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    A Contemplative Post

    In a large sense, of course. Every personal struggle is a micro-analog of the larger picture. While this, literally, is about my current mind, the broad application is entirely spot on. Thank you.
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    A Contemplative Post

    Thank you. I hope you can find a way back into writing. It's fulfilling, to me. As for this place, I used to mod and mentor. Contributed, some, to Karate and Philosophy. I'm looking to pick up wing chun training here and thought I'd poke my nose back in. It's still a thriving community, it...
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    Hello and welcome!!
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    Hello all!

    Hello and welcome!
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    Hello from Toronto

    Hello and welcome!
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    A Contemplative Post

    Yes. I used to write quite a bit (a few are here and there on this board) and I'm starting to write, again. This piece was inspired by much older Zen-styled pieces.
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    A Contemplative Post

    Behind my hut in the Clear Creek gorge are many fierce and ferocious creatures While I cannot see them, directly, from where I sit in front of my home I have seen them I can hear them But, they grow more distant with each passing moment Before me is the lush green of the gorge The smell of the...
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    What is it?

    This one! It has an answer :) I've begun meditation and I've been instructed to allow the stream of thought to pass without becoming involved it. The mind has an infinite capacity to create thoughts, I was told. It soon occurred to me that, though the mind streams with thoughts, I was not to...
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    What is it?

    The master approached the student and asked, 'What is the mind?' The student said, 'That which is quieted.' The master, then, asked, 'And what is it that quiets this?'
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    black belt club

    Training harder and more often does not, necessarily equate to training correctly and more deeply; two things I feel contribute to an advanced understanding of a process, leading to a culmination more quickly.
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    corny joke time

    A priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into a bar. The bartender says, 'What is this; some kind of joke?'
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    Last Person Thread #4

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    corny joke time

    A ham and cheese sandwich goes into a bar and says, 'Gimme a whiskey and soda'. The bartender says, 'I'm sorry, sir. We don't serve food here'.
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    corny joke time

    Knock, knock! Who's there? HIPAA! HIPAA who? I can't tell you that.
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    This Just In, Sorta

    Here's the english translation of the lyrics: The Story of Six Trillion Years and One Night In a village of a nameless era And of a nameless young boy No one knows This fairy tale From the time of my birth A taboo child As a demon's offspring Though I didn't deserve it I received the...
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    This Just In, Sorta

    This cd dropped on my birthday this year. I came across the video browsing the tube. Enjoy!
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    Is SPAM getting worse?

    I pretty much just get what I sign up for. I use yahoo for all my email and it's, typically, pretty good about filtering spam out.
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    Hi from Sherman Self Defense! ^_~

    You will be better for that ;)
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    Word Association

    Belief - stagnation
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    ATA's new identity

    It's fair enough to say that any sufficiently popularized martial art is prone to becoming a belt mill or McDojo and ATA is no exception and may simply be the most recent casualty. I applaud the rationality of this thread and the contributors' ability to be civil and attentive to the conversation.
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    Hello, Just Joined.

    Welcome to Martialtalk!
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    New Here

    Welcome to Martialtalk!
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    An introduction

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    New-ish Member

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    Hello all

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    Hello from Chile

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    Hello Everybody :D

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