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  1. jeff_hasbrouck

    Merry Christmas!

    Hey Folks, Have a happy and safe holiday season! Remember to take extra time when driving and be especially attentive when on the road. Even if it looks fine, ice or other hazards may lay hidden underneath the snow. Please take extra precaution and enjoy this holiday season with your loved...
  2. jeff_hasbrouck

    Why WT/WC does NOT work in the RING!

    Ok folks, I haven't seen this topic broached in the fashion that I'm about to. But I implore you to listen to this. Rule #1 of fighting in the ring: There ARE rules- So we are used to being able to strike with whatever works. Punches, kicks, palms, elbows, shoulder etc. and we are striking at...
  3. jeff_hasbrouck

    Great vid

    I think this guy has many many good points... Concepts and theories making your wingtsun. Not the techniques making it... This guy is like the older version of me... just not as good looking :) lol. Anyways, I hope ya'll enjoy this...
  4. jeff_hasbrouck

    Roots and Branches of Wing Tsun - By Dr. Leung Ting

    There is a book out there, when I bought it, it was like 50 bucks. It goes over all the people still in china teaching and developing Wing Tsun/Chun. Leung Ting runs around china and gets other lineages to show them what they know. He has recorded in photoraphs other people doing their...
  5. jeff_hasbrouck

    Missouri Wing Chun?

    Looking for people or places. I've done quit the internet search; Yeilding nill results of actual Wing Chun. A few MMA places that lists WC as "one of their styles". Any info would be apperciated. Thanks yall.
  6. jeff_hasbrouck

    How To: Wing Chun

    Hey there folks; I see too many video's out there with too much flash and awe and not enough actual knowledge being transferred. So I was browsing through facebook and Sifu Alex said a while ago he was going to post some short vids on WT techniques possibly w/ a little history and theory. Well...
  7. jeff_hasbrouck

    WT Ranking/Comparative Skill

    Ok I see many questions on the ranking structure of WT/WC/VT/VC... So to start us out, not only saying what the ranking structure is; I'll also explain a bit about the application (techniques) of the rank. Keep in mind this is coming from the Leung Ting system. Student Grade 1-4 You learn Siu...
  8. jeff_hasbrouck

    Just a little Gem I found (Video)

    So here is just a video I found while randomly searching chi-sau. I don't know what lineage this is, and personally I would rather keep that ***** out of this thread. Lets just look and enjoy for what it is. All the best, Jeff
  9. jeff_hasbrouck

    WT/Wing Chun Western Washington

    Ok folks, I would really enjoy some leads on anyone who knows or is interested in Wing Chun in Western Washington State (West Olympia Area). I've been searching and searching for trainging/sparring partners... Honestly I don't know where else to look. I've checked on facebook, craigslist...
  10. jeff_hasbrouck

    Shawn Obasi & Emin Boztepe friendly Chi-sau

    These are a couple of vids I'm pulling off my buddies Sifu Alex Wallenwein's Wing Tsun FB page. Has Mr. Obasi Rolling with Emin, Randy Williams and Sam Kwok. - Obasi & Sifu Boztepe - Obasi & Sifu Kwok - Obasi & Sifu Williams A lot of people talk big-time smack about Obasi, which I hope...
  11. jeff_hasbrouck

    Just a good video I found on youtube.

    So this feller is pretty darn good in my opinion. He is sticking to the centerline like a beast, he is always going forward and he is actually doing chi-sau instead of beating up his student lol. I just figured this was worth posting! Comment if you like, but most of all enjoy the show :) All...
  12. jeff_hasbrouck

    Western Washington (State) Wing Chun/Tsun

    Ok folks, I would really enjoy some leads on anyone who knows or is interested in Wing Chun. I've been searching and searching for trainging/sparring partners... Honestly I don't know where else to look. I've checked on facebook, craigslist, and a list of other generic sites that...
  13. jeff_hasbrouck

    Full Contact Wing Tsun/Chun Video's.

    So there is a fella who posts these on youtube, and they are epic... I'll upload 2 for ya'll to see on here. Enjoy!
  14. jeff_hasbrouck

    Grappling and Wing Tsun.

    Okay, so I've been doing WT just shy of a decade, but I've been wrestling for 20 years. I've noticed more and more that many WT/WC guys and gals just do not care about or understand ground/fighting or grappling. So my question is, what are you doing to make up for this? Are you cross-training...
  15. jeff_hasbrouck

    Thank you for the warm welcome!

    Ya know folks, I kinda just jumped into the the forums after reading a few and never really introduced myself: My names Jeff Hasbrouck. I am a 25 year old Wing Tsun practitioner currently living in Washington State. I have trained in/with many differnt martial arts styles throught 20 years of...
  16. jeff_hasbrouck

    Wing Tsun (Chun) footwork, how big of a role does it play in your training/fighting?

    Footwork is really just a secondary thing to most Wing Tsun folks out there nowadays. I see so many people not taking into account stance training, and footwork drills that will help enable all the theories and guiding principles to work. What do you do to incorporate footwork into your...
  17. jeff_hasbrouck

    Chi-sau Vs. Lat Sau- What is your opinion?

    Hiya there folks! I've been doing Wing Tsun for 9 Years. I've had the opprotunity to train with a different WT, WC, VC, VT guys throughout my few short years in the art. I've noticed that if you get down to it, many people focus on different aspects of training. Some people it seems ONLY do...
  18. jeff_hasbrouck

    Looking for WC/WT or Sparring Partners in Western Washington (Grays Harbor)

    Hey ya'll. I've been practicing Wing Tsun for 9 years (Leung Ting System). I obtained my instructor degree under my first Sifu (William Parker) and after some internal political conflicts, decided that the IWTA was not the place for me. Many of my friends went off to practice with other systems...