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  1. John Brewer


    Our next event will be held in Costa Mesa CA on April 12th at 7:00PM. Check out the website at Or download the flyer at As usual the event is completely free and all are welcome. John Brewer
  2. John Brewer

    Annoying Coworkers

    Has anyone ever had to work across from somone who talks just to hear themselves talk? I mean they have to know by the glazed look on your face or the fact that you nod in the wrong places that you're not really listening. Right?
  3. John Brewer

    United Martial Artists for Christ

    Hi all, Just wanted to let anyone who's interested know we are holding our next event on September 9th at the Bren Center in Irvine Califronia. It promises to be the best one yet! Check it out at Our founder is Mr. Bob Mitchell, American Kenpo (see the...
  4. John Brewer

    Training for Green Belt

    As a new Blue belt I am looking forward to training for Green. I'm looking for suggestions on exercises and other training methods (including mental preparation) to increase my success. Thank you, John
  5. John Brewer

    Testing for Blue soon!

    The further along this journey I go the more I enjoy it. I will test for my Blue Belt on Monday June 12th. Wish me and my fellow Purple Belts well. Thanks, John