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    Is this Tai Chi or Jow Ga?

    I've had some experiences in which, while doing something repetitive at work, I realized I was using variations of postures from Tai Chi Chuan. Once using grasp the bird's tail to throw logs down a mountain, once waving the hands like clouds while washing dishes in a three hole sink. I'm sure...
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    Personal Observation - Books about Taijiquan

    Both my Sifu and his Sifu are in Nei Jia Quan by Jess O'Brien (Paul Gale and James Wing Woo). I thought it was really interesting to see the way each person interviewed approached (explained, presented, etc.) their style. Apparently Sifu Woo had a lot to do with Ed Parker's book Secrets of...
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    Pain in training

    Pain is your body telling you something is wrong, stop! Discomfort is good, and I think should gradually change through training.
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    What does it mean to be a Master of something?

    I like to think that mastery is a pursuit, not a destination. It is a path that doesn't end until you die. My sifu and his used to say only dead people deserve to be called master. Kind of an extreme view, but I don't think it's without merit. I've only had one experience with a person who...
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    Dislocated Shoulder Recovery Time

    The first week or so was pretty brutal when I messed mine up. I had my left hand in a splint and stitches after a surgery, then (partly because of my immobilized left hand) dislocated the right shoulder during a moment of car trouble. Couldn't use the left hand for anything, and basically...
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    Dislocated Shoulder Recovery Time

    Right shoulder dislocated, left acromioclavicular separation. Both are always a little weird. Right shoulder took a week or so to get it working again on my own, I think it hurt pretty bad for another week or so after that. It occasionally gives me trouble, but nothing like the first time. A...
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    Martial myths

    I like some of the legends. And I've seen some strange things in the gym. Otherworldly. I know my Sifu could knock a point on my sternum that would leave me crying, and could do it consistently enough to have used it in a fight once. But that's a different thing, and just one thing. Legends are...
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    Most famous people ever met or seen

    Had chai with Narendra Modi while he was campaigning for prime minister, didn't even know it! My Sifu was the body of Gandalf in the Bakshi Lord of the rings, as well as some of the orcs. Crossed paths with Todd Rundgren and Willie Nelson while I was in Austin. Unknowingly snubbed a black crow...
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    Last Person #5

    Wow. What interesting times.
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    Martial arts shouldn't take years to learn.

    I think, Master is a pursuit, not a destination. It is always ongoing. And it can take a lot of time, and that's really pretty reasonable. You just can't rush some things. A person might learn how to do something in an hour. Doesn't mean they can do it well. That takes time. Takes more time to...
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    Taichi makes my feet, ankles and calves hurt.

    Everyday is leg day in tai chi chuan! Listen to your body. Think about how you're using your feet, ankles, legs. Figure out why they hurt and fix it. And watch your knees! If you start by fixing your feet its perfect. That's exactly where you start. If all movement in tai chi chuan comes from...
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    Standing, bones and breath

    And I'm really not interested in learning it. There is someone around who knows it, and is trying to teach it, but he's not much of a teacher.
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    Standing, bones and breath

    I have mixed feelings about push hands and very little knowledge or experience with it. It was never taught where I train and there was a reason for that, although we do have some paired exercises similar to it. I don't know it and have no way to learn it. So I can't really pursue it.
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    Standing, bones and breath

    And thanks to all for the many great replies.
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    Standing, bones and breath

    Honestly not concerned about power generation at the moment. That just is what it is. And my sifu never sold me anything, he gave me things. He talked about what happened when he told sifu Woo he was thinking about teaching. Sifu Woo made him stand there until he told him to move again, and then...
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    Standing, bones and breath

    Also, bitter. Eating bitter. Of the most unbelievable kind. On so many levels its just ridiculous. You just don't even want to know. With myself, its no problem. I have been dealing with all that for as long as a 30 year old can call a long time. The gym I train at might have to close. The other...
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    Standing, bones and breath

    Some breakthroughs happened really fast, honestly. Doesn't mean I've attained any sort of mastery of whatever thing, just finding it, knowing it's there and being unable to allow myself to go back to the old say voluntarily because of it. Last winter I started this and did it briefly, at least...
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    Standing, bones and breath

    Lots of replies. I'll have to respond in pieces. Standing in wuji, mostly. And I do have to move. Standing is not moving and moving is not standing, but if I can't move correctly then I might as well not be moving at all, and if I can't stand correctly, I'm far less likely to move correctly...
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    Standing, bones and breath

    So I've been standing in training for the last few months. Just standing. Occasionally moving just a little bit, but mostly just standing there. Staring at the white wall. Now it feels completely different. I'm starting to feel my bones. Starting to feel the space between them. Feeling my breath...
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    Last Person Thread #4

    My dumb phone is pretty much there. The smrt one was a freebie.
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    Last Person Thread #4

    Smart phones are so weird. I've been avoiding them this whole time. Now have one. Terribly convenient but just crazy.
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    Some random thoughts.

    6 punch combination? 10? I feel like it was a 10punch but I only saw it a couple of times. Turns out it was a ten punch combination. What if, when I hold my fingertips to my dan tien to engage my back, I pushon the dan tien with open palms? Hold the sides of the ball? The mirror of heaven...
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    more old news...

    9/24/15 Continuing to practice standing. Am using the iron rings during training as well. Today I held all 20 rings for half an hour, and ten for an additional half hour. Began trying to do the first movements of the form very, very slowly today. 100 seconds per posture but moving the whole...
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    Blog: Elbowgrease

    Blog: Elbowgrease
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    I've randomly kept journals throughout my life. Pretty erratic. There are often big gaps between dates, and I usually end up destroying them. Right now I'm thinking maybe I'll keep my ongoing attempts at keeping a martial arts journal here. The first few are going to be back dated. And there...
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    Hello from NorCal

    Thanks to all.
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    Hmm.... Its basically the same thing

    Someone used to say to me, sitting meditation is great, but eventually you have to get up and move. I've been doing a lot of "just standing" lately myself.
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    Drunken fist

    Fair enough. And I do appreciate your input.
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    Hello from NorCal

    A brief update, in case anyone wants to know. So, Went down to Florida for a few months. Stayed with my mom. Put my T'ai Chi and Gongfu to use in a restaurant dishroom. Bought another vehicle and drove back here to Northern California. Really can't handle Florida. Didn't spent a lot of time...