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  1. CB Jones

    Sidekick/hook kick/punch combo setup

    Went to a small local tournament yesterday got a great shot at Jacob's setup for one of his attacks. Thought yall might find it interesting. With this setup he will throw either a sidekick, hook kick, or punch combo. First...Starting out of range. He will take a step toward the inside of his...
  2. CB Jones

    Josh Quayhagen Interview

    Good interview with Quay before his Karate Combat title defense. Quay's interview before fight
  3. CB Jones

    Adopt a cop BJJ program

    Every so often a thread comes around about police tactics and many point out that police should be trained in BJJ. I came across this today. Adopt A Cop BJJ So any LEO out there interested in learning bjj or any of yall that want to help pay for police to have bjj training might find this...
  4. CB Jones

    Hyabusa gloves reviews

    Anyone have experience with Hyabusa sparring gloves? Quality, feel, durability, etc...? We are looking at getting a pair of these for Jacob....7 oz Hyabusa T3 Kanpeki hybrid gloves
  5. CB Jones

    Joshua Jones

    On March 1, 2020, Joshua lost his fight. He was born February 29, 2000 and due to complications during birth, he went 13 minutes without oxygen which caused a severe case of cerebral palsy. Doctors gave him a 50/50 chance of surviving the night, but he was born a fighter. All the doctors...
  6. CB Jones

    Video from PKC Championships

    Jacob's Highlights from fighting with his kata and weapons forms at the end. USKA team members highlights @Buka ....sorry about the
  7. CB Jones

    Grand Master Robert Trias

    This year we celebrated GM Robert Trias' life. He passed away 30 years ago. He was a pioneer in Karate in America and regarded as the Father of American Karate. Founded Shuri-Ryu 1st Karate Dojo in the US 1st Karate Association in the US (United States Karate Association) 1st Karate...
  8. CB Jones

    Jacob competing at USKA Nationals

    Had a great weekend with my son competing at the USKA National Championships in Houston. He won 1st in fighting and weapons and placed 2nd in kata. Here is the video...and its music free just for you @Buka ;)
  9. CB Jones

    Bader v Fedor (spoiler alert)

    Bader drops Fedor with one Bader is the first to hold two belts simultaneously in Bellator history. (LHW &HW)
  10. CB Jones

    PFL- Professional Fighter league finals

    watcuing it on NBC.SN So far pretty fights. Interested in seeing Kayla Harrison figjt
  11. CB Jones

    Jacob Jones 2018 Tournament Highlights

    Jacob had a great year competing. He competed in 18 tournaments in Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Indiana winning 1st place in 17 of them and one 2nd place finish. Out of 61 matches this year, he won 60 with only one loss..... (lost in the finals of the last tournament...
  12. CB Jones

    New Bo Form

    Jacob's new Bo form. He came up with it and finally has gotten it cleaned up. He ran it at the State tournament this weekend. Here is the video of and opinions welcomed....also sparring clips and his kata on the video.
  13. CB Jones

    Learning Spanish online

    My son (13 you) wants to learn Spanish so he can speak with his friends from South America next summer at the World Champioship he competes in. We are looking at online sites like Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, +Babbel, and lingoda. Anyone have any experience or recommendations for him.
  14. CB Jones

    Kanku Dai, a fight, and a bo form

    Jake has started running a new tournament kata...Kanku Dai. He has been working on it for a couple months trying to get it ready for our organizations world championships next Month. He really likes it but is a little behind schedule getting it ready for next month. Here he is at a small...
  15. CB Jones

    Karate Combat

    Karate Combat is a new full contact professional karate organization. Bas Rutten is involved in it. Looks pretty cool. Fights - Karate Combat Disclaimer: We have a friend who competes in the same org. as my son who entered it and won his 1st fight by KO. (Josh Quayhagen) Looking forward...
  16. CB Jones

    Tournament Videos

    My oldest son and I play around with putting together videos for his little brother and whoever asks for them. Its a hobby of ours and allows him to be involved. Here is our latest: I thought I might start posting them here for anyone interested. We have a lot of fun putting them together...
  17. CB Jones

    Gun Holster Reviews and opinions

    Bought this Cross breed Mini Tuck IWB holster to try with my Glock 43 yesterday Only friction retention (what I wanted) but it feels good and tight. I feel it shouldnt come out while running or in a scuffle. How high it sits in relation to your waistband is adjustable. I have it set in...
  18. CB Jones

    Jacobs 2017 highlights

    Jacob had a great year winning the USKA World Championship, USKA National Championship, USKA Points Championship, PKC International Championship and numerous local, state, and regional tournaments. He has been working on combinations along with his footwork/movement and I think he is coming...
  19. CB Jones

    UFC 217 In Game Thread

    Beautiful Head kick KO of Corey Anderson by OSP...that was beautiful and nasty all wrapped up together.
  20. CB Jones

    Nunes out for UFC 213

    Nunes has been pulled for undisclosed medical reasons Nunes pulled from UFC 213 hours before fight
  21. CB Jones

    The creation of Jones-itsu-who-hit-u

    So I was sitting in a bar having a drink, when this guy walked in and all of sudden....Bam. He grabbed me and slammed me to the floor. He said my name is Wu Wei and that was my Judo from Japan. Realizing I was overmatched, I quietly left the bar. The next day, I was sitting at the same bar...
  22. CB Jones

    Quotes, Proverbs, and Maxims

    I have always enjoyed reading words of wisdom from people so if you have some you like....Share them.:)
  23. CB Jones

    My son sparring

    Getting ready for nationals this month. We have been busy playing basketball and haven't focused as much on he is a little off. Any critiques or advice is welcome. Already addressed that he is over blitzing and not giving himself room to throw combinations.
  24. CB Jones

    Who here carries concealed and how?

    I carry inside the waistband in the 4-5 o'clock position just above my right rear pocket of my jeans. Really comfortable position that still allows a "fast" draw but also allows you to conceal your draw as well.
  25. CB Jones

    My son's Weapons and Kata

    11 years old