive always wanted to try smoke photography so I gave it a go tonight! Here are just a couple shots that came out!
  3. ShelleyK

    A friend and fellow TKDer makes the Buffalo News paper :) My friend Tony Day Just became one of the local school districts Superintendent! Tony also just became a black belt in Taekwondo this past winter! He is a great guy and i have the utmost respect for him!
  4. ShelleyK

    TKD competition June 12 2010 You might laugh! :D

    So my daughter and I were in our annual World Class Taekwondo Festival on June 12 (more pics will come soon) These are a couple of the shots my husband took of me doing my spin kick...and the place I got :) Enjoy!!! Now THIIIIS Is how a spinning kick is done! Starting the spin... My Grand...
  5. ShelleyK

    Pin-up style photoshoot!! THIS was fun!!!

    (If this is on the wrong area...fell free to move it!...I just figured since there arent nipples a hoo-ha's showing it was ok?) And OMG I think it ROCKED!!! Here are 4 of the shots so far... I will have the rest up in about 2 weeks...Amie the "model" wanted this kind of shoot as a present to...
  6. ShelleyK

    I tested for Red Belt this past Thursday...and.....

    My daughter tested for her blue belt!! My husband took the shots of me and barely any came out :( But I did get a couple, so I thought I would share :) Vickie...good Joonbi stance! "C" block, back stance 1-step sparring, horse riding stance with wrist lock going into solar plexus elbow...
  7. ShelleyK

    I need votes!!!!! Pleeeaseeee???!!

    ***PLEASE VOTE FOR VICKIE!***I just entered a contest on Taltopia, The contest is called "Models and Hands" and you can visit the contest by following this link (my entry will load on the left): Right now she only has 9...
  8. ShelleyK

    Quick Brag Post!

    I was contacted a couple days ago by a musician friend that now lives in L.A. He wanted to let me know that a photo that I took of him last Spring (a head shot) was being used in the July issue of Drum Magazine! He told me that he made sure I got full credit for the photo as well....I dont...
  9. ShelleyK

    Got the all clear from my podiatrist this morning :)

    So this morning was my last unpaid followup appt to see my podiatrist from my foot surgery. Everything is looking good! Im still having a bit of a problem bending my foot/toes when stretching out my insteps during warmup when on my knees...still have to work on that a bit and Im still a little...
  10. ShelleyK

    I shot my son!!

    :shooter::angel::lfao: With my camera of course!!! Comments appreciated! Our Kitty Tabitha decided to grace us with her presence...then started to get camera shy! LOL
  11. ShelleyK


    Officially!! At the end of December I was the official photographer for the Sport Karate Magazine and I took photos for the National Black Belt League for the Super Grands Tournament that was held here in Buffalo. If you happen to get the mag all the headshots are the ones I took as well as on...
  12. ShelleyK

    My uncle made the news!

    read here!
  13. ShelleyK

    Waiting for summer........

    So I had a BBQ on Sunday, and one of the girls had her flip flops off and siting on my patio...I grabbed my camera and got this shot...with a bit of post processing I thought it came out rather well!
  14. ShelleyK

    Latest shot of me...

    Ok I figured it was time to update my here it is...the larger version...ya likey?
  15. ShelleyK

    If its not one thing...its another! Grrr

    Just came back from the chiropractor... I was having issues yesterday with my neck...I knew there was a problem so I made the appt...I have a pinched nerve!!! At least I have the rest of today to recover, not sure how much this will affect training this week :(
  16. ShelleyK

    My daughter might soon outrank me in belts! LOL

    Here she is again, she just tested for her blue stripe this past Thursday :) Sparring Breaking her board with a back kick Receiving her new belt from Grand Master Chong! Look mom!!! Time to retire the old belt! She did it!
  17. ShelleyK

    Pregnant Bellys are so cute! Wanna see?

    This is the mother of the newborn that I posted the other day :) The rest can be viewed here..
  18. ShelleyK

    You know you cant resist a newborn baby!

    The rest can be viewed here...
  19. ShelleyK

    OMG funniest commercial EVER!!!

  20. ShelleyK

    Back on the mat! :D

    YEEESSS!!!!! I took my first TKD class today since my foot surgery!!! Its a week earlier than I anticipated too! It felt SO good to be out there! I was a bit wobbly doing Palgwe Yuk Jang but I hung in there! :) I was doing some of the 1 step sparring too but I didnt get thrown down, Im not...
  21. ShelleyK

    Your favorite kick?

    Just curious which kick is your favorite? Is it also your best kick? Which kick is your weakest? Strongest? I was thinking about this favorite kick by a long shot is the spinning kick! I dont know why I like it so much but Im pretty danged good at it!! :D For some reason this...
  22. ShelleyK

    Proud mom post :)

    My daughter is totally into TKD! Im loving it...SHE'S loving it! She is currently a green belt and one of the best in her belt level! Sh constantly gets picked to demonstrate roundhouse kicks to other students...when she first started I knew...and Im not biased either...that she was a...
  23. ShelleyK

    Its been a while since I posted!!

    How ya'll doing?? So in the months that I have been gone I have been training and training and been injured a few times and continued training... Last Thursday I had foot surgery so Im out for about a month. I was lucky to have obtained my red stripe on my blue belt just before the surgery...
  24. ShelleyK

    WHAT was I thinking yesterday? LOL!!!

    Yesterday I did THREE classes! Noon class, kicked my butt, we did so many front rising kicks during warm-ups that the class was grunting 1/2 way through each leg LOL! Then our Master had us doing a LOT of leg drill and an insane amount of pushups and crunches! We followed up with lunch at...
  25. ShelleyK

    Sophia ~ What a personality!

  26. ShelleyK

    See Callie in a TuTu!

    Ive been doing several "TuTu" shoots is one of them...I will post more shortly :) Admit it...they are CUTE!!!!!
  27. ShelleyK

    Im Baaaack!!

    Ok so I know you all didnt miss me...Ive been so crazy busy...Just ask Bob H! Last Thursday I reached Blue belt status! YAY! @ weeks before I sprained my ankl (no TKD incident) ont hat same day though we did Kicking for miracles for the World Class TKD I did 2 hours of board...
  28. ShelleyK

    Guesss whoooo??

  29. ShelleyK

    Mel_Model for a day :)

    Ok so I went back to some photos I took about 2 years ago and never really got around to processing. I dont know why...I just didnt...maybe I was waiting for when I felt I was proficient enough to process them the way I envisioned them... anyway here they are! The lady in my 2nd...