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  1. Markku P

    so octagon shape ring is also official fighting ring

    So This is latest news and I wonder how this will change anything? There has been some talk about new uniforms, more points from punches etc. "Some changes of the WTF competition rules were also confirmed by the GA, the most significant being the possibility to fight Taekwondo competitions...
  2. Markku P

    Biased refereeing causes suicide in Korea

    I don't know what to say? This is just too much.
  3. Markku P

    Dutch open 2013 Video feed

    Here is Dutch open video feed. They will show only from one match and Finals will come this mat.!vido/c186m
  4. Markku P

    Aaron Cook and British taekwondo

    This is just ridiculous! ________________ Taken from The Times : "Aaron Cook, the European champion from Dorset who left the British taekwondo system last year, has found that the organisation he turned his back on has attempted to block his defection to the Isle of Man. Cook had intended to...
  5. Markku P

    Taekwondo stay in Olympics 2020!

    So Taekwondo stay and Wrestling might be out!
  6. Markku P

    Is this end of Kukkiwon as we know it?

    I took this from Taekwondo-net Digest "WTF DAN CERTIFICATES The WTF in early 2013 altered its rules to provide for WTF Dan certification. This is an exciting development and details are still being finalised. The WTF Dan certificates will soon be the only recognised certification for the sport...
  7. Markku P

    Taekwondo star Aaron Cook's had enough of GB

    Taekwondo star Aaron Cook's had enough of GB and will compete for the Isle of Man at all non-Olympic events. Good for him!
  8. Markku P

    This is from our MUDO Taekwondo class yesterday! ( video about 1 min )

    This is from our MUDO Taekwondo class yesterday! We did one step sparring, sparring, self defense and Poomsae. With this video you will see our one step sparring number 1 (10)
  9. Markku P

    "Korean athletes, who are physically inferior to Western counterparts"

    What you think? ( what they said about Korean Fighters I don't agree 100% )
  10. Markku P

    OS spoilers

    Page Mcpherson lost against Turkey and this means no gold or silver for USA OS 2012. ( is this worst ever for US?)
  11. Markku P

    Taekwondo: is it a sport or a martial art? ( again)

    This is one of the common arguments among Taekwondo practitioners. The simple answer is that Taekwondo is a sport and it is a martial art. What is really funny to see is how fanatical we are. Sometimes just for the sake of fun I mention that the sport aspect of Taekwondo is the only unique thing...
  12. Markku P

    WTF-Taekwondo or ITF-Taekwondo, What should I choose?

    (My latest Taekwondo blog ) This is one question I get every month from all over the world. Now, you must understand that my main style is WTF-Taekwondo but I have been training ITF style too. I also have many friends in the ITF side. Now, I speak from a European perspective and you have...
  13. Markku P

    Scandals in Taekwondo and the Martial art world

    I have been really depressed lately. First came the Aaron Cook Scandal where in England they didnt choose the number 1 fighter to participate in the Olympic Games in London 2012. My personal view is that Taekwondo GB is corrupt and they are lying about their reasons why they didnt select Mr...
  14. Markku P

    What is going on with the Taekwondo world? ( UK-fiasco )

    It seems we cant get rid of scandals in the taekwondo world. The latest thing is now from the UK where they didnt select Aaron Cook for the UK Olympic team. I have been really disappointed but not really surprised about that. I had heard rumours about this much earlier. What is striking, is...
  15. Markku P

    What a week!

    First I lost the breaks in my car and I had to cancel some of our classes. The good news is that I got my car fixed the next day. Then Wednesday, our son hurt his leg and we had to stay 4 hours in the hospital. The doctors checked him, took X-rays but didn't find anything. By the way, it's not...
  16. Markku P

    I am talking about Kukkiwon Taekwondo..

    I am starting to believe that the only real unique Taekwondo is "Kukki"-Taekwondo:angel:. Our sparring style is totally unique and everyone can recognize it as Taekwondo. Because of our way of sparring, we now have totally unique kicking techniques, and you won't see our style of sparring in...
  17. Markku P

    How our Taekwondo training is coming along right now. UPDATE

    Hi again! I just wanted to update you guys (and girls) on how our Taekwondo training is coming along right now.After the summer, I lost some of my black belt students because they wanted to open their own school. They did train with me for about a year. Some of my other students followed them...
  18. Markku P

    Taekwondo: Out of the Olympic Games after Brazil 2016?

    Next year will be quite an important year for the Taekwondo community. The IOC will be making decisions whether to keep Taekwondo as an Olympic sport. We have to brace ourselves and be ready to the possibility that Taekwondo won’t be part of the Olympic Games after 2016. And should that...
  19. Markku P

    Taekwondo Poomsae Competition: A Bad Idea?

    I have written about this before and it's a really difficult subject. What I like about Taekwondo Poomsae competitions is that the technical level of students who like to attend the competitions are higher. Poomsae competitions also offer something for those who don't like to do any sparring...
  20. Markku P

    Serbia open Taekwondo tournament

    Hi! Here is link for video feed! Only today! Click here Markku P
  21. Markku P

    After all these years I still love Taekwondo!

    I have been quite critical about the current state of Taekwondo so I realized that many might think that I am against Taekwondo training. Well, quite the opposite is true. I am still very much passionate about Taekwondo. I still love sparring, kicking, and even Poomsae training (even though I...
  22. Markku P

    How long will Taekwondo stay in Olympic games?

    This is one question many people are asking right now. If I think of all the problems and challenges in the last 5 years, I think there is a real possibility they will drop Taekwondo from the Olympics in 2120. Right now, the WTF (World Taekwondo federation) is having problems with LaJust and...
  23. Markku P

    Kukkiwon do we really need it?

    I have been thinking about this for some time now. Do we really need the Kukkiwon anymore? Just think about it. What is its purpose? What can a normal Taekwondo student get from it? Perhaps it would be better if we would have just one main organization like WTF and everything else would be...
  24. Markku P

    Nice clip from UK

    Just some inspiration for all the fighters! ( some countries has great systems! ) /Markku P
  25. Markku P

    Dont train with idiots!

    Ok, this is a strong statement but let me explain it little more. I have been teaching and training my whole life and one of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that I can choose the people I train or teach! Today I am quite strict about how I take students into my school. If I dont like...
  26. Markku P

    Taekwondo - the public image - why it sucks!

    Taekwondo - the public image - why it sucks! ( this was in my blog ) I think I have written about this before but I feel so strongly about it that I have to continue with it! First of all Taekwondo and its public image: how much of the public knows about us? What do they know about us? If they...
  27. Markku P

    I am starting my Taekwondo & "getting back shape" training! Please be nice with comments!

    I am starting my training again. We have got our first child so I am now out shape so..Here is a video clip from my first training! Yours, Markku P.
  28. Markku P

    Irregularities in Kukkiwon Dan graduation exam

    Any information or comments? "The Kukkiwon has been caught up in a controversy due to an apparent case of favoritism towards a Kukkiwon employee during the Dan graduation exam process. A Korean Taekwondo media informed that it has been discovered that a Kukkiwon employee and 8 other...
  29. Markku P

    My thoughts about new taekwondo uniforms & belt system

    The World Taekwondo federation (?) has come out with an idea about new taekwondo uniforms and perhaps a new colour belt system. I dont know how far everything has come and nothing is yet final. I believe uniforms will change but I hope they dont follow up on their idea for new colours on the...
  30. Markku P

    Steven Lopez lost to Iran's Yousef Karami in Baku

    Steven Lopez lost to Iran's Yousef Karami, 5-4, in the Round of 32 in Baku. Here is link for live feed: