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    A Muay Thai vacation

    That's crazy! For that amount of money in Thailand I could train at a top gym for 2 months probably 3 months with the mouthpiece I have. That has to be the rip-off of the year next to the cabbies who wait for unknowing tourists to get off the plane and charge them 1500baht to go 4 or 5km.
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    Muay Thai Apprenticeship: a proposal for training

    If you want more 1 on 1, go to Thailand and train. But please don't go to Rawai Muay Thai. You will get great 1 on 1 once you show the trainers that your are serious and that you want to fight in one of the hundreds of stadiums.
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    Pound for pound muay thai fighter

    Buakaw has not done enough in the stadiums to be called GOAT. Yod and Samart are much closer to that title that BPP.
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    Pound for pound muay thai fighter

    No one wanted to fight Dieselnoi cos they didn't want to get kneed in the groin. Heaps of wins came from groin strikes!