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  1. Brian King

    Greetings from Southeast England

    Welcome to Martial Talk Ticklishchap! Good luck with your pursuit. Regards Brian King
  2. Brian King

    Forum Update April 2021

    @dascrow Nice changes, thank you. Any chance of getting an "informative" or "useful" option along with the like and agree that you have added? Thanks again Brian King
  3. Brian King

    Help me choose a self defense walking cane

    Nice looking canes @Alan0354 I do not know the specific weight you are wanting to know, sorry. I think by far the more important metric is grip comfort. Find a cane that fits length wise for you and feels good to your hand, then get two of them. One to train with and one for the town...
  4. Brian King

    Help me choose a self defense walking cane

    Hello Alan0354, Welcome to Martial Talk. Quick question, do you need the cane for support and aid- or - are you just interested in learning how to use and to carry for self-defense? If you like working with wood, metal, and your hands then it is often pleasurable to make your own stick out of...
  5. Brian King

    Aikido.. The reality?

    @Shatteredzen Great first post. Looking forward to more. Welcome to the forum Regards Brian King
  6. Brian King

    British Aikido History from the 1950s

    Looks interesting. Thank you @Henry Ellis
  7. Brian King

    Passing of Dwight McLemore

    RIP, Prayers lifted.
  8. Brian King

    Neil Hall

    RIP. Prayers lifted.
  9. Brian King

    Marvelous Marvin Hagler

    RIP. Prayers lifted.
  10. Brian King

    Short Blade cutting competition

    Thank you for sharing! Regards Brian King
  11. Brian King


    Welcome to the forum. Wish you success in your journey. Regards Brian King
  12. Brian King

    Seeking training partner PNW U.S.A. For ICSA distance curriculum

    Have you reached out to Kevin? That is his organization and curriculum and he might have a list of locals interested in his work close to you that would be open for training. Lots of Systema folks around that area and I am sure that the combat Systema crowd must also be around. Good luck. Also...
  13. Brian King

    New here

    Welcome to the forum Todd
  14. Brian King

    Judo Students From 40 Years ago Attending my 80th Birthday Party

    Wonderful. Happy Belated birthday.
  15. Brian King

    Hello from San Antonio! (Kara-Ho Kempo)

    Welcome to Martial Talk
  16. Brian King

    Setup AR-15 for Home Defense

    Some might say that continued deliberate use of misleading emotional and incorrect jargon distracts from what ever the larger point is supposed to be. Regards Brian King
  17. Brian King

    Setup AR-15 for Home Defense

    In my opinion, when people use wrong terms, it makes them appear ignorant, when they deliberately use the wrong terms it makes any point they are attempting to make look ignorant. When they deliberately use misleading and emotional terms, it proves their opinion ignorant, weak, and often wrong...
  18. Brian King

    What nonfiction book are you currently reading?

    @jks9199 Kris Wilder and Marc had a nice long discussion (as they are want to do) that covered info on the book and different things going on. It is worth a listen. Multiple parts. "Animal” MacYoung – Group Attack II ! - Stickman Publications, Martial Arts Podcast
  19. Brian King

    What nonfiction book are you currently reading?

    Dan is a good guy. Was able to train with him a bit during his Systema exploration. He is an experienced martial artist and gymnast. I enjoy his books and liked the movie. He had a cameo in the movie. Enjoy the read. Regards Brian King
  20. Brian King

    Mr. Steven Le Vanden Galindez

    Sorry for your loss Daren. RIP. Prayers lifted.
  21. Brian King

    What martial arts book are you currently reading?

    I just ordered Kris Wilder and Lawrence Kane's 'Sun-Tzu- Said'. Kris and Lawerence Slashed Sun Tzu and the kindle version is only $2.99 until Sept 1, 2020. over 700 pages.
  22. Brian King

    Jack Tak Fok Ling

    RIP Prayers lifted
  23. Brian King

    Looking for decent school in Austin,TX

    Gene is AWESOME with the young people. HIGHLY recommend. Brian
  24. Brian King

    Looking for decent school in Austin,TX

    I can recommend training with Gene Smithson without any reservations. His school is Austin Systema and Tai Chi Chuan. Austin Systema & Tai Chi Chuan - Martial Arts North Austin Systema Austin Martial Arts Instructor Gene Smithson Regards Brian King
  25. Brian King


    Welcome to martial talk! Regards Brian King
  26. Brian King

    New here Douwe ter Horst :-) Kung Fu Zwolle

    Welcome to the forum!
  27. Brian King

    The Value of training with odd-ball weapons

    @geezer, two of the cell phone classes we sometimes ran that you might adapt to your use. The students always appreciated both. One was drilling with a cell phone in your hand (older broken or not usable phones) that could be used if wished or protected also if wished. It was always interesting...
  28. Brian King

    Shorin ryu karate???

    Welcome to Martial Talk, Aubrey!
  29. Brian King

    John Saxon

    RIP. Prayers lifted.
  30. Brian King

    Bruce Tegnér

    Welcome back to the forum. Glad you are still on top of the grass.