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    What does my body type need?

    I'm sharing a picture of my body. I just want to get into a better shape and I'd be interested in a martial art,maybe boxing? Based on my body is there any martial art which would be better for my bodtype? Plus, I used to be 125kg and nbow i'm 90 so I kinda think my belly is loose and this...
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    Do you see any serious improvement?

    It's 9 months after I started working out. What do you think? Is there a decent improvement?
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    Which martial arts should I take up?

    Last year I decided to get serious with my physique. It was a mix of me wanting to be better at university, wanting to be the better version of me. I took up crossfit and lost 10kgs. I'm in a way better shape (1.83, 95kg). My muscles are kinda grown up too, I'm very excited. However I am...