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  1. Brandon Miller

    Looking at getting into a martial art

    Just recently relocated and Im starting to get settled in. Soon as I get a job going Im looking at getting into a martial art. In the mean time Im trying to figure out what style Im interested in. Im interested in both striking and grappling equally. Sambo really intrigued me but its not...
  2. Brandon Miller

    Just relocated looking to get into Japanese martial arts

    Hello, I just relocated to Portland Oregon. Im 32 years old. I have competitive mma and some boxing experience. But Im not looking to compete in mma anymore. Im more into the traditional arts these days. With that said Im trying to figure out what I want. I definitely want to be versed in...
  3. Brandon Miller

    Recently relocated and Im out of Sambo

    Hello, I recently re-located to Portland Oregon from Dallas Texas three weeks ago. Im originally from Portland. While being in Texas I was training in Sambo. I wanted to continue my sambo training but unfortunately I cant seem to find a Sambo place in Portland. We have a good Judo club...
  4. Brandon Miller

    I need help with some descisions I'm forced to make

    Hey guys Brandon the saxon here. So I have been living in Dallas almost two and half years now. While I have been here I was training at Mohler MMA for awhile then I found kyokushin dabbled in that. Finally I found sambo have been training in that since. Unfortunately I'm going to be moving to...
  5. Brandon Miller

    Good way of getting in shape off the mats for grappling?

    Im not sure if I asked this question correctly but I realized grappling takes good cardio to persevere through multiple rounds of rolling after getting thrown and throwing your partner repeatedly for the past previous hour. My question is what can I do to get into better cardio shape for...
  6. Brandon Miller

    Still waiting on Sambo uniform to arrive from Russia

    I ordered my first Sambo full uniform exactly 3 weeks ago from Krepish-Ya company in Russia. I knew it would take awhile but its been 3 weeks since I ordered it. Surprised it hasnt arrived yet.
  7. Brandon Miller

    Sambo or Judo first if you plan on training in both arts?

    If you dont have a background in either judo or sambo but you want to take a journey in both arts which one would you start with first to develop solid fundamentals before cross training in the other? Especially if you plan on competing in both as well. Thanks!
  8. Brandon Miller

    Anybody in here train in Freestyle Judo?

    Was curious if anyone has ever trained or currently trains in freestyle judo? Im thinking of joining this freestyle judo school Whats freestyle judo like?
  9. Brandon Miller

    Does anyone know about Saekson Janjiras gym in Plano, TX

    im trying to get into mma and kickboxing. This gym works with my schedule and it seems to be the most elite Thai boxing gym in Texas and one of the best in country. I dont think they have a grappling background but my hopes are to compete in both mma and kickboxing. Grappling comps too but I...
  10. Brandon Miller

    Kyokushin plus boxing cross training would this be a good base for getting into kickboxing comp?

    My goal is to either get back into the mma circuit or into the competitive kickboxing curcuit. If I do kyokushin but cross training in boxing I there I would have very little gaps in stand up. I want to compete in knockdown tourneys when I can to prepare myself more for kickboxing. Unfortunately...
  11. Brandon Miller

    Having trouble picking an art and school in Dallas. Need advice.

    I currently reside in Dallas and Im wanting to get back into martial arts as a hobby for fitness and self defense. Im torn on training in Kyokushin at Dallas Kyokushin which is 13 miles away Learn Karate in Dallas, Texas | Dallas Kyokushin Karate. Also Im torn at training in freestyle judo...
  12. Brandon Miller

    Decided to switch to Judo

    I live in Dallas and started Kyokushin a few months ago but I have had interest in Judo for the past 6 years. Something about it really intrigues me. I see it as an awesome sport, great workout, beautiful techniques and a solid self defense system and terrific sport. I have a background in...
  13. Brandon Miller

    Kyokushin Uchi-Deshi programs or something similar?

    Im looking to join a martial arts Uchi-Deshi program somewhere in the United States or abroad in kyokushin or an off shoot or similar style or possibly a judo Program. Any info would be great.
  14. Brandon Miller

    Judo or Kyokushin?

    At 32 years of age with the intent of taking a martial arts training hobby seriously my question is which martial art should I start in and focus on first at 32 years old if I plan on taking a journey in both in the long run. Which one should I chose now to focus on?
  15. Brandon Miller

    Which style of karate would you consider most complete

    which style of karate would you consider most complete in regards to all around self defense and realistic application?
  16. Brandon Miller

    What is kenpo, kempo karate?

    Im loving kyokushin but my dream karate would be a karate system with full contact but some grappling and sweeps involved. What traditional arts produce that type of training? Or will I just have to take Judo along with kyokushin seperatly? Also what exactly is Kenpo Karate and or kempo?
  17. Brandon Miller

    Had an amazing first Kyokushin practice at my Dojo

    bare knuckle pushups, getting beat with a stick, and beating the crap out of each other. Im in love with Kyokushin. Competing in my first tournament at the end of February in Oklahoma! OSS!
  18. Brandon Miller

    Is this Kyokushin school a mcdojo?

    Learn Karate in Dallas, Texas | Dallas Kyokushin Karate Dont know much about the instructor or his rank. He rents out at dance studio for Cleeses so it seems. Do you guys think this is a mcdojo?
  19. Brandon Miller

    I have decided to check out Freddie Pooles Martial Arts in Dallas

    I was going to do tkd but this school intrigued me more. An American Karate curriculum along with legit muy Thai and Carlos Machado affiliated bjj program all under one roof. Seems Ill get better training for my moneys worth. I plan to earn my karate blackbelt while infusing it together there...
  20. Brandon Miller

    Does anyone know anything about Freddie Pooles Martial Arts in Dallas?

    Im looking into this gym. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this gyms legitimacy? What style of Karate are they teaching? Here is the website Freddie Poole's Martial Arts Im going to be coming in there tomorrow to check it out. Im interested in there Karate program for adults and...
  21. Brandon Miller

    Whats a good martial art to blend with Taekwondo?

    Starting Taekwondo next week. Found a good school. Whats another martial art that blends well with Taekwondo that I could possibly cross train in the future?
  22. Brandon Miller

    Does anyone know about Chamberlain Studios of self defense in Dallas Texas?

    Im looking into joining this school. Its a Gasan Ryu Kenpo Karate school but also has a respected judo program as well. Do you guys think this place is legit or a McDojo? I need some kenpo people advice. Thanks!