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  1. lalom

    Black Belt

    Congrats SKB on achieving your BB! What an accomplishment and you deserve to feel proud.
  2. lalom


    I obviously overlooked this question months ago. I hope this post will prompt others to consider answering it. I could definitely use some advice on this issue. How can I better develop nagare? Is is just a matter of time invested in training and it will come or are there specific drills...
  3. lalom

    Mr Hayes' original practices of ninjutsu

    Dude! Would you please stop?! I can certainly appreciate your zeal for An-Shu Hayes' teachings, but to make statements for which you have no proof will just bring more attack on you. I train in To-Shin Do LDS as well, but, I try not to think I know it all just because I've read the SKH site...
  4. lalom

    Home Study

    Funny, but true! I think that LDS can definitely gain you some knowledge but it is nowhere near training and learning live from an instructor. A training partner is needed. It will help one gain SOME improvement and advance, but nothing like learning live.
  5. lalom

    Mr Hayes' original practices of ninjutsu

    Very nice pics! Love the book too! :)
  6. lalom

    "Fire" Frustrations

    Sounds too late indeed. The fire feeling is about being so aware and connected that you explode with your defense before the attacker has a chance to get his off.
  7. lalom

    "Fire" Frustrations

    Keep in mind, Scott, that the "fire feeling" is one that you are so in tune to your attaker that your explosive defensive attack does not allow him to fully get his punch off. You are almost stuffing his attack with your defense, moving into his space (taking his kukan), and performing the...
  8. lalom

    Adherence to "curriculum"?

    Jutoshi, any chance we can get Mr. Maienza on here to share his wealth of knowledge? You've already answered a bunch of questions and sounds like Jizaikan is a great MA. Thanks for sharing what you have already!
  9. lalom

    Is there grappling in toshindo?

    yes to both questions.
  10. lalom

    Something Odd

    yeah, is this guy against Ninjutsu as a whole? Bujinkan Budo? To-Shin Do? It's really hard to tell. He comes on bashing one school and calls another entirely different art shady referring to it's Grandmaster that is a chiropractor. What was the point of this guys post? Kinda confused here...
  11. lalom

    To Shin Do Shuriken Video Clip!

    Wow! This guy has the complete video on here! And those of Bussey as well!
  12. lalom

    Boulder Quest Center

    You will most definitely get a better reply on To-Shin Do only forums such as Quest-L or Carolina Bujindo forums. Most To-Shin Do practitioners frequent those forums more regularly for what seem to me, obvious. Personally, I've not trained with any from there so I apologize I cannot answer...
  13. lalom

    Quest centers

    I believe Michael Stinson is also a member of this board, or at least he was at one time. I have seen Quest Centers also allow a free day to sit in and train during a session to get a feel of things. If they offer that, then try it out - I am confident you will enjoy it.
  14. lalom

    Short Stephen Hayes preview video on this link.

    Yeah, that clip is on the homepage as well -
  15. lalom

    Secret Scrolls of the Warrior Sage - Ninja Vol. 6

    Anyone get their copy of Anshu Hayes' new book? If so, what has been your findings and impression so far?
  16. lalom

    Stephen Hayes Clip!

    Are To-Shin Do videos welcome there? I do see it stated for Bujinkan, Genbukan, and Jinenkan, but not To-Shin Do. I assume you posting here the answer is, "Yes," but I try and not assume anything as I've made many errors in doing so.
  17. lalom

    Stephen Hayes Clip!

    I concur. I think seeing someone take initiative to set up a ninjutsu video sharing site is nice.
  18. lalom

    Where in the World is Don Roley?

    I just noticed Mr. Roley has his account to MT closed. Does anyone know why or where he went? Just curious. I know he's been a long time forum member. I saw that and was shocked to see him no longer here.
  19. lalom

    Portland, ME seminar was fantastic!

    Hey Scott, This Dennis fellow... who is he and where is he from?
  20. lalom

    Discovery 2007

    So how did you enjoy Mr. Merrit's nuggets?
  21. lalom

    To-Shin Do/Bujinkan

    Mr. Roley can you please stop?! This thread isn't about the things you are insisting be noted by To-Shin Do folks. You aren't helping here! SKB, you aren't helping either! You can't come on here and just blantantly say things that you well know will antagonize others that have agendas...
  22. lalom

    To-Shin Do/Bujinkan

    Saru, You will get your answer directly if you visit The thread answering your question is called "Ranking in Bujinkan?" This is a To-Shin Do only forum for discussion of To-Shin Do. The question you raise was asked and answered. You can train in To-Shin...
  23. lalom

    To-Shin Do/Bujinkan

    I completely understand what you are saying Don, but there is also another forum entitled "Differences between To-Shin Do and the Bujinkan" for the differences (of which there are) to be discussed. I, for one, would like to try and find the things we have in common instead of always looking for...
  24. lalom

    To-Shin Do/Bujinkan

    Well Bydand, Due to the tone of Mr. Roley's post, I really don't think that the To-Shin Do guys here will chime in too well. Even if his post was innocent, it didn't answer the intent of your posted question. Perhaps I'm not understanding here (very probable!). Bydand, you asked for the...
  25. lalom

    Anyone To-Shin Do?

    I guess since I started this thread originally. For whatever reasons, I never got my answer. I guess I'll try again. Perhaps since the move of this forum to another location I'll get better results. If you are a practitioner of To-Shin Do, please state where you're from and how long you've...
  26. lalom

    Your Most Memorable Moment

    He just appeared out of thin air like that? All ninja-like?
  27. lalom

    Julie Kedzie

    Gina Carano isn't on these boards by any chance is she? Great fight Julie! You win son you lose some! Keep your chin up. You both looked great!
  28. lalom

    Discovery 2007

    I've never seen John do groundwork but I have heard plenty about him. Yeah, from what I've heard as well, there are far few in any Ninjutsu school or other arts for that matter that could outdo him. Of course, this is only what I've been told.
  29. lalom

    Discovery 2007

    I've seen Hardy Merrit do his thing before. Great martial artist. His groundwork is definitely something I admire.