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    Endurance for test

    Hi all, I have some issue with endurance.... wondering what is your way of training for that? When we do forms continuously, we really only get a few minutes of rest, my instructor said that you should use the attention time to breath and get your heartrate close to resting HR if possible (for...
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    A video to share, quite interesting... I borrow this clip from another site (, I think this kid is from HK. He uses alot of this ax kick like kick, i'm not sure what it is, but it's quite amazing.. Anyone care to comment?
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    Home practice equipment question

    I am getting a bit more serious in my training, and I am interested in either something like a cobra reflex bag: or can someone pls tell me the pros and cons of these two systems? I wan tto really...
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    Hook Kick- which muscle is my weakest link?

    My hook kicks are very weak.. when I do it on the air, it looks okay.. but my instructor sometimes make us do the kick over a bag, and you're suppose to see the knee moved from one side to the other entirely, almost making a half circle.. sorry, my description sucks. What she's saying is that...
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    Yay, I passed my blue belt test!!

    I just want to let you all know that I passed my test!!! I'm excited to learn my new form (Pinan 5). While reading what forms others do, I'm a bit puzzled because seems like my dojan does TSD forms, not TKD forms, (Bassaii)?
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    flying ide kick question

    Just a quick question re: flying side kick. Say that I'm doing a right leg side kick, do i push off on my left foot, and then turn my hips and extend my kick? We practice these once in a blue moon, and I am never good at this.. Thanks! also, how about flying turn back kick? Thanks in advance!
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    Question for the boys

    Do you all feel that you don't like to parter with a girl/woman when practicing kicking drills into the bag because if you do full force, we'll fly away? I feel really bad because when I'm holding the kicking bag for the boys, they definately have to hold back, because I literally will fly to...
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    Feeling terrible after my test

    Hi all- I just finished testing for my green belt, and I felt really terrible. After we did our second form, the judges were whispering to the "examiner", and he then told us if we feel that we had made a mistake on that form, to come out and do it again, this is an opportunity for us to fix...
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    Fear of Jump Kicks

    I am not sure if it's because I learn this as an adult, I have this fear about jump side kicks. I know I'm suppose to turn my hips in the air, commit to the kick, and kick through, but for some reason, I have this fear, and I dont' want to turn my body when I'm up in the air!!! So I usually...
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    Another Big Bruise!!!

    I don't know what is wrong with me, this time, we were doing light contact sparring, hence no gears. I dont' think it'll make a difference with gear or not, unless my partner uses a shin guard. I try to block his kick with the side of my hand, ( the part where you do ridge hands), and i do...
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    Big bruise from roundhouse kick drills?!

    Yesterday, we were practicing roundhouse kicks with the tear drop mitts (we usually use the kicking bag for power), the goal was to be quick and accurate, maybe I'm not so use to kicking the mitt, the mitt holder wasn't exactly doing it right, I ended up with a BIG bruise on my instep. I was...
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    Revolution of Kicking-video

    Hi all- I know this is very very basic, but I thought this clip was very nicely done, and I believe there are videos of other kicks as well, but this it he only one I can find, enjoy! mms://
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    Torn ACL without surgery

    This is sort of a continuation of the joint pain thread. I just discovered that my ACL has completely torn , most likely from awhile ago, since I did not recall any "popping" incident, nothing painful , no swelling involved... discovered it because my knees are weak and sort of give out on me at...
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    Interesting observation in class

    We were practicing forms yesterday in class. I realize that there is a BIG difference in technique for two green belts. This one humble, quiet guy, does his techniques very well, all the movements were very clean, head looks, etc. This other green belt, does it very sloppy. In fact, when we...
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    Sparring question

    I'm a beginner in sparring, and I'm very stuck. When facing a much taller opponent, how can I avoid those head punches? I'm not fast enough, by the time i concentrating to guard my head, he lands a mid section kick. Also, what do i do when people grab my leg after a kick? Am i too slow?
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    Spinning Hook Kicks

    One of those flashy kicks- I don't seem to get them right, and I know I'm suppose to go back to my instructor, but can someone please give me some pointers? My problem is I don't know at what angle do I extend the kick (the side kick motion), and when to "hook it". When doing a right leg...
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    Different types of forms

    What type of forms does everyone practice here? What is your favorite form? Least favorite? Tips for memorizing them? We do the older form Pyung Ahn forms. I think the hardest one is number 2, and number 3 is really freaky looking...
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    Sparring question-

    Hi all, Does your school require sparring gear during sparring sessions? I've been in school does as well and doesn't, and I'm a bit confused. I know that some organization doesn't allow punching to the face and some does... (i guess WTF vs. ITF??) but how come some school during sparring...
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    One Step Sparring

    Dear all- I have very poor memory and not too good sense of directions :P I was wondering the one step sparring techniques we learn, are they standard like forms perhaps different with WTF or ITF standards?? If so, do you know of a good website that shows us how to do these? I learned them...
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    McDojo question again...

    Hi all, the more I read about McDojos, the more confused I get. Does "black belt society"/contract make a dojo a Mcdojo? When one's a beginner, how do you judge the quality of instruction? We don't know better! I like my dojo, but it's very expensive. Does expensive make it a McDojo too? This...
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    Question for TSD students/teachers

    I recently checked out a school in my area that is most convenience for me in terms of location, and they have multiple practice time that suits my work schedule. I told the instructor where I was training briefly (too far, loved the school), and she said that my old school trains olympic...
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    Question re: TKD or TSD

    I recently checked out a school in my area that is most convenience for me in terms of location, and they have multiple practice time that suits my work schedule. I told the instructor where I was training briefly (too far, loved the school), and she said that is a olympic style school, very...