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    What’s a good knife?

    I’m looking for a good knife for myself to carry around for protection.
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    Training after ACL, MCL, and LCL tear

    My plans were to start trying in Hayastein Grappling earlier this year until I tore my ACL, MCL,LCL, 2 meniscus tears, joint effusion, and blood in my left knee. Has anybody had this type of injury? Were you able to return back to training?
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    Would this work?

    Im just curious on if this would work on a non willing participant?
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    How long should I train for NAGA

    I have been taking Kajukenbo for a few years. I plan on taking hayastein grappling Tuesday and Thursday and BJJ Saturday. There is a NAGA competition in June. Do you guys think that’s enough time to compete in the novice division? I will be a super heavyweight.
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    Rash guard for big guys

    I’m 6’6 280. Who makes a rash guard for big guys? I’m looking to compete sometime in the future. I was looking at venum, but they said their XXL runs small.
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    Hayastein grappling or BJJ

    I would like to take one of them but I’m not sure which one. What do you guys think? I don’t know much about hayastein grappling but from the little bit I saw it seems cool. I’m not asking which one is best. I’m just trying to get some opinion on the arts from people that know more about them...
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    What clothes do you train in

    I’m just curious on what everyone is using as training gear. Right now I just use some Addis sweet paints and whatever shirt I feel like putting on. I would like to get some clothes strictly for training. I’m thinking about some compression shorts and dry fit shirt. What do you guys wear...
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    What’s a cool looking knife or sword

    I’m thinking about collecting knives and sword.What type of blade weapons do you like. I don’t plan on using it, just collecting.
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    Stretching for heel kick.

    i thought i was pretty flexible. I can roundhouse kick to the head. Lately I have been trying to roundhouse then a heel kick combo with the same leg. A right roundhouse to the body followed by a right heel kick to the face. When I try this it hurts the side of my butt. What stretches can I do ?
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    Gumdo in San Antonio

    I'm currently taking Kajukenbo. I would take up a sword art. Is there anywhere to train in San Antonio? I can't find much on google.
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    Where can I buy a good bo?

    I was told have to be careful when buying a bo because some aren't durable and will break. Can somebody recommend a good site?
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    Which book would you buy 1st?

    I'm currently taking Kajukenbo. I do like to read. I do plan on getting both books, just not at the same time. I know the decision is totally up to me. I'm just trying see what other people think plus maybe somebody has one of these books and could tell if it's a good read. Shaolin Chin Na Fa...
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    Escrima stick slipping

    Are there any drills I can do to strengthen my grip? My escrima a slipping every time I spin them.
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    How do some of you all train?

    The high ranking I get the more stuff I have to learn. I was fine airhead stretching and practice stuff to get my yellow belt, but the high I get the info it takes to train every day. I can't even imagine once I get my black belt. Do some of you guys that have your brown or black still practice...
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    Favorite animal style

    I'm just curious, whats your favorite animal style and why? I'm taking Kajukenbo and we use some tiger and crane techniques.
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    Suggestion on takedown

    My takedown is optional. Here are the steps 1- Right tiger claw punch to the chin 2- Step to 3 o'clock 3- upward chop to the groin 4- takedown I'm think like single leg takedown from the rear or arm drag. What would you guys suggest?
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    Kajukenbo in San Antonio

    I'm looking for someone to train with in the San Antonio area. If you are interested PM me. I don't teach it. YOu are more than welcome to start taking classes with me.
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    Aqua punching bag?

    Do you guys think this would be a good bag for punches and kicks. Power lifter and being tall has left me with bad joints. I'm looking for a bag that won't hurt every time I punch it or kick it. Aqua Punching Bags - Heavy Punching Bags - 6 Bags 7 Colors
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    Are there any good escrima stick drill videos?

    I'm looking for some good escrima stick videos. I have YouTube some videos. I'm just wondering what do you guys recommend.
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    Learning your kata with both hands?

    Do you know your kata or whatever your discipline calls it with both hands?
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    Red top with black pants

    Most of the time I have people wear all black gi's. On the few occasions I have seen some wear a red top wig a black bottom. Each occasion that person was high ranking. Does the red top mean something?
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    Belt whipping and kiss the dragon

    Im just curious. When does this happen and why?
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    Help on picking an art

    I'm not looking to see which art is better. I know every art has its flaws, nothing is perfect. I'm just looking fir a certain thing and I'm not sure which discipline offer everything I'm looking for. I am 6'6 about 280. I was an competitive powerlifter until I had a career ending shoulder...