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    Austin JKD

    I found two. Any thoughts on either? One is Austin Impact, which seems to follow Bruce's philosophy pretty carefully. The other is Parra Academy, which also offers classes for children.
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    Looking for decent school in Austin,TX

    I've been looking at a Shaolin Kenpo school, a Tukong Moosul school, a Muay Thai school, a few kung fu schools, a jeet kune do school, and a few judo schools. I have even found a decent kali school but as I will be new to the area I'm flexible. Any thoughts on where to start my journey in...
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    Pai Lum White Dragon Fist

    Has anyone ever heard of this style? I'm in the process of moving to CO and they have several schools. What intrigues me is that the style, which claims to be old, is a combination of tai chi, 5 animal style kenpo, and qigong. I haven't been to a school to check out the lessons yet. We have a...
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    Takemusu Aikido

    Does anyone in here study this style? I believe that was the old, Iwama Ryu style, right? From what I have read it was the original style taught by O'Sensei before all the flash, right? I ask because in my search to find a good martial art dojo or school I stumbled upon a place that I am...
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    Whoopass Aikido

    Yes, I created the title to get your attention but it's also for a specific reason. I know that when O'Sensei created Aikido it went through several evolutions and many of those styles are still be practiced today. In fact, one of the earliest versions of Aikido was a "hard style" and it is that...
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    Major Fail

    So, I was just chatting with this school in Northern Nevada. I wanted to know what style of Kenpo they teach and their website said nothing. The first message from them was fine and was an apology for taking so long to respond to me but they didn't answer my question. So, I kind asked again and...
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    Northern Nevada

    Hi Everyone, I just joined the forum today and I'm looking for recommendations of you have any. I was debating long and hard between Northern and Southern Nevada but I think Northern has won me over. The prices for real estate is just too darn affordable and I have everything I need for me and...