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  1. Rayban

    Why you should not interfere with a LEO

    Police or not, everyone has the right to defend themselves. The argument only becomes blurry when the question of "severity" or "reasonable force" comes into play. I'd submit that a punch back to counter a punch (training aside) is perfectly fine, as is pins and take downs to stop the...
  2. Rayban

    People who abandon pets

    This makes me very sad. I love my pets as though they are children. Even more so since we found out that having children may be quite close to impossible for us. I would post pictures but I can't figure out how. :confused: Everyone elses pics are fantastic :)
  3. Rayban


    Very very interesting. I think I'll just print this off and throw it at my boss when he asks where I'm going now :)
  4. Rayban

    The 6 exercise machines you must avoid

    Most of those gym machines are designed for body builders. I have a lat pull down machine and I do use it occasionally just to change around my routine. This machine in particular is for the double bicep pose. When you drag the bar behind your neck you are in a competition pose for body...
  5. Rayban

    How NOT to use your training

    I'm quite advanced in Red Tape Fu myself... Not the funnest of art forms when it takes 4 days of memo writing and collecting signatures to order a $120.00 electronic component :| I think awareness is really the only thing that needs some work. Position yourself with obstacles in the way if...
  6. Rayban

    Recommended readings..

    I agree with every point bar one. As I assumed in my last post, I think she is after a more strategical and tactical read on TKD and not necessarily raw techniques. That said, I'm still waiting for an answer on that and I hope she's after the former (hint hint :)) I can always count on you...
  7. Rayban

    Recommended readings..

    Kylz, re-read this thread from start to finish. Hindsight is a good teacher of humility. As Supra has said, no one has levied any form of insult to you or your school. Why would they? Learning takes time and learning a MA takes more time. There is no need to be a bull at a gate. I'm...
  8. Rayban

    I WANT This Umbrella!

    I doubt I'd even get in the door at work. They'd probably shoot me. I have such a weakness for novelty :P
  9. Rayban

    I WANT This Umbrella!

    I don't care if it isn't raining, I'd take that everywhere :P
  10. Rayban

    Introduce Yourselves

    Can't believe I never saw this thread before... Whats your name mean? Screen name is a nick name I got years ago for my name being Raymond... Seemed a better fit here than Raynus. :| Where are you from? Melbourne Australia. What discipline are you training in? Ninjutsu. Jyuku...
  11. Rayban

    Hi there.

    Always good to see a fresh face... Welcome!
  12. Rayban

    ...worth a look...

    Could you maybe explain why you like them so much? I have my own opinions but you should really explain why you like something when posting it in order to generate discussion. If nothing else it just looks like random posting if you don't. Not too sure what you mean here but surging...
  13. Rayban

    My own MA...

    This has been explained a number of times. Re-evaluate and go back over the thread. This is not a power source. Neither is Does the are utilise a rotating force, forward and back...etc You can't have a seperate power source for different limbs. Your body must work in unison. Do you...
  14. Rayban

    My own MA...

    Why not, I'm bored. Actually I'm laughing quite hard at your thought process. But wait?! How does catergorising come later when weird lists limit your imagination? Nice contradiction... Again Tangent to tangent. Then you need to answer the listed questions from Chris Parker. If you...
  15. Rayban

    My own MA...

    You can't create anything remotely realistic without a logical thought process. Forgive me but yours seems to be tangent upon tangent. Explain to me please what you would term a "simple" MA. If you think any MA is simple then you do not understand it. Read this again then double check your...
  16. Rayban

    Ninjitsu basics vol.2 sword combat

    A candidate for "Nutcase Ninja of the Year" if ever there was one.... Or a "Darwin Award"
  17. Rayban

    About the ceremony of rank changes in different martial art styles

    There's nothing quite like being rendered speechless is there. Even with my casual approach to the gradings (i.e. not really seeking them out but just trying to give my all each class) I got that same dump. It's like being told to see the principal to be told you're a good student :P
  18. Rayban

    ...worth a look...

    I might be out of line but all the hallmarks of a troll/spammer be here.
  19. Rayban

    Recommended readings..

    Only after a night training so I can bask the odour of my own glory :D
  20. Rayban

    How are people raised to act like this?? (WARNING LANGUAGE)

    All I can do is shake my head at that clip
  21. Rayban

    Recommended readings..

    Did you sleep in you Gi again? :D
  22. Rayban

    My own MA...

    Everyone here is exactly who you want to talk to about this, frankly, warped fantasy of yours. Please elaborate on said skills? I'm not entirely convinced you have the correct attitude for being in various arts for 15 years. How can you create something with out a list of requirements or...
  23. Rayban

    How to best deal with injuries...

    Injuries happen all the time. I jarred my thumb pretty badly only yesterday. You just have to be sensible about what kinds of injuries you have. Ankles, knees, shoulders and wrists usually require more attention than others. I've found just slowing down and pacing techniques a slower speed...
  24. Rayban

    Recommended readings..

    Kylz, You can't learn to run without first learning to crawl. There will be books out there that are beyond you because they require a grounding in the fundamentals of the art. Something that can only come from experience with your instructor. Think of it this way. I want to learn...
  25. Rayban

    Why multiculturalism will always fail?

    We recently had a so called "multicultural harmony day" at work which I decided not to participate in. I was then asked a very odd question. "are you racist?" I thought about this for a second and replied "much less than you" I went on to explain that I believe making a national day or a...
  26. Rayban

    Pacifist=war monger, new speak for everyone

    Why do you think the UN is infested with criminals? It is a council put together with representatives of each participating nation on Earth that in turn gives those member countries freedom of speech in the international community. I'm failing to see how and why criminals are among them.
  27. Rayban

    If I die, ant funeral that I'm the guest of honour in will NOT be a religious-based one

    Kinda flies in the face of "pay your respects doesn't it. Not only to him, but to everyone who was there. If his wife was there (and didn't write that) I would imagine she would have been mortified listening to that... I know I would be.
  28. Rayban

    If I die, ant funeral that I'm the guest of honour in will NOT be a religious-based one

    I am sorry for your loss, and can totally relate. I find that traditional religious ceremonies are not only dreadfully boring (especially for an atheist) but they are very depressing. I've been to a fair few funerals, religious and secular and the secular ones have always seemed like the...
  29. Rayban

    Thats fine, I spent almost a year lurking.

    Thats fine, I spent almost a year lurking.
  30. Rayban

    Man Does CPR On Dog

    I would so give CPR to either of my dog and cat if needed and I wouldn't stop until they came back, or I died :) I like animals so much more than I like some people :)