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    Martial Arts & Japan Travel Tips

    I recently launched my first eBook! I wanted to share my Japan travel experiences in an eBook, which focuses mostly on my martial arts adventures in Japan and extensive research on the martial arts in Japan. It is a story within an effective travel guide. It is now available on the Amazon...
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    Martial Arts and the Future

    Check out this modern-day "Iron-Man" exoskeleton suit on this link below on CNN. It magnifies the person's strength 17 times. In the future exoskeletons maybe worn by soldiers in wartime. How will this affect the...
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    Wing Chun and Weightlifting

    I’ve heard from some Wing Chun instructors that weightlifting is not necessary if you train Wing Chun and bigger muscles may hinder your progress in the system. I know a lot of other martial arts instructors advocate weightlifting to supplement your martial arts training. I enjoy...
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    Wing Chun and MMA

    Ive been grappling for many years and wanted to share some experiences. I was grappling a very high level striker and grappler. He was just about to choke me out from behind, when I accidently poked him in the eye. Of all the years I grappled that was the first time that happened. This...
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    Ip Man Movie

    For those that haven't heard about this movie on Ip Man, check out this link below:
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    Favorite MA Quote

    I recently heard the quote below and liked it a lot. "Everybody's got plans... until they get hit." Mike Tyson There are countless MA quotes that I admire. Martial artists out there, please let me know your favorite martial arts quotes. Thanks!
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    Sumo Takedowns

    I've tried to integrate some sumo takedowns into my grappling repertoire. I really like to sumo takedown "soto muso". It seems to work well for me when I've practiced it. Grapplers let me know what you think of these sumo moves on the below link. Have you tried any of them and how do they work...
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    Wing Chun Chin Na (grappling)

    I've seen some Wing Chun Chin Na done before but rarely. Chin Na being grappling techniques (mostly aikido-like, rarely judo or BJJ-like) Standing grappling like wrist, elbow and shoulder locks. From what I've seen, Wing Chun is primarily a striking art. I've seen a lot of grappling from Wing...
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    Japan Times Online for current Japan news

    Check out this link to the Japan Times online. This newspaper is one of the most popular English newspapers in Japan. If you want to know the current news in Japan in English this is the place to go. This newspaper is published online daily.