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  1. Bill Shaw

    Some sort of guidance needed

    With so may offers & no response from galuf, I'm thinking... He's left the Building!" Hope he found what he was looking for.
  2. Bill Shaw

    Some sort of guidance needed

    Yak sao gives great advice, sorry I missed that.. In my 40 plus years I've found the most unbelievably talented and knowledgeable people in such unpretentious locations... and I know several people that drive 2 hours one way just to train under their selected instructor... heck WAY back in my...
  3. Bill Shaw

    What does a Black Belt mean to you?

    This is just a first impression, and just like a black belt it's self it doesn't always mean anything... but when I see a Black Belt, I look to see how much WHITE is showing through. And if it is natural wear or faked. (Fake is easy to spot, and it's done more often than you would think do it.)...
  4. Bill Shaw

    Do you think sparring is essential to learning how to defend yourself?

    IMHO... Theres some really good replies here so far, some I have to agree with. A few points though, maybe not so much But my opinion, alone, doesnt make me right. So I hope my two cents worth sparks maybe a different viewpoint deemed worthy of your consideration. Isolated technique...
  5. Bill Shaw

    Some sort of guidance needed

    Dear galuf, With Wing Chun especially, it's not just a matter of mistakes seen, but also erroneous energies (pressures etc) felt. WC_lun offers sound advise. I too, urge you to look for a school and get started. You mentioned that you have read a lot about Wing Chun.. if you keep some of...
  6. Bill Shaw

    Assessing practicality - the nonsense filter

    Unquestionably, situational circumstances matter!
  7. Bill Shaw

    han fo wa? Bill Shaw?

    Hey Folks, Im new to this forum thing and I just came across this thread. I realize these are old postings but since its about ME And, there are some nice things said, I thought I would respond in general. ALSO, I see that some dude named Wade took it upon himself to spread a load of...
  8. Bill Shaw

    Assessing practicality - the nonsense filter

    K-man, Good one. And like I said it wasn't intended to be "complete” and was offered as a "starting point". I wonder though, do how much of your "Percentage Chance of Success" to attibute to the skill of the fighter and the application opportunity presented. Still, at the hear of...
  9. Bill Shaw

    Assessing practicality - the nonsense filter

    There’re some very good observations here, and some I really like. Even so, if I might offer, here are a few further considerations: In my view simplicity’s advantage, is not so much because of an “easy to do” reflex quality. Most anything can be trained high...
  10. Bill Shaw

    Would you train under a fat and out of shape JKD guy

    Might make a difference if you're talking about a "Once Fit & now older & overweight" ... or "Never Fit." Anyone remember TV's Kunf-Fu Series? ... Master Po was a bit Fat, Old, and BLIND! Yet none of that negated the wisdom he had to share.. Just a thought to share...
  11. Bill Shaw

    Who are the "Names" in the arts?

    Let's see the original question was: :Is there anyone who is so big that their name is recognized by the average person as being a competent martial artist?" Since the criteria is "Average PERSON" and not "Average Martial Artist" that would, I believe, narrow it down to the top Martial Arts...