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    Rich Hesselton's Shotokan World

    And interesting karate video I found. Thoughts?
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    Van Damme Teaching Karate

    A couple of cool vids. . .
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    "Karate - A Life in Training" (A very short documentary I made.)

    I'm currently taking a first-level film production class at the University of Utah and one of our assignments was to make a short (3 to 5 minute) documentary on a topic of our choice. I wanted to do something martial arts-related and Shotokan Sandan Alun Thomas at the SLC SKA dojo was kind...
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    Can anyone say, Awesome!

    Totally awesome.
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    WTF TKD without all that protective gear. . .

    If you've seen WTF TKD and have always wondered what it would look like without all that gear, well here you go. Interesting vid.
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    The K is on the Way

    Looks like there's an organized campaign to get Karate in the Olympics. . .
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    WKF Karate Championships Streaming Live on YouTube Starting Tomorrow

    For anyone who may be interested, the WKF World Championships will be streaming live from the 21st to the 25th on the following channel: And for those interested, but uninformed, you can find the rules here...
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    Skills Learned in Class vs Skills Learned On Your Own

    So give me some thoughts on something. . . How much of what you know as a martial artist, and the abilities that you have gained, has come from what you have learned in class from your instructor and how much has come from your out-of-class study, such as experimenting with your art in various...
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    Gimme the lowdown: JKA vs SKA Shotokan

    Just a quick question here for you experienced karate guys. . . What are the big differences between JKA and SKA karate? (I'm speaking generally, so we can get past the "it's the dojo not the org" preliminaries.) I recently became aware of a local SKA Shotokan dojo and have heard that the...
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    WMAC Masters - Streaming Now

    Not sure if anyone's familiar with this series, but I remembered watching it as a teen in the mid-90s. Recently I ran it through a Google search and found out that the first two seasons--the only seasons that were filmed before the series was canceled--are being streamed in their entirety from...
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    Junzuki -- Just what is it?

    So quick question here . . . a point of confusion. At my wado-ryu school--which I should point out that is headed by one of the top wado guys in America, Sensei Toshio Osaka--we're taught that the "junzuki" is essentially a jab. In fact, that's exactly what it is. But when I run "junzuki" or...
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    What kind of training do you do outside of the dojo/dojang/gym/etc?

    So I appreciate the training I get at my dojo and dojang, but I feel like it's just not enough for me to progress rapidly. So I was wondering what kind of outside-of-class training everyone does to bring their skills along. Of course there's the obvious stuff like working katas/forms and doing...
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    Punches in WTF TKD

    Just a quick question here, as I really don't know. I am of the understanding that in the past it was rare for judges to actually score punches in WTF TKD. I can at least say that I very rarely see punches in the videos that I've watched. Now that the electronic hogu has been introduced, is...
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    Break down the difference between ITF and WTF TKD for me. . .

    I'm going to look at a WTF/Kukkiwon TKD school in just a couple of hours. Formerly, I've been involved with the ATA and ITF/USTF, but never trained WTF. I've seen WTF matches and know the very basics about the sparring rules, but that's about it. So who can give me some thoughts on what would...
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    Advice on training in multiple styles at once?

    For some of you who may have been reading a lot of my posts lately, it may be obvious that I'm about to get back into the MA game after a handful of years of dormancy. So I have some decisions to make. I'm starting a wado-ryu karate class tomorrow, but I've been torn as to whether I should go...
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    Thoughts on Learning from Videos

    I've seen a lot of negative comments toward the idea of learning a martial art from DVDs as well as anyone who learns from DVDs and then teaches. But to be honest, I think they are not always warranted. I actually think that as long as someone has good training partners and the opportunities...
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    "American" Karate -- Just what is it?

    So I have seen the term "American Karate" bandied about for years, but having never trained at a school that advertised themselves as such, I've never fully understood it. So what exactly is "American" Karate and why would karate ever be labeled so?
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    Girls of TKD

    Discuss. And feel free to add more vids. . .
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    TKD Kickboxer Steve Vick

    I had never heard of this guy until a few days ago but I believe now that he's my new idol. Awesome TKD display in kickboxing. . . Bonus Video: TKD Kickboxer and Actor Jerry Trimble
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    Anyone here compete in the sport karate orgs like the NBL, NASKA, WKC, etc?

    I'm going to check out a school with a strong competition focus after the holidays and was wondering what everyone can tell me about what it's like to compete in these kinds of organizations. I normally would've never looked twice at this place just based on the website, but it comes highly...
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    Shotokan - Art of War

    Anyone seen this? I just ordered it. . .
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    Documentary: Empty Hand - The Real Karate Kids

    I actually talked to the director and producer of this film a little over a year ago, as well as one of the competitors (Ashley King). I still haven't actually seen it though, as it's only recently begun making its rounds on the festival circuit and has not yet been released on home video, but...
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    Wado-Ryu vs Shotokan vs TKD

    I am looking to get back into martial arts after a multi-year layoff and need a bit of info. First off, my background is in TKD and Judo (as well as a tiny bit of Wushu). I am, of course, familiar with other martial arts, but only nominally and only as a spectator. I'm considering getting...
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    Thoughts on Kenpo 5.0?

    First off, I did do a search for this, but the most recent thread I found on the subject was from 2007. . . But what are everyone's thoughts on Kenpo 5.0? I should point out that I have no Kenpo background, so I am asking both for general info regarding Kenpo and, in your opinion, what it's...
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    Thoughts on ATA TKD?

    I first got involved in martial arts as a child and it was in an ATA TKD school. That was about 20 years ago and, at the time, I didn't even understand that there were different forms of TKD and had no knowledge even of the WTF or ITF. I've considered getting back into TKD lately and initially...