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  1. fnorfurfoot

    School: 1958 vs. 2008

    I don't know if this has been posted here before but I just got it. I think that a few of these are exagerated, but not by much.......... School: 1958 vs. 2008 Scenario: Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack. 1958 - Vice Principal...
  2. fnorfurfoot

    Question about Parker's clock method

    When using the clock method to describe a particular direction you step or turn to in a technique or form, does the clock stay put or does it turn with you when you move? For instance, say you step to 10:30 and then turn around. If you stepped forward from there, would you be stepping to 4:30...
  3. fnorfurfoot

    SKK Form History

    I'm sure that Joe Rebelo will have something to add to this, but I was wondering if anyone knew any history behind where the SKK forms came from. I know that 2 Pinan is a Cerio creation. Or at least, the 2 Pinan that we perform. And 6 Kata came from Pesare. Where did the rest originate...
  4. fnorfurfoot

    What is this technique called?

    In our system of Kenpo we have one technique that uses a throw that I believe is common in Judo or JuJutsu but I'm not sure what to call the throw. We usually just call it a suicide roll. It's when you grab ahold of your opponent and fall onto your back. Then you use your legs to flip the...
  5. fnorfurfoot

    What is your relationship with your students?

    I have heard different opinions on the student/instructor relationship and was wondering what everyone here thinks about it. One person I talked to said that he believed in keeping the relationship professional. Go in, teach the classes, get out. He had this belief that personal feelings can...
  6. fnorfurfoot

    Favorite sounds from Movies and Television

    What are your favorite sound effects from T.V. shows or movies. Even though I'm starting this thread, I am having a hard time remembering all of the ones I like. Here are a few I can think of right now. The basic THX sound at the beginning of movies The sound K.I.T.T. makes when his red eye...
  7. fnorfurfoot

    Promotion Ceremonies

    Since there have been a number of belt related threads going around recently, I thought that I would add one of my own. What kind of ceremony is involved with rank promotions at your school. When I was at my first school, when we finished a test, everyone would kneel down, remove our belts and...
  8. fnorfurfoot

    How do you pronounce Heian?

    I learned the five Heians from an instructor I am taking privates with about 2 or 3 months ago and am now being taught them again from a different instructor who has some variations in some of the movements. One thing I found strange is that they both pronounce the word differently and I've...
  9. fnorfurfoot

    Should a Black Belt begin a new art as a White Belt?

    I just started studying a new style of MA this week and the instructor told me to wear my black belt to the classes. I was expecting to start as a white belt and was kind of hoping that I would. The same thing happened when I started studying GoJu. The instructor told me that nobody could...
  10. fnorfurfoot

    Trademarks and Copyrights??????

    I know that one is for images and the other is for written material or something like that. I was wondering if anyone knew more about these and how they can be used. Someone mentioned in another thread something about how Villari lost the USSD name because he didn't protect it properly. How...
  11. fnorfurfoot

    True Parker?

    My background in kenpo is mostly based on Shaolin Kempo but my instructor threw in a number of Parker techniques over the years. But he limited my Parker knowledge with only techniques that he felt were worth learning. I have taken it upon myself to learn the rest of the system as far as the...
  12. fnorfurfoot

    Where else do you go?

    When your not spending endless hours reading the threads here, what other web sites interest you. I'm lousy at surfing the web. I tend to get stuck at the same sites every day. When I'm not here, I'm playing chess at or checking out the newest clips at or...
  13. fnorfurfoot

    Kenpo Organizations

    I was wondering if everyone could share their opinions about the different kenpo organizations that are out there. Is it worth joining any of them? Pros and Cons?
  14. fnorfurfoot

    Boston's newest terrorist scare.;_ylt=AsQFbF4YOs.7AnAujRqmTmms0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3OTB1amhuBHNlYwNtdHM- Boston new channels spend the better part of the night talking about the bomb scare that was created by little neon lights. I'm wondering if anyone from New...
  15. fnorfurfoot

    If you need a good laugh

    This clip is great. The old guy has one of the strangest laughs around. I love the fact that the big guy has such a hard time trying to get through his show because of it.
  16. fnorfurfoot

    What is required to become a black belt at your school?

    Beyond the obvious skill needed, what requirements does your school have for achieving the level of Black Belt? I'm thinking in terms of how many techniques? Forms? Sets? Combinations? Or anything else that might be unique to your system.
  17. fnorfurfoot

    A very stupid food question

    While I was making dinner tonight, my wife was looking through the refrigerator and noticed the left overs from when I fed the children lunch this afternoon. She asked me why I had so much of the Maccaroni and Cheese left over. And I told her that I wanted to have left overs. There are two...
  18. fnorfurfoot

    Parents in the Classroom

    I currently teach out of a YMCA. For the past two years I have allowed parents to sit along the walls during the classes (which went against my own feelings about having them in the room). Now I have roughly 40 students in the room and I have finally kicked the parents out. It got to the...
  19. fnorfurfoot

    Best Gi

    I am sure that this question has been asked on this site a number of times but I am not yet skilled at searching through the threads. What is your favorite brand of gi? Who makes it? Where would I go to find it? How expensive is it? Etc.................... I haven't tried any expensive...
  20. fnorfurfoot

    Child Black Belts

    I know that there are different opinions on this subject so I thought that I would ask...................At what age should a child be able to earn a 1st Dan? I can understand the idea that if they are able to perform the material, it shouldn't matter what age the child is, but at the same...
  21. fnorfurfoot

    Are there any movies that you recommend to your students?

    Are there any movies that have a message or display your art that you recomment to your students? Personally, I suggest watching The Perfect Weapon to the adults and parents of my students, seeing as that movie is an advertisement for Kenpo. An entertaining movie with a good martial arts...
  22. fnorfurfoot

    Classroom Traditions

    I thought it might be interesting to see what kinds of customs the different schools follow. For instance, when I was a student of Shaolin Kempo, we had to kneel when putting on our belts. That was basically the only one. At a Goju school that I was with last year, you could put your belt on...
  23. fnorfurfoot

    Goju question

    I earned my purple belt in Goju last year but since getting laid off from my day job last September, I haven't had a chance to get back into it. I have been trying to remember everything I had learned and I have a question about the 12 count hand striking set. I'm not really sure if that is...
  24. fnorfurfoot

    Family Grouping

    I was wondering if there was a source that I could look up online that might help explain the family groupings with Parker's techniques. I am learning the American Kenpo techniques on my own and I am interested in learning as much as I can about how they techniques are related. I have figured...
  25. fnorfurfoot

    Question about the Kenpo ring

    I have a question for those of you who are involved in American Kenpo. It's probably a really dumb question, but I need to ask to make sure I am not doing anything inappropriate. My instructor comes from the Villari Shaolin side of Kempo. He has added some American Kenpo techniques to his...