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  1. Windsinger

    MA in the modern day

    Okay, before I start here, let me say this: Miles, if I took your comment out of context (no pun intended), my apologies. Now, then, this comment came up in another thread, in order to avoid the thread drift Miles mentions, I thought I'd put this up in a new thread. Reading this (speficially...
  2. Windsinger

    The Legacy and The Legacy Continues DVDs

    I was taking a look at these CD-ROM and DVD sets at (or some place else, if I can find them cheaper). I was wondering if anyone owns or has watched these sets, and if you could tell me if they're any good? From what little I know of them, I think they would be a great resource to have...
  3. Windsinger

    Yellow Belt Testing

    Well, I get the joy of testing for my yellow belt tomorrow. Two months behind schedule, thanks to work. :) But I'm pretty confident. The only thing I'm not 100% certain on is my self-defense techniques, but I'm about 80% certain I have it down. Wish me luck, all! (We'll just ignore the fact...
  4. Windsinger

    Striking and Dominant Side

    Two weeks ago, I was in my TKD class, and we were practicing a variety of hand strikes (straight punches, ridgehand strikes, upper-cuts, etc). Our sabum nim was walking through the class with a striking pad on his hand, stopping in front of students and getting them to strike the pad as we...
  5. Windsinger

    My New Yellow Belt

    My little boy tested for his yellow belt on Saturday. Last night, or Sabum Nym awarded it to him. He's pleased as punch, especially since I have to start calling him "Sir" again. ;)
  6. Windsinger

    Punching bag

    Let me start off first by saying that if this has already been covered, my apologies. I searched, but didn't come up with anything (although it could be just bad use of keywords). Anyhow, here's what I would like to know: I started TKD a few months ago, and am looking at picking up a punching...
  7. Windsinger

    Testing & Nerves

    Well, I tested for my yellow stripe today. I was fine right up until I stepped into the dojang. Then the nerves hit. I always get nervous about tests, especially physical tests. Probably a hold-over from my high school days when I didn't give a rat's hind-quarters about phys ed. I think I did...
  8. Windsinger

    Kicks In Competition

    Just a question for anyone who has fought in TKD tournaments. I'm hoping to get into some competitions once I've got a few more techniques under my belt (no pun intended). I've been watching quite a few videos of TKD fights, from youth bouts up to Olympic matches. Watching one match, I had a...
  9. Windsinger

    Korean Language, English Spelling

    I have been accused (on more than one occasion, and more than one forum) of being a bit of a Grammar Nazi. It stems from the fact that I am an avid reader, and, at one time, wanted to be an English teacher. Of course, I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination (I still have trouble with...
  10. Windsinger

    Reminders and goals

    I went to an extra class for TKD last night, due to the fact that tonights class ends 15 minutes after I get off work. In the 3 months I've been at this, last night was, by far, the hardest. 1 1/4 hours of kicking drills, with 30 seconds between for our Sa Bum Nim, Mr. O, to show us what we were...
  11. Windsinger

    Ever used what you know?

    I'm just curious if anyone here has ever had to use TKD to defend themselves? I admit, part of this question comes from being tired of seeing people claiming TKD isn't usable in a real situation. I've seen comments ranging from "TKD kicks are all flash" to "TKD strikes are useless at close...
  12. Windsinger

    2008 Beijing Olympics

    (I look to see if there was already a thread about this, but didn't find anything. If I missed it, my apologies.) Hey, all. I'm just curious how many people are planning on watching the TKD competitions at the 2008 Olympics. It seems to me (and I could be wrong) that WTF TKD isn't very popular...
  13. Windsinger

    Sparring Etiquette

    Hello, all. While snooping through the infamous YouTube for video of TKD competitions (both pattern and sparring), I came across a video () of, I believe, a TKD practitioner vs (I'm guessing from his attire) a kick boxer. There is some debate among people on the site as to whether or not the...
  14. Windsinger

    Question: Kukkiwon?

    I'm sure this is mentioned somewhere already, but for the life of me, I can't find it. (A 12-hour brain-drainer of a shift will do that, I guess. :)) I've seen references on the site to the Kukkiwon. I'm curious what that is. From what I gather, it's an organization like the WTF and ITF. Is it...
  15. Windsinger

    Movie Title Help, Please

    Hey, all. I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I just finished watching The Kid With The Golden Arm, and was reminded of another movie from that era that I would love to find again. However, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I can't remember the name of the movie, and all I can remember from it is...
  16. Windsinger

    Hello, all.

    Just registered on the boards, and I thought I'd say hi. I am a white belt in Tae Kwon Do, and am thoroughly enjoying it. My son has been in it for about 8 months, and I decided it was time for me to get involved, too. Not really sure what else to say. :) Any questions? Feel free to ask! Have...