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  1. angelariz

    Jun Fan Gung-Fu (techniques and drills)

    The truth is. If you want good JKD footwork, you have to study Muhammad Ali and other boxers in the late 60s. JKD was mostly moving towards western Boxing and Grappling.
  2. angelariz

    Who would you train under

    Cung Le, Francis Fong Rickson Gracie Tim Tackett Maul Mornie Vasiliev Too many to list.
  3. angelariz

    Why are almost all instructors

    Many people want to fluff their resume. That is the only reason for it.
  4. angelariz

    What do you call an art that integrates striking and grappling?

    Ju jutsu, Judo, Systema, and JKD all work on that idea
  5. angelariz

    Why do people think grappling arts always beat striking arts?

    Grappling has a few advantages and disadvantages. But im not goingnto bore you with my assessment. I will only say that in today's camera filled society it is easier to explain grappling someone to the ground and holding them for the law. Where as striking someone into unconsciousness could be...
  6. angelariz

    Questions regarding authentication

    I trained at a "ninjutsu" school in the early 90s. It was a Bujutsu, Shotokan, and JJJ blend. From my experience most Ninja schools you find will be of the same type. Karate, jujitsu, and bujutsu mixed. There is no ninjutsu that dates back to feudal Japan.
  7. angelariz

    Black Belt in FMA

    My pfp is probably 11 years old or so. But you can see how we dress when we train here. Always plain clothes, sweats, and if there will be ground flow practice we use a Gi.
  8. angelariz

    Is chamber "leakage" OK in sparring?

    If you spar with people who will grapple with you you will find that chambered kicks are a liability.
  9. angelariz

    Question on different stick fight styles

    I have had better results with a shorter weapon. The longer sticks are easier to grab. They might be a more powerful strike with a two hand swing. You should spar with sticks and enequal weapons to see the pros and cons as it applies to sticks, canes, walking sticks, canne de combat...etc A...
  10. angelariz

    Question on different stick fight styles

    The length of the weapon and the range of the target will determine the type of grip. You can bunt, you can slash, you can poke, you can push with the ends. All of these things will be in different grips to some extent.
  11. angelariz

    Body Measurements

    And yet I'm 48 years old healthy, spartan athlete. So not every one can live on vegetables. Grains, seeds, nuts, and animal fat and protein is very important for putting on muscle.
  12. angelariz

    Journey to a new style...

    A proper Shotokan school, from my experience does Kyukushin type fighting. If it doesn't, i wouldn't call it Shotokan.
  13. angelariz

    Body Measurements

    I dont now, nor have I ever eaten vegetables. Animal protein and fats are the the best way to gain lean body mass.
  14. angelariz

    Body Measurements

    You have to eat a lot more than that. And you will need beef, oats, nuts, some type of high carb supplement like Redcon1 MRE 2000 is a good start. Your list of food is probably just about 500 calories and that is really not enough to gain muscle.
  15. angelariz

    Journey to a new style...

    I will train any system for 3 or 4 months and see if it fits me. If I had to choose between Goju and Shotokan, I'd pick Shotokan. It is a hard style with lots of hard sparring.
  16. angelariz

    Where does double Double Stick training fit in

    I use double stick right from the start to teach coordination and BGS grappling entries.
  17. angelariz

    Knife work from a modernist approach

    We can calm down the need to make definitive statements. This is all just conversation at the end of the day. How deadly is a gun? Should I expect to get shot every time i get shot at? I know for a fact that the few times I was shot at, I was never hit. Luck? Fate? Skill ? Or great exit plan...
  18. angelariz

    JKD/Ground Tactics

    Sijo BL got his ground game from different teachers. However one go to was Judo Gene Labelle (catch wrestling) and a Hapkido guy, I believe is last name was Rhee.
  19. angelariz

    JKD and MMA

    No. JKD was a self defense system. However, some principles worked for sport fighting.
  20. angelariz

    Does Kali empty hand work?

    If the Kali isn't taught in a dirty boxing method, it probably isn't Kali.
  21. angelariz

    Do you shadow box in addition to doing Katas?

    I gave up learning Katas a long time ago after some years popping in to spar in Kenpo schools. Shadow boxing teaches a more natural flow, for me. I generally only practice weapon katas when teaching brand newbies. Shadow boxing and footwork drills have faster results so i dropped all empty hand...
  22. angelariz

    What tape people use to protect hands when swinging stick, sword or tennis racket?

    For sparring I use hockey gloves. For training, I have never used gloves. If you are getting that much friction it is a grip issue.
  23. angelariz


    Lots of shadow boxing, slip rope, and agility ladder work.
  24. angelariz

    Systema a discussion

    I have been aware of Systema for a long time. There are some great practitioners in New England. RI Systema is my go to, when I am able to get out to train with them. Sasha Komocor is a great instructor. I can say in my experience, it is difficult to grapple with a good Systema guy. They are...
  25. angelariz

    Substyles of JKD.

    There is also Sifus Francis Fong, Kevin Seaman, and a few others.
  26. angelariz

    Does Kali empty hand work?

    I have used destructions and dumog both in sparring and other situations.
  27. angelariz

    Push on your opponent's shoulder when he punches you

    Every style I have trained uses some form of shoulder or biceps stop. It is common in Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Balintawak, and Kick Boxing.
  28. angelariz

    Any online resources for a FMA beginner training solo?

    I like how you have to log in sparring hours.