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    CMA in Sacramento?

    I'm about to move to Sacramento, CA. Any CMA recommendations in the area?
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    Internal Arts study group in Seattle

    This is a study group for the Chinese internal martial arts (Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan). We focus on foundational skills from these arts and applications from those skills. The group is open to anyone who is interested. I have nearly a decade of experience in these arts and provide the...
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    Taiji Bodyguard

    Anybody ever heard of this guy and/or know anything about his taiji? Jack Ma s bodyguard master of tai chi 1
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    Article on changing CMA during early 20th century.
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    Southern Mantis video

    Cool TV show episode highlighting Southern Mantis.
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    Silat in Phoenix area?

    Can anybody recommend any Silat schools in the Phoenix area?
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    Jujutsu in Phoenix region?

    Anybody got any recommendations for Jujutsu schools in the Phoenix area?
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    Kung Fu in Phoenix/Tempe, AZ?

    So, I'm planning to move to Arizona next year for grad school, and I'm wondering if anybody has good CMA recommendations for the area. I'm an internal guy these days, and any Bagua, Xingyi, LHBF, or Yiquan schools would be greatly appreciated. I'm open to other CMA's as well. My wish list...
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    Aikido, Wiki & history.
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    Kodo Horikawa

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    Shaolin drama
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    Fu Style Bagua

    Here's some different Bagua for ya! Gotta love Fu!
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    Force Decisions

    I'm about 3/4 of the way through Rory Miller's book and as a non-LEO I find it really insightful and well done. I'm wondering if any of you guys have anything to say about it.
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    Shaolin-Do Taiji and Bagua

    So Blaze this is why those of us who study other arts tend to look down on Shaolin-Do and what it claims to teach. His videos just say "Shaolin" but in at least one of the comments sections he says who his teachers are and they are all Shaolin-Do.
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    Xin Yi interview

    Novell Bell interviewing Yuanxia Zhang
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    Taiji push hands basics

    This guy's instruction is great.
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    Chen Xiaowang vs. strongman

    Really kind of silly, but also cool and interesting.
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    Baji videos

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    Which one for you? I got Kenpo, not really sure how it arrived at that. Some of the questions are pretty silly, and I'm sure a lot of arts are probably misrepresented by creator's understanding of them, but it's still fun. What did you get?
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    To be a jerk, or an extremely extra large family size jerk? That is the question.
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    RIP Feng Zhiqiang?

    My sifu got word today that Master Feng past away. Has anyone else heard anything or have any details?
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    My taiji sigung

    I found some old videos of my Yang Taiji Sigung (Tchoung Ta Tchen) on youtube and thought I'd post them here. Thought you all would enjoy them (especially you Xue). This is a short version of the symetrical Yang form he created. (The description on this video also explains Tchoung's background...
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    Not losing weight, getting fitter

    So I'm somewhat overweight for my size and frame and I definitely need to lose some weight, but I'm less concerned with weight per se than I am with being healthier and more fit. I do MA 2-3 times a week and am doing P90X in the mornings (modified because you know, I'm not them, yet). I'm adding...
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    Taiji joke

    My sifu just sent this out via e-mail: A guy gets beat up in a bar by a group of Tai Chi people. It took 5 hours. :uhyeah:
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    Kajukenbo Black Belt Ranks?

    So, this question has come up a few time recently with some of the Chinese style MAists on here recently, and I thought I just ask directly. It seems that Kajukenbo uses Chinese terms for black belt ranks (Sibak, Sifu, Sigung, Sijo). In Chinese styles these terms mean very different things...