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  1. Gaucho

    Is it not a good idea to use boxing in a street fight situation do to the risk of breaking bones in

    When Mike "My Brain Is On Fire" Tyson was champ, he got into an argument (of course) in a Manhattan club with one of his competitors. Showing his usual self control, he punched the guy in the head - and broke his hand. The toughest guy in the world, built like a refrigerator, broke his hand...
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    Tang Soo Do: you can go your own way.

    I get the various splits in the world of Tang Soo Do. I found interesting in the wikipdeia entry: """ Hwang Kee and a large constituent of the Moo Duk Kwan continued to develop a version of Tang Soo Do that eventually became what is now known as "Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan". This modified version...
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    Do Shotokan and Goju Ryu competitors fight the same in point tournaments?

    Lager studies tend to go on until way after midnight and make it difficult to train the nest day.
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    1987 to 1990 All Okinawan Karate World Championships

    There is a video of the above: I'm wondering if perhaps someone here has personal knowledge of the goings on there. I am curious if all various Okinawan styles are represented there, or if some are more dominant than others - if such things can be determined. Thanks
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    We don't throw straight rights in street fights.

    I wonder if that would work.
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    Video - Does Judo work for street fights?

    The two deaths were in civilian combat. I know of only one death on the mats, many years ago a well-ranked black belt died in sparring, but I don't track such things. If someone tries to throw and the other person resists, there can result throws which go badly wrong. I don't know that there...
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    Video - Does Judo work for street fights?

    Judo - mat - holding on to throwee = combat jujitsu (more or less), which is what most military forces train in, world-wide. Of course you have to know what you are doing, but being thrown at speed can be devastating. I know of a couple of deaths from that.
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    Martial arts as defense on the streets

    Karate was huge by the late 1970s. Various serious MA had been used by military forces for a long time (100 years?), but karate and the MA thing was a big trendy flash in North America. I recall an interview in some MA magazine, with a serving British military officer of a high enough rank to...
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    Shorinjin Saito-Ryu Ninjitsu

    I should have added that after scaling the castle wall, the ninja person should be sure to launch the flying kick in the right direction.
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    Motivational Song?

    Since you ask: I didn't find it musical enough to think of it as s "song."
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    Shorinjin Saito-Ryu Ninjitsu

    In order for a person to convince me that they were a ninja, the person would have to scale a castle wall in the dark while wearing black tights, back t-shirt, and black balaclava, using no climbing equipment, and then launch a flying kick from the top of the wall. That's a ninja.
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    "Speed" in Japanese and/or Okinawan karate

    JR 137 describes an interesting phenomenon, which is a matter of eye>to>brain coordination, brain speed, and sometimes brain>to>body speed on the way back out. I know a martial artist like that, and he just functions on a different time frame, so to speak. He has trained a lot, but he has...
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    Which style of karate would you consider most “complete”

    I would add that a multiple attack - or any attack which you perceive as extremely dangerous and/or life threatening - narrows your options as to what you throw at the attackers. If a "fight," you probably have limits to your methods, but if you think that you and/or spouse is/are in great...
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    Boxing or American Kickboxing

    Someone who is not quite as skilled in footwork as the very best, but who can knock out a rhino at close range.
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    Shorin Ryu styles, various

    That's interesting too. Here is a video of Shoshin Nagamine and students in 1960, training. (The first 1:55 is intro and images of vegetation.) I think that they look pretty energetic. Some older video is surprisingly disappointing, methinks.
  16. Gaucho

    Decided to switch to Judo

    Judo is excellent IMO. It is a sport, but it takes only a little know-how to turn it into a very hard self defence regime. A skilled judoka is hard to beat. Some judoka specialize a bit in foot-sweeps, a devastating device for competition or self defence.
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    Boxing or American Kickboxing

    I that is so. Boxing gets credit for being the ultimate fighting sport, with some justice, but it is not the same as combat. A top-notch boxing goon could have killed Ali in a fight in a small room. Karate's Joe Lewis was asked who hit him the hardest during his career, he replied: "Leon...
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    boxing legality

    I had to get a Concealed Carry permit so that I could wear mitts in winter.
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    I need help writing a dissertation on the origins of Okinawan Karate

    Yes, that's a great old photograph. Front row, second from the left: a young Bruce Lee. Back row, third from the left, me. .
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    Started adding air kicks...

    My opinion is that chambered kicks may be faster and those from the ground may be stronger. Also, a kick to the groin might be fine from the ground, but to the center of the guts, or higher, use chambered. A ground kick to the upper targets is likely to run into gut and fat on the way to the...
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    Shorin Ryu styles, various

    I found a thread on some old forum which discussed the various flavours of Shorin Ryu. One rather long post in particular went on about Marsubayashi somewhat critically, and that caught my interest. I am going to paste the post here and hope that someone weighs in on the subject. Of course...
  22. Gaucho

    "Speed" in Japanese and/or Okinawan karate

    Speed is always important, but are there some styles which really focus on developing speed in strikes more than other styles do? Thank you.
  23. Gaucho

    Physical strength vs. Judo/Grappling adept

    "A good big guy will always beat a great little guy." Bill Wallace
  24. Gaucho

    better combo with boxing?

    Uppercut. It's a great boxing move against opponents who cover up the other stuff, but is perhaps unnecessary in a self defense situation.
  25. Gaucho

    better combo with boxing?

    Boxing + Judo together cover a lot of territory. In fact, three boxing punches and maybe four or five judo moves would cover most self defence situations if practised seriously.
  26. Gaucho

    Which style of karate would you consider most “complete”

    IMO, any self defence system should be capable of being used without going to the ground. In mugging situations or other situation featuring two or more attackers, grappling only works if the 2nd and 3rd muggers agree to all get down on the ground and grapple with you at the same time...
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    Buying martial arts books online

    I see that Amazon now owns both Goodreads and Abe books.
  28. Gaucho

    Buying martial arts books online

    Does Amazon require a buyer's phone number in order to create a buyer's account? Thanks