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  1. Drunken_Boxer

    Why are Tournaments so important?? Dont get it....

    Ehm...well...there are some cats in my tkd team, and all of em got an yellow, green belt.I was in 2 first was 2 years ago when I had a yellow belt...and my opponent had a 2nd dan black belt...when my Teacher found out who am I fightin with, he said to my opponent that he have to...
  2. Drunken_Boxer

    Is Rocky I more than just a classic movie???

    Dunno about you guys, but I found Rocky a very realistically movie... It just makes u think what life is really about... Life can also be good when u sellin drugs (if u know how), or if youre not famous or rich, the most important thing is that u are feelin good and alive. Rocky has changed my...
  3. Drunken_Boxer

    Kung fu guy vs Mexican (what style is it)?

    ^^^ Just seen this street fight between an kung fu guy and a wannabe gangster...and I think its "hung gar" the tiger style, what do u guys think about this? Wow the guy in red shirt can fight, great stance, and the wannabe gangster deserved it.
  4. Drunken_Boxer

    Did anyone used monkey fist in a street fight?

    Im really curious, I mean every guy I know says that kung fu, monkey, drunken, styles are useless, waste of training and time in a real fight.... So Im askin you guys if anyone of you used monkey fist or other kung fu style in real fight? ? Im very curious hehehee :D
  5. Drunken_Boxer

    I planed to leave my city, be aware (this is a serious topic)

    First of all I dont know where to put this topic so I decided here, because I had an green belt in tkd, this is a serious topic, please dont post rubbish things, I didnt talked to my parents, neither to my friends, I dont have to. Please dont curse, dont laugh, no spam etc.. Thanks. I got so...
  6. Drunken_Boxer

    Man I just love TaeKwonDo, and its effective in a street fight

    Last week, it was on saturday tonight, not sure 11:30 pm. My father called me and said thats my turn to work in the inet club/caffee. So i changed my clothes and go outside, 15 min later, I saw 2 guys came at me, the drunk guy looked at me and said to me "hey you wait" then he started to curse...
  7. Drunken_Boxer

    Difference between American TKD and the one from Korea

    Whats the difference between american taekwondo, texas tkd, and the original from korea?I dont really get this...thats like american trying to make a new kungfu, shaolin style...which I think would be stupid and hella funny...because kungfu is from china, and tkd is from korea not from the...
  8. Drunken_Boxer

    I made a decision and... "I stoped with TKD"

    I practice tae kwon do for like one and 2-3 months ago, Im really happy there, you know, when you sparring with someone, when you learn new kick tehniques, self defense, new poomse, when im there with my friends and with my "Trainer" Im a different person, Im like "nobody cant stop me" and that...
  9. Drunken_Boxer

    I really try my best, but with no results... :(

    Im workin in a internet club/caffe, and I had this conflict with a bodybuilder, I reserved a computer to a friend who promised me to come back in 15 minutes, and this bodybuilder wanted this computer, I said to him "Sorry you cant take this computer, it was reserved by a friend of mine, sorry"...
  10. Drunken_Boxer

    I finally did it haha, so happy!! :D

    Im maybe late, but last week I had this test for my Yellow with green stripe and green belt.Man my stomach was hurtin, cuz I know they will ask me some question like "name me three block attack" etc., ps: in that time i know i will stuttering hehe, but its normal. So the command gave us the...
  11. Drunken_Boxer

    Should I strike back or what?

    I really dont know what the problem with my club is...nobody can do sparring, i had a fight with this guy yeah i was better than him, then I dont know how to explain it, he tryed to perform a back side kick you know, he jumped and perform that back side kick and kicked me in the right
  12. Drunken_Boxer

    Need help...

    Hi everbody, I really dont know what to do.We got a new tournament in Sarajevo (Im from bosnian),I got a yellow belt,my first tournament was in 14.03.2007 I think...nah with no good results,lol by the way.I had a fight with a guy in categorie 76 kg,he had a black belt 2dan i think,now he are in...
  13. Drunken_Boxer

    Need good advice

    Hiho guys! I started with tae kwon do a half year ago,and Im very good,normaly I trained in the past karate,when I got time I practice drunken boxing style and the eagle claw,but... My first turnir or championship in my country starting 10.03.2007 man Im a lil bit scared,I mean,its my first...
  14. Drunken_Boxer

    Hwang Jang Lee was the only guy who had a chance against BRUCE LEE!!!

    I mean...I heard somewhere that he killed a Vietnames guy who had a knife (he was a expert with knifes),and he was attacking hwang jang lee,but before he moved with his knife,Jang Lee aka the bootmaster gave him a powerful round house kick in his head,and he was dead. Man can you imagine it how...
  15. Drunken_Boxer

    Got trichaki kick from my master

    Hi everyone! Im new here,i like this site so i decided to be here a long time and this is my first thread. I study taekwondo,im the best student in my club said my Master to me. But I got a question for you all,nothin special. I was sparring with my master last hmm maybe 2-3 months ago...and...