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  1. marvelous65

    Washing Headgear

    Is it ok to wash most boxing headgear?
  2. marvelous65

    Clinch Fight

    What are good martial arts to study for someone who wants to be good at fighting in the clinch?
  3. marvelous65

    Other Arts

    Hi Folks, I was an art critic for a magazine for a while and in working on the column I interviewed many artists on their creative process. Many of them looked to their creativity as a means to cultivate a relationship to the divine - to cultivate spirituality. How does creativity work into...
  4. marvelous65

    How to be Self-taught?

    Hi Folks, I've decided I want to take on martial arts as a learning project. I'm not looking to be a tournament level martial artist; and I do not feel that self-defense is a major concern - I live in a very safe, rural, community. So the idea of studying martial arts is purely for...
  5. marvelous65

    Solo Training

    Hi Folks, Is there any good parry drills which can be trained solo?