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  1. SFC JeffJ

    Fn ps90

    I gotta agree about the rounds performance. But they do look cool and would be a lot of fun to shoot.
  2. SFC JeffJ

    Homosexuality and Christianity, Part 20075

    You do have to remember though, not all of our rights are enumerated in the constitution.
  3. SFC JeffJ

    Pepper spray in a black belt test?

    Hell, I'm getting ready to test for my third and we give the chimps the AK's.
  4. SFC JeffJ

    The Consequences of the Theory of Evolution

    Heck, if the ToE becomes the de-rigur belief, I think it will bring about good things. More people thinking critically can't be a bad thing. Jeff
  5. SFC JeffJ

    Experience with Fairtex products

    Great products and a good company. I used to love what they said on their Valentines Day catalogs. "Nothing says I love you like a kick to the thigh." Unfortunately, my wife took that to heart. Jeff
  6. SFC JeffJ

    Nice Website - Sense about Science

    Debunking "woo" is always a good thing. Jeff
  7. SFC JeffJ

    Are Capitalism and Christianity compatible?

    Something about a rich man, a camel, and a needle. Jeff
  8. SFC JeffJ

    $25 Million in Aid For Libyan Rebels

    I heard a story about this on NPR and also read some on it. Seems like a good use of old but serviceable crap we have lying around. Hell, maybe some of my old **** will see some good use. Jeff
  9. SFC JeffJ

    Tragedy: Step-father accidentally shoots step-daughter during home invasion

    Never shoot unless you have identified your target. The guy is a moron, but yes, I think that the criminals involved should be prosecuted for her death. Jeff
  10. SFC JeffJ

    A Rand Rant

    Personally I liked the book. A little too verbose and repetitive at times, but on the whole, I do enjoy her writing. Her writing inspired me to study both philosophy and economics. Ones she agreed with and also others. A lot of people got their introductions to those subjects through her...
  11. SFC JeffJ

    yet more from the religion of peace......

    I should clarify my statement. I by no means wish to put across the idea that because of a few bad apples, an entire people should be persecuted. However, I'd happily denounce any religion. Jeff
  12. SFC JeffJ

    yet more from the religion of peace......

    I'll denouce them without breaking a sweat! Jeff
  13. SFC JeffJ

    yet more from the religion of peace......

    Hopefully, and I bet it does, that drug store has cameras. That'll make it much easier to hunt down that ******* and make an example of him in the courts. Jeff
  14. SFC JeffJ

    Crime Victim Uses Submission Hold; Suspect Eventually Dies. Now What?

    Now that I've done the research, I retract my previous comment. I know better than that for crying out loud. Also, someone might want to check the language filter and add the word I used. Jeff
  15. SFC JeffJ

    kip ups

    Don't feel bad if you learn/practice it on a trampoline. That's where the gymnasts start learning it. Jeff
  16. SFC JeffJ

    Crime Victim Uses Submission Hold; Suspect Eventually Dies. Now What?

    Well, that's one cockbite who won't be assaulting or robbing anybody else. Pity he was so young though. He might have been able to get out of that life. Jeff
  17. SFC JeffJ

    My own MA...

    Eh, now it's my turn to disagree with you, lol. Just because someone performs a kata a bit differently doesn't make it art. The principles and techniques in the kata are what's important. If you adapt it so much, those aren't transmitted, then the kata becomes worthless, 'cept maybe in awful...
  18. SFC JeffJ

    Fortunes Yet to be Made?

    Being more or less a proponent of the Austrian school of economics, I don't believe there is a finite amount of "wealth" in the world. If we are smart, work hard, and yes, a bit lucky too, we can all have a piece of the pie. Jeff
  19. SFC JeffJ

    My own MA...

    Looking at this thread had got me thinking about a lot of things I haven't considered in a long time. Personally, I think the term "martial artist" is overused. Most of us are more like craftsmen, using tools and stratagems developed by others. For most of us, adapting those to our own uses...
  20. SFC JeffJ

    Is it possible... 18-year-old person to have achieved 4th degree black belt?

    Not all TKD is like this thankfully. Jeff
  21. SFC JeffJ

    kip ups

    At our school we are lucky in this regard. We are located in a gymnastics studio. If one of our students wants to learn how to do a kip up, or any other kind of gymnsastics move, we have a specialist right there, not just someone who happens to know how to do that particular stunt. I recomend...
  22. SFC JeffJ

    Mixed Martial Arts... Helped or Hindered?

    I don't really think that this argument is within the scope of this thread. That being said, yes and no. Boxing, Wrestling, Sumo, are sports. Sure, some teachers of them might also include the SD applications but their primary focus is sport. Others in your list evolved into primarily sport...
  23. SFC JeffJ

    Mixed Martial Arts... Helped or Hindered?

    I don't think MMA by itself is a Martial Art, but rather a martial sport. There isn't a cohesive single "MMA", which in my opinion, is a good thing. As far as it's affect on martial arts, I think it's been a good one. It's got more traditional martial artists to look at very important things...
  24. SFC JeffJ

    Acupuncture Study of Studies

    Interesting read. I have yet to estudy the actual abstract yet, but based on the commentary, I have to (for now) agree with it. I do wonder however how many of the adverse affects would have been prevented with proper sterile technique. I really don't see how it would be detrimental if those...
  25. SFC JeffJ

    In honor of Atlas Shrugged, the movie

    I've been checking around to see where it's playing here. Which would be nowhere near. Jeff
  26. SFC JeffJ

    GPS Tracking of Firearms in Mass

    Massachusetts Moving Towards Requiring Mandatory GPS Tracking Devices in Firearms URL: I'm guessing it's a tactic just to keep new firearms out of their state. Doubt it passes though. Jeff
  27. SFC JeffJ

    People who abandon pets

    I was an animal control officer for about a year when I first got out of the Army. I had to quit. If I had stayed, I probably would have ended up in jail for beating the crap out of some ******* who abused and/or neglected his animals(s). It's a good indication on how they relate to people as...
  28. SFC JeffJ

    People who abandon pets

    For the second time in a couple of years, someone abandoned a domestic cat near our place (we live out in the boonies). She's a little sweetheart. After a day of starting to feed her she climbed up my jeans and tried to do the same up my shirt. That was painful! Took her to the vet and she...
  29. SFC JeffJ

    David Sgro?

    Thanks for the info! Jeff
  30. SFC JeffJ

    David Sgro?

    Anybody heard of him? He's going to be teaching a seminar near here soon. As he does FMA, I was going to put this in that section, but he also is a TSD practitioner, so I put this here. Apparently, he used to run a school in Fayetteville, NC. Fight-Cut-Combatives. But now he's down in...