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  1. Shogun

    Ninja: the shadow warrior book?

    The book is by Joel Levy. anybody read this book? I have it, but am apprehensive to actually read it. I glanced at the text and saw quotes from Hatsumi. so once again, has anyone read it?
  2. Shogun

    Ninja: the shadow warrior book?

    The book is by Joel Levy. anybody read this book? I have it, but am apprehensive to actually read it. I glanced at the text and saw quotes from Hatsumi. so once again, has anyone read it?
  3. Shogun

    The next two UFC cards...

    firstly, UFC 67 is looking more like a PRIDE card, ever since Zuffa bought out WFA. so far we have: UFC 67 Middleweight chamionship Anderson Silva vs. Travis Lutter Mirko "crocop" vs. Eddie Sanchez Quinton "rampage" Jackson vs. Marvin Eastman UFC 68 Tim Sylvia vs. TBD (most...
  4. Shogun

    To Shindo Quest Home Study

  5. Shogun

    Toshindo questions: episode 2

  6. Shogun

    For Boxing Fans who....

    ...Say things like "a pro boxer would kill those MMA guys..." Lots of boxing fans think in the cage a pro boxer would run through a MMA fighter. well, here we have a pro boxer vs a pro MMA fighter in a Boxing bout.
  7. Shogun

    More Gracie NEWS

    Three, maybe four more Gracie Matches are expected this year. Royce Gracie is expected to fight again before the end of the year. Renzo Gracie is rumored to be fighting Pat Militech in august. Ryron Gracie is currently training for an MMA match. ...and the biggest news? word through our camp...
  8. Shogun

    Hughes/gracie....It ends in the first round

    Hughes defeats gracie via referee stoppage (ground and pound) in the first round
  9. Shogun

    MMA Victory for Kung Fu

    Cung Le, world San Shou champion, made his MMA debut on March 10 at SVE - Shamrock vs. Gracie. his ooponent was Mike altman. winner: Cung Le. KO. round 1. 3:51. Cung Le, who was a champion wrestler in school, has dominated the San Shou circuit. for this fight, he worked some Jiu-jitsu into...
  10. Shogun

    Pedro Sauer Seminar on Jan. 14th

    Come experience what is considered the most Technical Jiu Jitsu on the planet, January 14th 2006, when Pedro Sauer Once again visits Washington state. $70 if you pre-register, $75 at the door. Seminar will be held at Fiedler's Kung Fu WingTsun academy.
  11. Shogun

    Most common traits

    Whenever I begin practicing a martial art I have not done before, I look for the main concepts in that study. obviously, all MA have some sort of bond, but so many have the same (sometimes exact same) concepts. some are so radically different but mesh so well. example. boxing and Aikido. The...
  12. Shogun

    Which Hatsumi dvd?

    What is considered the best Hatsumi DVD? I am going to buy one but is there one that stands above the rest? Togakure ryu? Takagi Yoshin? KE
  13. Shogun

    SKH visited Hatsumi in December

    Apprarently in December '04, Steven K. Hayes went to Japan to visit Hatsumi Soke. I didnt know about this. check it out. KE
  14. Shogun

    Pedro Sauer Seminar this weekend!!!

    Puget sound Brazilian jiu jitsu will be hosting Pedro Sauer 6th degree BJJ black belt this weekend at Richard's Taekwondo at Mount lake Terrace, WA. Go to richards Taekwondo for directions. ( Pedro Sauer was recently voted "best instructor in the world by the Abu Dahbi news poll...
  15. Shogun

    Use of force

    :The amount of force used was reasonable to affect the lawful purpose intended: this is the last part of "necessary" as defined by the revised code of washington. How do you think Bujinkan budotaijutsu stacks up as "law friendly" at a recent seminar, we learned stuff that would get us...
  16. Shogun

    Thanks Aric!

    I would like to thank Aric Keith for the seminar in Seattle, WA yesterday. The semm. lasted for 8 hours for a dirt cheap $35. Thanks to everyone who attended. Kyle
  17. Shogun

    Why does the Booj hate Washington?

    Do you know how hard it is to find Bujinkan up here in WA state? there are about three schools, 1 is iffy, and the other 2 are about 100 miles too far.....what gives? can anyone help me find Bujinkan schools in washington state? there are two in seattle and in Yakima. any others? it seems like...
  18. Shogun

    What Toshindo/classical TSD vids do you own?

    I am curious what videos/HSC the TSD and even the Bujinkan guys own. I have: Koto ryu Koppojutsu shoden Koyoku and Yokuto Kukishinden ryu Bojutsu shoden Kuji no bo 1&2 Takagi yoshin ryu shoden Muna dori and Kasumi dori Togakure ryu Ninjutsu Ten ryaku no maki kihon Thats all I can remember...
  19. Shogun

    Man, that guy was tough!

    this has to do with Taijutsu, just let me get to it. Monday night I went to my Brazilian jiu jitsu class. We did some sparring/randori and I was paired with a guy in the class much bigger than me (around 6', 200-220).He is kinda new to grappling, so he used his tremendous strength with the...
  20. Shogun

    Cross-train, besides MA

    This is gonna be weird sounding. Skateboarding and grappling. I dont know how many of you skateboard, but I do, and I get the greatest cardio workout from it. has anyone else had these odd combo workout experiences?
  21. Shogun

    BJJ Blue belt instructors

    I know that in BJJ, a blue belt is a coach, but cant rank students. But that is all I know about what exactly a blue belt is entitled to. Pedro Sauer's affilliate blue belts are instructors all around the USA. More info on Blue belts?
  22. Shogun

    Ninjutsu in the MMA

    The only two people to use Ninjutsu as their style in the MMA were Scott Morris and Steve Jennum. Morris was an RBWI guy, and I'm not sure about Jennum. Morris was killed by Pat Smith, and Jennum won UFC 3, after Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock dropped out. I see many things that could be useful...
  23. Shogun

    Toshindo questions: episode 2

    a final SKH question. I have some of Hayes videos. I watch them. If I send a video test to Hayes (HSC) and he grants me a rank (Ninpo Kihon menjo) does this bar me from the Bujinkan? even if only by video? thanks peeps (last time I'll say that) Kyle Elliott (shogun)
  24. Shogun

    Favorite sweeps?

    What is/are your favorite sweeps? Mine.....I am fond of the Bicep slicer sweep. it translates good into a better slicer.
  25. Shogun

    John Paul Corrigan??

    Anyone train under Mater J.P. Corrigan? Know anything of him? He is the founder of Tatakai Jikoboei-do Kempo (TJDK) thanks guys (and Gals) Kyle
  26. Shogun

    How much Sparring?

    I'm sure its been asked before, but I couldnt find the thread. How many of you do sparring in your Ninjutsu/Taijutsu/etc classes? by sparring, I include freestyle scenarios, striking with gloves, grappling, randori, etc I know some schools dont really do it, and some do too much. There is...
  27. Shogun

    An appeal for other traditional ninja styles - GC

    Bujinkan Taijutsu. h ha ha. even a titter? huh. Has anyone heard of the Koga Ryu Videos by Juan Hobre? his name sounds authentic
  28. Shogun

    Looking for Shuai Chiao, San Shou, or Hung Gar

    Hello, I am looking for a San Shou, Hung Gar, or especially, Shuai Chiao school. Does anyone know of any in my area? I live in Arlington, WA. I am willing to drive as far north or south as 50 miles. Basically, is there any in Washington state? Thanks, Kyle Elliott
  29. Shogun

    What Religion??

    I know there is going to be some debate about this topic. some people wont answer this question, and thats fine. Its a simple question really. War is not needed. I am a practicing Shinto. link to Shrine
  30. Shogun

    Hwarang Taekwondo

    Any info? I think this was the style I use to do (I was ten, and didnt care). It is headed by Jack pierce, 7th Dan. anything else????