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  1. chain punch

    The Enigma DVD by Paul Vunak

    Tenzen, a supercilious attitude to wc over other arts is needless. As you know it is the man that makes the system not the system that makes the man. The best (only) street fighter I know is a grappler by martial arts choice: BJJ and submission wrestling. Yet in the street he has never gone...
  2. chain punch

    The Enigma DVD by Paul Vunak

    The real secret of course is that there is no secret formula. Only what works. To discover that is to have been in those situations many many times. Thankfully I have not but do have the benefit of others. Primarily my own teacher (Martin Workman) with whom I train every week and other...
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    Pre-emptive force vs a relaxed state

    Now I agree
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    Pre-emptive force vs a relaxed state

    I suggest cultivating a strong body and strong lungs as this will help you survive better in combat than chi. 3 years in BJJ taught me that physical conditioning is key as stamina can disappear very, very quickly when fighting. Spend your precious time being fitter and stronger than the...
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    Is there a grading system in Wing Chun?

    Which is why I believe it to be a very personal matter. For many years I trained in systems that had no grading (Tai Chi Chuan, Systema, Harimau Silat), some that had rather hazy grading boundaries (BJJ) some with very clear grading parameters (Lau Gar kung fu, Hocks CQC). My own feeling over...
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    Lone wing chun practitioners need help!!!

    I really enjoyed the depth to your answers and long may healthy disagreement continue on this forum. I am assuming his motives for learning wing chun are to protect himself as they are mine. Him doing the first form and us lot analysing it will not protect him when it all kicks off. That...
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    Lone wing chun practitioners need help!!!

    And if he did that he would deserve the beating he would receive. As would any of us going out on to the streets to test our skills. Surely the best form of self defence is not being in a situation in the first place. Stay away from ********s and rough places, get a cab home early to avoid...
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    Lone wing chun practitioners need help!!!

    I think it is a good idea. We are not messing with his life. That statement is an exaggeration. Was it not Yang Lu Chan who leant taichi by initially spying on a master? Z, worry not about reputations, they are not important. Who cares what others think of wing chun? No one owns wing...
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    Is there a grading system in Wing Chun?

    Perhaps it depends on your needs as an individual. Learning forms is martial arts not match fighting or self defense. It is vital we are clear in our own minds what it is we are training for and therefore our training should reflect this. Forms do interest and I appreciate them from study...
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    Is there a grading system in Wing Chun?

    Like others here, the academy I train at has a grading system but it is no way commercial. Gradings happen once a year, you only take it if you are ready and costs 瞿10. We do not even get certificates! Thank God. The evidence of my skill is in me not on a piece of paper or according to a...
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    Lone wing chun practitioners need help!!!

    Boys give this guy a break. He is passionate and wants to learn. Stop with all this elitist talk about the complexity of wing chun, analogies brain surgery seem rather tenuous at best. I do not think he wants to learn online. He wants guidance not preaching. Help not criticism. Instead of...
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    And if you watch elite MMA, how many can really stop a takedown and they know it is coming? BJ, Lil Nog, GSP. These 3 do it well consistently and how long have they trained anti-grappling? What we need to appreciate is how knackering it is to stop someone trying to drag you to the floor...
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    Why People Don't Post Here...

    Thankfully allz of my teachers in the martial arts have insisted on first names. Only now we call our instructor sifu on our Facebook group. Not by design but out of respect. I know that we if called him this in class he would probably dismiss us as fools. I too agree with academic...
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    Wing Chun essentials

    Pedro, I am off the opinion that no matter how big the attacker is, he has a chin and therefore can be knocked out. If your punch is hard enough and quick enough so that it lands without warning then you maximise your chance of knocking your attacker out without them even throwing a punch. But...
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    Wing Chun essentials

    Forward balanced aggression and simplicity
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    100% _ing _un!

    I agree about meditating away fear. It is my hope that fear is present in your training and must be an integral part of your training. If we are to be training in wing chun, we must distinguish between what we are doing and be clear. Are we studying a martial art, self defence or match...
  17. chain punch

    WT dropouts

    Any one on here trained with KK? A training partner of mine's instructor trained with him several years back and said his skill was very impressive. So much so he had been given the moniker 'Ghost' in relation to attacking air and his high levels of sensitivity.
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    WT dropouts

    I guess the problem is supply and demand. If people are still daft enough to pay the high prices then LT/KK et al will continue to charge silly prices. For them it is no longer about student or self development and improvement but building a financial legacy. Perhaps you are all right that...
  19. chain punch

    Erle passes away

    It is old news now but I have only just found out. 26th Jan 2011 he passed away aged 62. Belated condolences to the family. I trained with him several times in the late 90's and had nothing but a great time. Paul
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    Wing Chun and fat sifus!

    For sore shoulders, check out Scott Sonnon's warrior wellness. I use it as a warm up. It is all about increasing the range of motion in the joints. Regarding fat teachers. Why would I want to learn a martial art or self defense from a man who can't control his addiction to food? Is...
  21. chain punch

    What's the time you invest in improving your footwork?

    Like Yak, not enough. At least we are aware of it. I too sneak in some incidental training such as waiting for the milk in the microwave to ping before feeding the kids. 40 seconds of chaos. My wife thinks I am a little strange...
  22. chain punch

    Wing Chun and BJJ

    Something we as 'stand up' fighters must recognise and thus learn from arts such as BJJ, catch, Judo etc is letting go of the notion of a guard and space between you and another you fight to keep and protect. On the deck you do not want to give them any space to move. If they have space they...
  23. chain punch

    When the Opponent Covers Up.

    Apologies for pressing the matter but does the reaction of the opponent determine whether the technique works? Also would you need to be consistent in it's use or is a one off OK? Further apologies for not understanding you point about defence, could give more detail and thus clarity. I is...
  24. chain punch

    When the Opponent Covers Up.

    This is a most interesting debate. Without the use of video to support the claims of what works against a boxer, my question is what do you mean by it works? It penetrated his defence and he backed away? He stopped fighting? It made contact, he acknowledged it and you continued to spar/fight...
  25. chain punch

    Erle Montaigue downloads?

    Does anyone have a copy of the long form pdf they would be willing to forward me? I ask as I am in the process of re-learning the long form I learnt back in 98 and I am a little rusty in parts...
  26. chain punch

    New BJJ classes

    If you get the chance, jump in with both feet first. I trained for 2 1/2 years in BJJ at novaforca in Epsom and it is a wonderful art. There is something very humbling about fighting on the floor and feeling like you have no where to go. I wear my cauliflowering ear with pride
  27. chain punch

    What keeps you going?

    Number 2 applies to me. I like to think that I am a very ordinary member of my class but I want to train hard to become extraordinary. Aim for the stars and all of that. I like to grow through the difficulty of training. In my mind I am better than I am in reality so training at the class...
  28. chain punch

    When the Opponent Covers Up.

    couple of hook palm strikes to his ears, take the clinch and introduce him to your knees.
  29. chain punch

    How would you defend against a hook?

    Go into his centre
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    HK Ving Tsun Full Contact Competition

    Echoing the words from other posts, well done for getting in there. Video will help a great amount, I used it my PE lessons at school and this it the most significant tool in accelerating learning (coupled with talking about the video). This is something my club is beginning to do; putting on...