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  1. DoxN4cer

    Questions Concerning Bram Frank and CSSD/SC.

    The truth? Since you obvously won't take anyone's word on MT, it seems you owe yourself a trip to Bravard NC. You can get the truth from not only Bram, but from Roland Dantes and Shishir Inocalla as well. Posing open ended questions that help to sling second hand mud here isn't going to...
  2. DoxN4cer

    Questions Concerning Bram Frank and CSSD/SC.

    Those are probably issues that you could approach Bram on in person, rather than sling somebody else's second-hand mud around. That is, if you really cared to hear the other side of the story (stories). Substance, sir, not mud. Tim Kashino
  3. DoxN4cer

    Questions regarding MA-80

    Yep. I have to agree with you, Bester... arguments on the internet are a lot like competing in the Special Olympics. FWIW Bob; I don't dislike you. I don't know enough about you to like or dislike you. You do a pretty good job with MT though. r/ Tim
  4. DoxN4cer

    Questions regarding MA-80

    You sound a lot like someone else who posts here... almost like Tulisan. Hmmm... From my observation, for someone who doesn't "need anymore mud, hatred or BS" you sure have a habit of getting into the mix of it. It's like your involvement helps keep it going, as if to guide and/or...
  5. DoxN4cer

    Questions Concerning Bram Frank and CSSD/SC.

    CSSD, AMAA and MA-80
  6. DoxN4cer

    Questions regarding MA-80

    Amusing parody of Celebrity Death Match. But seriously, if Arnis isn't your gig, then why get involved in the dicussion at all? You may be right in terms of the rules. The rules seem to be flexible every now and then. I might be "riding the line" as it were. I'm with you though...
  7. DoxN4cer

    Questions regarding MA-80

    Hi, Rich. Miss me? hehe Tim
  8. DoxN4cer

    Questions regarding MA-80

    Do not tempt me so... Now Bester, you know better than that. If I named names, then I would get flamed and suspended... maybe even banned. That's how things work when someone brings reality into this little cyber-reich that we've all come to enjoy so much. Besides; the people I'm alluding...
  9. DoxN4cer

    Questions regarding MA-80

    I snipped you post for brevity, Dan. No dis... The Professor said a lot of things behind a lot of closed doors. I think that often it may have been just what his audience at the time wanted to hear. Yes, I know it's not a nice thing to say. However, you can't deny it. I too have been...
  10. DoxN4cer

    Questions regarding MA-80

    Bester really hit the nail on the head. FWIW, Dan Anderson is a class act. He makes every imaginable attempt to be friendly with everyone. No matter who screws him, he won't say a bad word about them. Moreover; he is man enough to settle his differences with people person to person, and...
  11. DoxN4cer

    Should Modern Arnis Group Honor other Modern Arnis group's belts?

    Nice sentiment Andy, and well said. TK
  12. DoxN4cer

    Inquiry about Arnis

    Punong Guro Tom Bolden... I couldn't think of a better guy to train with in the Catskill area. American Modern Arnis Associates International Headquarters 99 Garden Street Poughkeepsie, NY USA 12601 Phone: +1 (914) 471-0742 email:
  13. DoxN4cer

    Hard core stick training

    Back to the topic; I've always felt that a stick hickey leaves a lasting impression and reinforces lessons learned on the training floor. However, now that I'm older, I find that some of those whacks that I took and toughed it out are now some of those nagging aches and pains that I probably...
  14. DoxN4cer

    La Pluma....

    10-4, Steve. I use a conceptual approach where there is a core of basic patterns of motion (gross motor movements). These motions are then dissected and refined into various applications (defensive and offensive). This method of teaching works well for me, and IMHO speeds up the...
  15. DoxN4cer


    Pekiti is big on plyometrics in everything from the footwork to the striking. It's where they get the lightness in their feet and the whip-like power of their strikes. It's something you don't see in a lot of FMA. r/ Tim Kashino
  16. DoxN4cer

    La Pluma....

    The late PG Sulite used this in Lameco; which has strong Illustrisimo influence. It's basically the same as "shoulder block" of Serrada and the "slant block" in Modern Arnis. I teach it as an application to upward figure eight. r/ Tim Kashino
  17. DoxN4cer

    Calf cramps while warming up, any suggestions?

    Hydrate... drink more water, lots of it. All that extra magnesium and potassium can help, but you can get cramps from having an imbalance of too many electralytes as well. Your body works on a balance between water and the essental minerals. An imbalance either way has similar symptoms. r/...
  18. DoxN4cer

    "Tactical" rifle choice

    There's more to it than that. The main advantage to the .308 is that if you hit it, it's going down. There is a vaccuum created behind the round, due to the shape of the round and the velocity at which it travels. This vaccuum is what creates the cavernous wound cavity and gaping exit wound...
  19. DoxN4cer

    Escalator or Gunting- Sat 1/08 1pm EST

    Off base or out of line, Paul? I've seen Andrew Evans posting similar (nearly identical) posts on Blade Forums as well as WMAC. It appears that he is attempting to spread someone else's poison on this and other forums, which if I understand things correctly, is against the rules of...
  20. DoxN4cer


    Doc, I would have to differ from you there. The various forms of Korean martial arts beat out Kenpo by a mile for that. Every school owner seems to be a master or garndmaster. The FMA follows at a close third. Tim
  21. DoxN4cer

    why was this person banned?

    Sorry to hijack this thread, Bob, but how does this "hate language" clause relate to the excessive politcal riggamorole in the Study? Tim
  22. DoxN4cer

    Anyone heard of this guy?

    This sounds like one to send into Most (99.99%) SEALs aren't SEALs for just one year. Whoever he is he sure looks like he eats well, and check out those action poses in his photo gallery.
  23. DoxN4cer

    "Tactical" rifle choice

    5.56 is too small, just a suped-up .22. HK is VERY expensive. The G3 is a damn nice weapon though, and is the standard issue for the German Army. I'm partial to 7.62 myself, and am a fan of the M14. The Ruger Mini Thirty is a nice compromise. It has basically the same operating system as...
  24. DoxN4cer

    Feedback for AIKIA, Independent TKD

    Michael DePasquale (Sr and Jr) is a Jujutsu man. Michael De Alba is a Hwa Rang Do guy.
  25. DoxN4cer

    Favorite Blade

    I prefer the ginunting and Filipino style kris.
  26. DoxN4cer

    defence against dogs........

    You could just shoot the damn thing. If that isn't a viable option for you OC (pepper spray) works very well on dogs. Give 'em a nose full of OC and you won't have a problem with that dog again.
  27. DoxN4cer

    Favorite brand of knife

    Emmerson, Benchmade and Spyderco
  28. DoxN4cer

    I stand alone?

    They have to decide just what their "liberal values" (is there such a thing?) are before before they can make it a platform for politics. Then they have to hold fast to those values so they don't seem so fickle and weak.
  29. DoxN4cer

    Traditional Kenpo Grand Masters

    ...with Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix too...