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  1. Edmund BlackAdder

    At what point do you quit and accept defeat?

    This is a departure from my normal posts. I've enjoyed my time here, and despite some headbutting on occation have found the members here to be a rather compasionate lot, so, I decided to ask. I have a friend (this fact may surprise some, but I do.) who has been dealing with some heavy stress...
  2. Edmund BlackAdder

    Spammer Invasion!

    Noticing interesting things. There seems to be a growing number of infomercialists and product announcers, and flat out spammer scumbags showing up lately. Of course, there are rules against them, but, as one would expect from such honorless curs, they seem to have chosen to ignore those...
  3. Edmund BlackAdder

    Great Ape, Guardian and Master, I hereby Summon You!

    Great Ape, Guardian and Master, I hereby Summon You! Master of the spelling error, Guardian of the sacred ramble, keeper of the explosive keyboard diahrea, burner of the black candle, and cross trainer of the cross my fart bras, I call upon you to appear! Your legend and ego are well...
  4. Edmund BlackAdder

    Systema video clip posted in Self Defense area....

    Educated feedback needed ASAP. Thank you :asian:
  5. Edmund BlackAdder

    Any way to ignore an entire forum?

    I'd like to block a particular hosted forum from showing up when I do that "new posts" thing. Is there a way to do that? I find it of little value and would rather not see the garbage posted in it. Thanks
  6. Edmund BlackAdder

    Bullying / Stalking Resources

    Bullying Resources that's I've found to be an excellent fountain of information. Bully OnLine is the world's largest resource on workplace bullying and related issues Stalking Stalking: Dealing with Stalkers...
  7. Edmund BlackAdder

    Anyone have any Endust?

    This place is as busy as the saloon in a Ghost Town. Anyone still here who studies under SKH? Heard he either was going to Japan, or had gone to Japan. Any News?
  8. Edmund BlackAdder

    Yoga, a Martial Art?

    I've had a number of strange chats this past few weeks. A fellow I ran into at the library, insisted that Yoga was in fact an ancient martial art, much like TaiChi, practiced by ancient Indian Warriors. Personally, it sounds like so much ah, "poopoo", to me, and I couldn't find anything...
  9. Edmund BlackAdder

    Differences between TCM and TJM?

    I've seen alot about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but have also seen a few mentions to Traditional Japanese Medicine (TJM). Unfortunately I haven't found much on it, or how it differs from TCM. Can anyone shed some light on this and educate a poor clueless putz like me? :)
  10. Edmund BlackAdder

    At What Point, QiGong?

    In a recent discussion with a local Tai Chi instructor, the idea of QiGong training came up. I was informed that, one must not practice this, until one has spent many many years training in Tai Chi. This seems to disagree heavily with the growing number of books on the subject available at...
  11. Edmund BlackAdder

    Looking for a qualified TCM practitioner - What to look for / what to avoid?

    Title says it all. I'm curious about trying something different for my health care. I'm rapidly tiring of pills and side effects. So, what should I look for when looking at potential TCM doctors? Any thing specifically to avoid? Thank you.
  12. Edmund BlackAdder

    Cage vs Ring vs open mat

    Cage vs Ring vs open mat. Seems each org has their own preferences. What are the differences and how do you change your strategies when competing in the different formats? How easy or hard is it to adjust, and are there tactics that work in one, but fail in the other?
  13. Edmund BlackAdder

    "Core" techniques for NHB fighting

    What do you see as the "core" techniques of a good NHB fighter?
  14. Edmund BlackAdder

    Questions on the various competitions

    The UFC is the "name", especially with their recent successful run on SPIKE. But there are other promotions out there, Pride and K1 (I believe) to name a few. What are the major differences between them? What major rules differences do they list, and do they actually enforce them...
  15. Edmund BlackAdder

    The "Reality" of UFC/NHB fighting, pressure testing sports moves, and the Real World.

    Recently, a small group of vocal individuals arrived on these here shores. They are firm believers in the "Reality" arts, and often look down on those who do not worship at the altar of Shamrock and Ortiz. They insist on "pressure testing" their so called techniques. That those who do not are...
  16. Edmund BlackAdder

    Decided to say hello.

    I've been lurking for a few weeks, decided I wanted to check out things more. I'm more the curious seeking type, and haven't really done any training, unless you count playing jedi and trampling my mums flower bed when I was a kid. Good site, and friendly people. Anyhoo, back to checking out...