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  1. Bill Lear

    Side kicks

    In your opinion, what is the proper striking surface when utilizing a side kick that is executed higher than one's hip-flexors?
  2. Bill Lear

    Attacked in my front yard

    I agree. Don't forget that people who are affraid usually bring weapons to tip the scales in their favor.
  3. Bill Lear

    Attacked in my front yard

    I second that notion. This guy obviously doesn't really care that much about himself, and his lovely disposition might actually land him in a correctional facility with others that share his nasty habits. Just make sure you're safe and not the statistic that buys him his trip to life on the inside.
  4. Bill Lear

    Earning my Crest?

  5. Bill Lear

    Ed Parker movement VS his senior 1st generation students

    You know me. Honey... I'm home! :toilclaw: P.S. Send me an e-mail if ya get the chance. My address is listed in my profile.
  6. Bill Lear

    Ed Parker movement VS his senior 1st generation students

    Sounds like you should throw them away. The space in your closet could be used for something else.
  7. Bill Lear

    White people find, black people loot...

    Now people are politicizing the word "refugee"? Jesse Jackson said, "It is racist to call American citizens refugees". What in the world do you call people who have been driven from their homes with only the clothes on their backs, unsure if they will ever be able to return, and forced to...
  8. Bill Lear

    Birthdays Go Here~!

    Thank you! Thank you very much. :-)
  9. Bill Lear

    United Studios of Self Defense (USSD)

    OH MY GAWD! They have a full sized tiger mascott named Kenpo Kenny!!! The web site is definately geared for kids. I don't personally know them, nor do I know how they move. The mascott thing seems a little weird to me. Their choice to call themselves Sensei so-and-so is a little off the mark...
  10. Bill Lear

    I've seen Kenpo/Kempo before and it's all the same

    Mr. Casto, I like the way you think, and agree with you 100%! It's kind of funny that things come full circle like that in nearly everything we experience in life. :asian:
  11. Bill Lear

    New section on my website...

    I was editing my message when you repiled. Yeah... I'm still working on getting some things together. As for the link... Its doing the same thing to me. Must not be my day. I wonder what I did to make the internet gods angry. :idunno:
  12. Bill Lear

    New section on my website...

    Weird... I was going to and clicking on this: And got this message: Is your new web address? Is no good anymore? Also, I'm still working on compiling the video. Thank you for sending me your address.[/color]
  13. Bill Lear

    New section on my website...

    Looks like the site is down. I can't get in. :idunno:
  14. Bill Lear

    Squeezing The Peach

    A butt STRIKE? I'm having trouble picturing this. Okay, maybe not... Just sounds funny to me. :lol:
  15. Bill Lear

    Ethics of Removing a BB from thier Family Tree

    I'd say no matter what the situation is... former black belts should remain on family trees. That being said, a good way to clarify whether or not this person is in good standing or bad standing within your association or school is to indicate their status with a symbol (letter or number) next...
  16. Bill Lear

    Uniform change?

    At Bryan Hawkins' Kenpo Karate Studio we wear white uniforms from white belt through green belt. From brown belt on we wear black uniforms. :asian:
  17. Bill Lear

    Parker or Lee

    The Tracy's can't kick me out of something I was never a part of, and I'm not worried about their tree. It seems they're doing a fine job cutting it down all by themselves. Besides, they've kinda missed the forest for the trees haven't they? There's a whole world of martial artists out there...
  18. Bill Lear

    Alright, everyone moon mj-hi-yah!!!

    Someone obviously didn't pay attention to the sign bove the cave entrance. You know the one... It says "Watch out for falling rocks". It's time to humble the ladies gent's. Let's show'em the error of their ways.
  19. Bill Lear

    Alright, everyone moon mj-hi-yah!!!

    These "Ladies" don't sleep on goose-down pillows. They're hardened killers. The LLR sleep with their pretty little heads nestled on burlap sacks of lead shot. A pillow fight with them would've been fatal... Oh no. More feme-bots! MACaver! They're in the cave man! What do we do now? Eeep...
  20. Bill Lear

    Ah ha! now it comes out....

    What happened to Kenpo? :confused:
  21. Bill Lear

    Parker or Lee

    Here's another interesting story: Let me see... There are a few things here that bring your source's credibility into question. (1). Will Tracy seems to be selling his wife. (2). Will Tracy claims to recieve communications from god. (3). Will Tracy and his wife are avoiding prosecution for...
  22. Bill Lear

    A.m.a. Elvis

    I think the answer as to whether or not Elvis was in fact a legitimate Eighth Degree Black Belt is pretty simple if you look at it logically. He was, and Ed Parker promoted him. This doesn't mean everyone has to like it. In the end there is only one person who knew why Elvis was promoted to...
  23. Bill Lear

    Alright, everyone moon mj-hi-yah!!!

    Can somebody please rescue Kid? :rolleyes:
  24. Bill Lear

    A call for videos....

    I've got a couple of things that I'm working on right now. When I get the details worked out I might have a few more videos for you to put up on your web site. By the way... Cool idea. :asian:
  25. Bill Lear

    thinking of kenpo now

    Crysis did say the place was closed when, he/she initially went to go check it out. How does this translate into avoidance? I don't get it. Oh well... :idunno:
  26. Bill Lear

    Alright, everyone moon mj-hi-yah!!!

    Yikes! A Feme-Bot in an Austin disguise!!! That was close! :mp5:
  27. Bill Lear

    Alright, everyone moon mj-hi-yah!!!

    That's what I thought. Feme-Bots! Damn! Where's Austin Powers when you need him? Ah... Here he is. Go get 'em Austin!
  28. Bill Lear

    Alright, everyone moon mj-hi-yah!!!

    Too Late! I'm outta here...
  29. Bill Lear

    A.m.a. Elvis

    Yep. That's what I seem to remember.
  30. Bill Lear

    Alright, everyone moon mj-hi-yah!!!

    You've got a deal! Thanks man! Wheew...