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  1. Gaucho

    Tang Soo Do: you can go your own way.

    I get the various splits in the world of Tang Soo Do. I found interesting in the wikipdeia entry: """ Hwang Kee and a large constituent of the Moo Duk Kwan continued to develop a version of Tang Soo Do that eventually became what is now known as "Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan". This modified version...
  2. Gaucho

    1987 to 1990 All Okinawan Karate World Championships

    There is a video of the above: I'm wondering if perhaps someone here has personal knowledge of the goings on there. I am curious if all various Okinawan styles are represented there, or if some are more dominant than others - if such things can be determined. Thanks
  3. Gaucho

    Shorin Ryu styles, various

    I found a thread on some old forum which discussed the various flavours of Shorin Ryu. One rather long post in particular went on about Marsubayashi somewhat critically, and that caught my interest. I am going to paste the post here and hope that someone weighs in on the subject. Of course...
  4. Gaucho

    "Speed" in Japanese and/or Okinawan karate

    Speed is always important, but are there some styles which really focus on developing speed in strikes more than other styles do? Thank you.
  5. Gaucho

    Buying martial arts books online

    First, if anyone can suggest any online sources other than Amazon for a variety of MA books, I would appreciate it. Also, I have not bought books from Amazon, and I know that they drop-ship products from various suppliers. If I order five books, is there any guarantee that they will all arrive...
  6. Gaucho

    Back side kick

    I recall seeing this kick in print somewhere and can't recall which fighting style it belonged to. It was carried out similarly to a side kick, but the foot was aimed to the rear and not as high as some kickers do side kicks. It was actually classified as a separate kick, not just a sub-kick...
  7. Gaucho

    Blocks: open hand vs. closed hand

    I'm curious as to which karate styles use open hand vs. closed hand blocks, for high, low, and middle blocks. I expect that someone here has a broad enough knowledge to summarize which styles tend to use open hand blocks and which ones don't. It would save me doing hours of research. Thanks...
  8. Gaucho

    Does anyone here speak/read any Japanese?

    There is a video on youtube: "3 Major Schools of Okinawa Karate - Uechi-ryu, Goju-ryu, Shorin-ryu Vol.2" These is some interesting material on there.... I think...... but I don't know where material about one style stops and another begins. I don't even know who's on first. If someone can...
  9. Gaucho

    Questions about TSD versions, with Chuck Norris content

    I'm new here. Hello. Enough of that.... Here's the easy one: According to Wikipedia: """He joined the United States Air Force as an Air Policeman (AP) in 1958 and was sent to Osan Air Base, South Korea. It was there that Norris acquired the nickname Chuck and began his training in Tang Soo...