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    teaching Hapkido to kids

    Exactly! If you are going to have kids program just make sure its at their level. You have plenty of material besides joint locks. Imagine coming out of a kids program and having awesome falls/rolls, strikes, kicks, Dan bong and staff as well as Large circle techniques, hip throws, grab escapes...
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    Has anyone studied under Grandmaster JiMong Choe?

    Can of worms but consider this. There are LOTS of great Korean Martial Artist that came from a generation born of very tough times. Many of them were surrounded by other great fellows who also fabricated levels of importance and history to build status or in my opinion "FACE". Thus 5000 year...
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    Another ATA 5 year old black belt

    The karate that has been introduced to Tokyo is actually just a part of the whole. The fact that those who have learnt karate there feel it only consists of kicks & punches, and that throws & locks are only to be found in judo or jujutsu, can only be put down to a lack of understanding Those...
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    Korean Martial Arts History according to Joo Band Lee - a newer story?

    There is no dishonor in taking a fighting style and making it way better and your own : )
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    Moderation Level

    Many other forums that were bullied by key folks regardless of their wealth of knowledge have dried up and dissapeared. Why? because after a while you can be right all the time but only you are left listening.
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    "Those are strictly in house certificates. It has always been my policy, as well as the policy of my taekwondo teachers, that you give the certification that you yourself receive. " Wow! Absoultely the best way to say how it should be.
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    A school without rank belts: would you train there?

    "bite, blind, stab or shoot, escape, etc." In my book those are most excellent techniques Sir : )
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    A school without rank belts: would you train there?

    Back to OP. I dont think it makes sense to wear a traditional uniform and not have belts. Worst case I could see the old school white Belt............then you get a black belt. But aside from the fees ; ) I also think the grading system was born of a need to put folks in classification based...
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    A school without rank belts: would you train there?

    "I have fought in both my regular clothes and my dobok, I did not notice or think about my clothes and it did not make a difference on way or the other." And the techniques you would want to have in your arsenal? Would you not want to make sure you tried them on different situations regarding...
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    A school without rank belts: would you train there?

    Its veering off topic but I really wanted to agree with Kong Soo Do on the issue of training in street clothes. Even simple kicks in shoes versus barefoot becomes important. Folks think no worries since shoes hurt more but forget about restricted movement. You must train as you will fight! Also...
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    What are my options?

    Zdom,Compare this, if you will, to how LEO and CCWers are instructed to use their firearms: stop the threat. Don't "shoot to wound" or "fire warning shots" or even "shoot to kill" — just continue shooting until the threat is ended. THEN worry about the attacker's wellbeing or not. Same...
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    WTF President : "New uniforms will further promote taekwondo"

    "I'm kind of used to it at this point, people getting all mad at being exposed to a concept or idea that they don't like, at the moment, but then later that same concept becomes generally accepted." I find people do this in general with everything. Even catch myself : ) Hopefully as Martial...
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    So just how many techniques does your hapkido program have anyway?

    "Unless, you are just counting variations on a theme and are essentially the same technique with a minor move added or deleted." Thats probably the real discussion. And then as stated above it becomes why claim more or less blah blah blah. Its about flow and transition and variants to all...
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    Korean Karate?

    I just had a Coke with wait it was an RC Cola. p.s. I have that book too.
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    What are my options?

    "I mean, he was able to get a 4th Dan from a legit organization while showing them absolutely no paperwork, only pure technique on the mat." To most folks this holds a lot more water. In an ideal world the skills say it all. Its nice to get official certs if you want to teach later and it...
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    "Hapkido, Traditions, Philosophy, Techniques" by Marc Tedeschi

    As far as i know the Hapkido Bible or Hapkido I was the first book.
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    Father of Hapkido - GM Choi - video

    "I've always been told that GM Ji Han-Jae is the founder of Hapkido... I don't mean to poke a stick at a hornet's nest, but - without getting involved in the argument - what is the controversy there? " This is his teacher.
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    "Hapkido, Traditions, Philosophy, Techniques" by Marc Tedeschi

    Glenn, I think you also knew my first teacher Dr. Cha Sok Park.
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    "Hapkido, Traditions, Philosophy, Techniques" by Marc Tedeschi

    "How much of this is Han Mu Do and how much is Hapkido?" Its HAPKIDO!
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    Observations on Hapkido

    In October I went to see Kim Nam Jae our founder of the Kyung Mu Kwan. Yes, he would unbalance folks and leave them flying with such minimal effort. He is no big man either. It was VERY IMPRESSIVE!!
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    "Hapkido, Traditions, Philosophy, Techniques" by Marc Tedeschi

    "Would you advise getting both of Dr. Kimm's books, Hapkido I and Hapkido II or just Hapkido II. I have read they have essentially the same information with Hapkido II being the updated version." Why do you believe they should be read in the order of Kimm, Myung then Tedeschi, rather than a...
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    "Hapkido, Traditions, Philosophy, Techniques" by Marc Tedeschi

    Back in the mid to late 90s. At that time Bernadette and Gary Tong trained on the floor with me. One of his students from way back Phil Helmer (LEO) brought me to him. Also Kurt Graham who was teaching the sticks and coming back and forth with GM Presas and hosting seminars there. Master...
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    Cultural and Generational Gaps

    I get this and I get where this comes from. I too have probably made remarks about the 2000 year old story that came across wrong. It can perpetuate this air of disrespect versus the honor I believe is due and helps carry our tradition. In my case I believe some tough folks made an art much...
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    New Dobok?

    Mooto! By the way..Congrats!!!
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    "Hapkido, Traditions, Philosophy, Techniques" by Marc Tedeschi

    "Never heard of that book, and I don't know anything about the author." After Dr. Kimm and Myungs books it is considered a must have. Mark studied under my old teacher Master Merrill Jung in San Francisco. I know he had a lot of input on these books as they were made. Master Jung helped...
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    Evolution in taekwondo

    "fabricated history" Oh Come on. I love and respect my seniors too. And I totally get a people who suffered and held great pride and why they would want to give greater truth to some truths. But lets cut the crap. From the Kukkiwon to every school out there the magical 2000 plus history with...
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    Evolution in taekwondo Just go here and you can find them easily.
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    Why do you come to the Hapkido Forum?

    "things in a very Hapkido way." My primary art is HKD. I started both arts at 18 years old. leaned heavier to TKD for a few years as my teachers were the Old Style. Very Hard. In the end I gravitated back to mainly Hapkido. Now at 46 the Grandmaster I help out with who is Kukkiwon 9th Dan...
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    Why do you come to the Hapkido Forum?

    I also think that the hardcore practitioners see things in a very Hapkido way. many of us do things differently yet the same. Not good or bad just different. Most of the discussions go more philosophical or tend to be among closed circles. Between facebook and 1 or 2 other places it just makes...
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    WTF - Kukkiwon Certificates

    Yikes, I would have to remember when that was but off the top of my head it looks close. I think the Teacher did order it right away. He just holds them. More impressive is that going direct with the Kukkiwon and by snail mail both ways I had documents in hand after 2 weeks. If anyone is having...