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    Background Checks

    I own firearms and personally don't see the issue with expanded background checks and smaller magazine sizes. The intent of constitutional right to bear arms was to give the citizens the ability to overthrow the government if it trampled on are rights. The forefathers could not have predicted...
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    Is it possible to "train" for something that you never actually do?

    I would agree with alot of what other people said. There are plenty of experts in fields where they have never actually had to use what they have learned in a real situation. However that being said if I had the opportunity I would prefer to train with somebody who has real world experience...
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    New (relatively) to martial arts. Need help.

    Based on what you said it sounds like a bust of a school. I would check out some other schools in your area. Most schools usually give you a chance to go to a couple of classes for free. I would take advantage of that and check out a couple different places and see what you like. I trained...
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    Verbal Self-Defense, Best Verbal De-escalation Strategies for Kids and Adults?

    I think the key thing is to stay calm, and not say to much. Let the person say there peace, and apologize if appropriate. Leave ego at the door. If you avoided a confrontation then you won. In most cases fights escalate because both parties are unwilling to back down and/or admit fault...
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    Rash guards / compression shirts

    I would go with a good quality rash guard designed for MMA or wrestling. They will hold up better than a compression shirt.
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    Help me choose a MA!

    1. Define your goals Before you begin your search for you a school you should try to understand your motivation for wanting to train in the martial arts. Everybody has different expectations as to what they plan to get out of there training. For example some people are just in it for fitness...
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    What is the best fighting style????

    I dont think there is such thing as a best fighting style. It really depends on the individuals goals and what they want to get out of the martial arts. You should be matching your goals with the styles available to you to learn.