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    Looking for possible guests for a podcast

    Hello, lifelong martial artists and radio show host. I am working on a new podcast and looking to interview some martial artists. I am looking for cool and inspiring stories. I don't care how many belts you have or how many tournaments you have won. I want real everyday martial artists to...
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    R.I.P Scott LeDoux "The Fighting Frenchman"

    MINNEAPOLIS -- KARE 11 has learned that retired boxer and politician, Scott LeDoux, has lost his battle with ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease. A LeDoux spokesperson said : "It breaks my heart to share the sad news that Scott passed at 3:29 pm today. Thank you all for every prayer and every...
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    Pro MMA debut at age 40

    Here is my friend Randy making his pro mma debut. Age 40, recovering alcoholic, gastric bypass surgery and lost over 150 lbs to get down to 264.5 for the weigh-ins. He plans to get down to 205. He has a wrestling background (through college) and studies traditional Tae Kwon Do.
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    Free Radio & TV Commercials for Schools/Instructors!

    Hello fellow Martial Talk members. My name is Brian and I am a martial artist (Black belt in TKD) and also have worked in radio/tv for over 20 years. I have a small production studio in my house and do voice over work for local stations. I am trying to branch out and want to get more stuff...
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    My son got his Junior Black Belt

    My son Konner, who will be 10 in May, justn received his Junior Black Belt on February 25th, after 5 years of working very hard. For his final break he was suppose to breack 1 brick with his forearm, but he was hitting so hard inpractice that our instructor had him break 2 and he got it on the...
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    R.I.P. Joe Hyams

    Martial Artist and Author (Zen in The Martial Arts) has passed away. Keep his family in your prayers.
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    Name that Radio Show

    Hi all. I have been involved in martial arts about 25 years and I have also worked in radio sbout 19. I have decided to combine the 2 and might be launching a weely martial arts talk show at the station I work at. I am looking for some suggestions for a name for the show. The show will...
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    MMA Event coming to Fargo, ND Sept 7th

    ANyone within driving distance of Fargo ,ND should come check this out. MAX Fights #1 Friday night September 7th at the Fargo Civic Center. Fighters include local favorites Brian Heden, Travis Mcullough, Eric Pribble, Jos Eichelberger, WEC Fighter Kyle Jensen and the man with more MMA wins...
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    Larry Hartsell Dear Martial Arts Community, This is to inform you that Larry Hartsell passed away on Monday, August 20, 2007.
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    Okinawian Kempo, Shaolin Kenpo, American Kenpo

    Hello, I would like some info please. I would love to train in American Kenpo, but there are currently no schools in the area. I do have Okinawian Kempo and Shaolin Kenpo available to me. I am wondering which would be closer to American Kenpo? Through some basic web searches I am guessing...
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    MMA Fans in the Midwest

    Any MMA fans from Minnesota or North Dakota out there? Just wondering who some of your favorite fighters from the area are?
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    Remake of Enter The Dragon Warner Bros. Plans Remake Of Bruce Lee's 1973 Classic Martial-Arts Movie 'Enter The Dragon' HONG KONG (AP) - Bruce Lee's classic 1973 film, ''Enter the Dragon,'' will be remade by Warner Bros. The...
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    Martial Arts in Conshohocken, PA

    I will be in Conshohocken, PA next week for business for a few days and am hoping to check out some martial arts schools while there. Any recommendations? I am not sure how much time, or what type of transportation I will have, but hopefully I can work something out. Thanks
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    History Channel - The Human Weapon

    Airs Friday.
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    Vote for Chuck Liddell on Help bring more attention to MMA. Vote for Chuck Liddell against Dale Earnhardt Jr for Who's Now on Results tonight at 5:30pm.
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    Young Chuck Norris Music Video

    This was way too funny not to post. Enjoy!
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    Got to work with Fred Ettish

    So I judged an MMA event this past weekend and the head ref was Fred Ettish. I have to say I was very impressed. He was a class act all the way and a very nice guy the whole night.
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    MMA Judges??

    Just curious how many of you have judged MMA events? (either sanctioned or nonsanctioned). I have been for a few years and it's a blast!
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    Who has the most Fights/Wins?

    I mam curious what fighter has the most fights and most wins in the world of MMA. I was looking on and I did find. Travis "The Ironman" Fulton. Pro Record: 199 wins, 42 losses and 8 Draws? I am guessing the Nickname has something do do with that. Is this the...
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    Traditional TKD in Denver area

    I am helping a friend look for a good traditional TKD school in the Denver area. Any info would be good. Thanks
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    Old martial arts shows on DVD?

    I am wondering about finding some older TV shows on DVD. The Master Sidekicks Street Justice Raven (I think) Martial Law Vanishing Son Mortal Kombat The Crow I am sure I will think of more later.
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    The Bourne Ultimatum Trailer
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    Ju Ku Kai

    Not sure on the spelling, but does anyone have any info on a style called "Ju Ku Kai". I remember a friend trained in this back in college, but I have not heard much about the style. Just curious. Thanks
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    Filming ans instructional video.

    I would like input from anyone who has been involved in filming an instructional video for martial arts? This will not be used for commercial sale, mainly just a reference aid for a few instructors. I would like any info on number of cameras, angles, audio, type of camera used etc... Any...
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    I Passed!!!

    So I started my martial ats journey in 1984 after seeing The Karete Kid when I was 10. I trained in a few different styles off and on until I started college and got involved in Tae Kwon Do in September of 1992. In November of 1996 I tested for my Black Belt and missed 3 techniques and 1 break...
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    Looking for a Korean Knife.

    I am trying to find some types of collectible knives with Korean symbols or something on them. I need a gift for my Tae Kwon DO instructor.
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    I saw someone with the word "Hopkido" on their DoBok at a recent event. I am curious if this is just an instructor who can't spell? Or is this some type of spin off art? Thanks
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    Chun Kuhn Do

    Anybody have any info on this style? Any info on Bok Man Kim? He claims to have helped found TKD, but if that is the case why have I never heard of him? Why didn't he found one of the original kwans? Just looking for info? Thanks
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    Aikido vs. Hapkido?

    I have had minimal training in both, but I do see alot of similarities? Any opinions? Do they derive from the same art? Are they fairly close or just some similiar moves? I am not trying to start a battle of which is better, just trying to gain knowledge. Thanks
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    Aikido vs. Hapkido ?

    I have had minimal training in both, but I do see alot of similarities? Any opinions? Do they derive from the same art? Are they fairly close or just some similiar moves? I am not trying to start a battle of which is better, just trying to gain knowledge. Thanks