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  1. Rick Wade

    Professor Ferreira Moves to CT

    I had the pleasure of sitting down with him about 10 years ago in Hawaii. We talked story about Kenpo, Mr Parker, and looked at his scrap book. I was very impressed. One of his students came and worked out with us in our garage and We had a good time. Kimo is very knowledgeable and moves...
  2. Rick Wade

    The Last Person.....

    Last post was aprox. Jan/Feb moved from Hawaii to Virginia I am in the Navy
  3. Rick Wade

    Kenpo in Norfolk, VA

    Aloha all just an update on my journey. Well I have now fully relocated into Virginia. I started teaching a couple of guys off of my boat (submarine). Well a couple of guys started watching and now they are students. Kenpo is like crack once you get a taste it is hard to put down. legal...
  4. Rick Wade

    The Last Person.....

    I am back after a long time and this is as good as place as any to start. Aloha Rick
  5. Rick Wade

    Earning my Crest?

    for the love of god please disreguard the previous post.
  6. Rick Wade

    Earning my Crest?

    That is bull crap he NEVER does a cup check. Aloha have fun
  7. Rick Wade

    don't forget to change your clocks!

    we don't change clocks here in Hawaii. but is nice now that everyone is an hour closer in time to us. makes it easier to call the mainland. Aloha Rick
  8. Rick Wade

    A fallen Patriarch

    Aloha Red.
  9. Rick Wade

    went and watched a class tonight

    He is part of the CKF and Mr. Sean Kelley. A good group of guys. The CKF is also associated with Mr. Tatum and Mr. Pick. Positive Energy all around. Aloha RIck English
  10. Rick Wade

    ground fighting

    Go check out Jose Ponce. I am moving to Norfolk VA and I will be visiting Jose Ponce's School every weekend to stay in Kenpo Shape. Aloha Rick PS I know it is a 3 hour drive.
  11. Rick Wade


    Cool I will tell all of my Kenpo Friends. Aloha and Mahalo. Rick English
  12. Rick Wade


    CeiCei are you selling your journey? Ebay Journey V/R Rick
  13. Rick Wade

    The Last Person.....

    Aloha all I am back
  14. Rick Wade

    Kenpo in Norfolk, VA

    Thanks now we have a starting point. Aloha and Mahalo Rick English
  15. Rick Wade

    Kenpo in Norfolk, VA

    Yes and made several phone calls also. Like here on Oahu there are three Kenpo groups AKKI, UKF and a group with no affiliation. And you wouldn't know it unless you posted on KN or MT. that is why I posted here in hopes that someone would call. I even called the home office of each...
  16. Rick Wade

    Kenpo in Norfolk, VA

    OK guys (and gals) mental not don't tick off the queen of pain. As some of you guys know I am in the Military that means once every three years I have to move. Is there any AMERICAN Kenpo Clubs, Schools, or group of guys that get together and work out in Norfolk? I don't care about size of...
  17. Rick Wade

    Kenpo Journal

    Rich came out to Hawaii and took a break from his vacation to fly to Oahu from Kauai (I got it right that time) Not only gave my entire group of guys a copy of the journal but was also able to teach class from it. It was and is simple awesome. You can put together a theme or work from a...
  18. Rick Wade


  19. Rick Wade

    Infinite Insights for me(yet)?

    There is a reason they are named Infinite Insights; and not "Cool Kenpo Thoughts. Let me echo Mikes coments. Get them all read them, think ask questions and the re-read them several times. I have went through them at least 6 times I have notes in the space So I can Ask my instructor...
  20. Rick Wade

    Cheap Shameless Thread

    will this put us at 100 pages? good luck in the tourny. ALoha Rick
  21. Rick Wade

    Any Kenpo in Guam??

    Not American Kenpo. ALoha Rick
  22. Rick Wade

    Ninja's and the Matrix

    I don't see what was so funny. it's true Nijas are fast. I thought I saw one once but it could have just been a shadow. LOL Rick
  23. Rick Wade

    Italy or France?

    I basically root for two teams USA and whoever is playing France. Aloha Rick
  24. Rick Wade

    Any Kenpo schools near Williamsburg/Hampton Roads VA?

    Once I move to VA I will be doing alot of the Seminars on the east coast. I only make 1 or 2 seminars a year do to the cost of flyiong alone. Aloha Rick
  25. Rick Wade

    Any Kenpo schools near Williamsburg/Hampton Roads VA?

    I will be moving to Hampton In March of 2007 I will be forming a Kenpo club. I you are interested let me know I am in the exact same predicament. Aloha Rick
  26. Rick Wade

    Cheap Shameless Thread

    Congrats on the gold stars, you guys. Aloha Rick :-partyon: