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  1. lalom

    Secret Scrolls of the Warrior Sage - Ninja Vol. 6

    Anyone get their copy of Anshu Hayes' new book? If so, what has been your findings and impression so far?
  2. lalom

    Where in the World is Don Roley?

    I just noticed Mr. Roley has his account to MT closed. Does anyone know why or where he went? Just curious. I know he's been a long time forum member. I saw that and was shocked to see him no longer here.
  3. lalom

    SKH featured on cover of Black Belt Mag!

    Anyone see and/or read the article in March 2007 Black Belt magazine featuring An-Shu Hayes? If so, what are your thoughts?
  4. lalom

    New To-Shin Do Video from SKH Fall Festival '06

    Don't know if anyone has seen this yet:
  5. lalom

    Interesting read concerning Bujinkan

    I stumbled into this over on E-Budo and thought it interesting enough to share. What are you thoughts on this?
  6. lalom

    Anyone To-Shin Do?

    Hello all, Just wondering if this section of MT is still needed. Is anyone alive out there? Are there any To-Shin Do practitioners here anymore?
  7. lalom

    A New X-Kan?

    Hello everyone, With the recent news of what has transpired with Mr. Hayes - He is no longer "officially" part of the Bujinkan organization. Now that there has been an official line in the sand declaring Mr Hayes and his art a "different art" (Mr. Legare's words recounting what Soke has told...
  8. lalom

    Hayes Shihan in Japan

    From April 18 through mid-May, Hayes Shihan will be in Japan. This is a posting from him on his website. "An-shu Rumiko and I will be in Japan from April 18 through May 15, traveling and training. We will visit with Hatsumi Sensei for training when in the Tokyo-Noda area. We have heard that...
  9. lalom

    Greetings from a Newbie

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to pop in and say "hi" to everyone as I am new here to MT. I look forward to hearing from you all.