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    Is Toad style still in existence?

    I remember reading about a toad style and a bat style in this novel: "The Wandering Taoist" by Deng Ming-Dao. Is it based on real knowledge? I have no idea.
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    Bag filling............

    Try filling it with rags to begin with. Depending on the thickness of the canvas and on the canvas treatment, sand might not even be an option for you, as you might find yourself with a puffing dust bag... One last remark, if the canvas is not waxed/'rubberized', then it is black because your...
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    A "hypothetical" question for anyone

    Talent should not be smothered by procedures and limited by standards. It shall be cultivated and pushed to another level. I hope that he did do the test. Talent should be coached and freely explored. All he needs is a strong hand that he trusts will guide him where he needs to be. Hopefully...
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    I can't touch my toes

    Stretch on a regular basis. And be patient. You should notice improvements after about 2 months if you stretch 3 times per week.
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    Walk in challenges.

    A friend of mine once accepted a visitor's challenge but he put one condition... To test the guy first. Just to make sure that he was strong enough... He explained to the guy that, because of the laws, he could not hurt him too much, so he had to make sure the fight was fair. My friend asked the...
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    Walk in challenges.

    There has been suspicious visitors where i used to train: loners and groups. If i was leading the class and i felt there would potentially be a problem, i would change the course program instantly and switch to the exercises best executed by the class students: strength wise and synchronization...
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    Is there a suggested MA for those with limited exercising ability?

    I agree with Kacey, find an instructor who is willing to work with you, knowing your condition, in whatever is the MA you choose. Nevertheless, i would advise you to look for a MA practice that is to some degree 'preoccupied with health'.
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    Walk in challenges.

    Your reply and the waiver were an excellent way to handle this. Your reaction was very professional and responsible. Congratulations. Expect this kind of visits to happen... Be ready for the first hit because you are responsible for the safety of the students (practice over and over again...
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    Responsibility of a Martial Artist

    'Step in if you can do something about the situation. Do not get involved if there is nothing that you can do.' is something that i read in a buddhist book not too long ago. It takes lots of humility and a good knowledge of your own abilities... This changed my attitude on 'how to step in'...
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    chisao giggles

    When i was teaching, if the class was too tense, too serious, too aggressive, then i would move from one student to the next and make them smile, sometimes giggle, so they would relax a bit. If the class was too giggly, then i would put on a stern face and would practice with few students very...
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    Visiting a Dojo...kamiza/kamidana gift?

    If the 'thing' that you are offering is simply cute to you and you have the best intentions... well that means that you are a nice person and thanks for the nice thought. However it also means you are also not knowledgeable in protocole, culture, traditions, ceremonies. The gift should...
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    Visiting a Dojo...kamiza/kamidana gift?

    Appropriate. The gift depends on the impression you want to make and your intent. If it is just a courtesy, something very simple would do. Trained in chinese, vietnames MAs, i would bring fruits or flowers in a basket. You can never be too polite.
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    Eye contact

    The unfocus allows you to perceive what is coming up. But when it's there, there is a bridge between you and your opponent. Physical contact instantly gives in lots of information about your opponent. For example: where your opponent is, if s/he is open, if s/he is grounded, if s/he is tired...
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    Hard decision

    Taking a step back (or forward :p) and trying new things will at the very least give you a new perspective on your experience and accomplishments. I bet that you will realize that you are much farther on the path that you thought you were, and that your understanding of the art is much deeper...
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    Eye contact

    I totally agree with Wolfeyes2323. And i am really glad that he mentioned the 'unfocus' thing. It is really important. You cannot trust what you see though. In WC, i have learnt to make contact. Once i have contact i am much safer, because i know where my adversary is and i can anticipate what...
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    Linking Martial Arts..........

    Many martial arts already have a religious foundation. Some do very well without. Why would you want to change that? Finding, following and understanding a MA path is difficult enough. I would not mix it up, dilute it, blur it with an religion alien to the art.
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    Linking Martial Arts..........

    I have nothing against New Cuisine, but mixing fries in miso soup does not sound such a good idea... One can always argue that, all in all, it is food all the same and it is edible and it will feed you but... honestly does it make sense and does it taste good? My perspective on this is that you...
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    Sticky Legs!!

    I have practiced 'sticky legs' with the same perspective than Si-Je and Mystic Wolf, however nothing like the youtube videos. Maybe that it is just another training level... I have practiced all kinds of 'sticky legs' exercices: to improve blocking legs, to improve my balance, to feel the...
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    Is once a week enough?

    If the majority of the class is in the same situation, then he is fine for now. If not then he will compare the progress he makes with the progress that the kids who go twice a week make. Unless he is talented, soon enough there will be a gap. He will be the 'slow' guy, the one not really into...
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    Women in Wing Chun

    I'm a woman. I started kungfu awhile ago, simply because i wanted to experiment 'something/whatever' chinese. It had to have a really 'asian' flavor, meaning be as much traditional as possible. My knowledge of martial arts then was limited to the TV show 'kung fu' with David Caradeen... I had...
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    chisao relaxing the arms

    Glue to your partner and relax to feeeeeel the flow. There is too much tension if: - the circles look more like rectangles than circles - the flow is often interrupted (just to give you a couple of reference points)
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    It is a combination of both. And it mostly depends on your practice level. At the beginning, i was told this form is 'hard' and this form is 'soft' in general terms. So i would practice 'hard' everything in a 'hard' form, and everything 'soft' in a 'soft' form. But then after few years, i...
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    If attacked, should you finish the job? Why or why not?

    BTW, Lynne, consider not wearing any visible sign that you practice MA if you want to avoid a fight. Plus, you should give yourself the advantage of surprise if fighting can not be avoided.
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    If attacked, should you finish the job? Why or why not?

    If your response is disproportionate with the attack, you can be charged for assault. Technically, you have to use the necessary force to get out of trouble and nothing else. Easier said than done for sure. Note that I have been told by police that if you are a black belt or a higher level (or...
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    A Different Perspective

    I practiced Wing Chun kung fu for more than 10 years. And I decided that i was through with how the guys were brutality training, putting emphasis on strength. After all, it is a style founded by a woman... So, recently i attended a Ta簿 Chi class. Same basics, same culture. Postures and...
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    Not ready for this

    Talk to your instructor and go through what s/he thinks are your strenghts and your weaknesses (not necessarily the same than the ones you perceive). Work out what s/he asks you to. Maybe that there is a huge difference between what you expect from a black belt and what is expected of a...
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    Energy work

    Where i used to train, the first use of energy is to build a natural protection belt. Beginners start energy exercises from day one of their training. They don't know it until few months later. One of the first things that we teach is breathing using the diaphragm for a full breath. This type of...
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    Disciplining Kids

    DavidCC said: For kids (5 to 12), my experience is that if you act differently for the same mistake, then the misbehaviors will continue just because kids need to find out what the limits are. Establish the limits and keep them clear make things really simpler. For teenagers (12 to 18)...
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    Disciplining Kids

    My 2 cents: 1- Do not discipline when you are angry, annoyed, blablabla, especially when you are teaching. Be in control of your emotions. Act emotions, especially for kids, so that they are very clear to them. Seriousness, Deception, Anger, Firmness. 2- Give a warning to give a chance to the...
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    The new contracts?

    Where i used to train, the policy was to ask for a 3 month payment (less expensive than paying one month at a time) for new subscriptions. The idea was to have the new student to commit to staying at least 3 months, a period long enough to show him basics and to notice physical and health...