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  1. BJJCop

    Between Judo and Wrestling for police..

    My police department has asked me to assist in teaching hands-on techniques in the massive mat area we have available to our training HQ..However, I've done so much undecided thinking about two particular applications with colleagues, discussing the two distinctions on approach to reality, and...
  2. BJJCop

    Bleep test information needed! Help

    Police Officer Selection Process - Police Scotland Gotten really frustrated trying to understand this seemingly top secret bleep test scoring system for the police force (UK if anyone asks) it seems to state that persons under 29 years of age are down on Nation Fitness Standard, for meeting MSFT...
  3. BJJCop

    I really like this leglock..

    Quick Kill #1..Had great success with this. It's so quick and basic when practised. It sure gets a nasty tap when it's on too. :wtf: Even little points and details would be brilliant to sharpen this up as I find it works for me as an individual, used this very one three times serving in UK LE...
  4. BJJCop

    What do we all make of SPEAR System?

    Any advice, experiences of this system from others? Practiced this for years. It's always interesting to get feedback from different perspectives. Training does involve resisting partners and the hi-gear training is good as long as your partner just doesn't give way to you intentionally. I find...