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    Chen Tai Chi

    I have been invited to meet a new Chen Tai Chi teacher/instructor that has moved to the area and try it out. He is a disciple of Chen Yingjun of Australia. Is anyone a practitioner of Chen Tai Chi ?
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    Jerry Johnson - Internal Essence of Martial Arts

    I am not sure if the author Jerry Johnson has been discussed before. It was recommended I read volumes 1 and 2 titled , Internal Essence of Martial Arts. I have always been interested in QiGong, Qi, Chi energy for many years. Has anyone read both volumes ? What are your thoughts ? I have read...
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    Adam Mizner Taijiquan

    Every once in a while I watch a video of Adam Mizner performing Taijiquan . Has anyone participated in any of his classes ?
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    Aiki News Magazine

    Does anyone know where I can find and purchase the magazine that is discontinued Aiki News.
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    Aiki Jiu Jitsu

    I was a student of Chow Gar Southern Mantis for about a year along with some Hapkido/Jiu Jitsu mixed in. Unfortunately I had to drive an hour both ways every Saturday morning for my weekly class. I decided to look in my own backyard and found a Master Carrothers that teaches traditional Aiki Jiu...
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    Hello from Sarnia Ontario Canada

    Sorry for not introducing myself a couple of days ago when I started a thread on Wing Chun. I studied Tae Kwon Do many years ago (35 plus years) and received a red belt. Currently for almost a year I have been studying Southern Mantis Kung -Fu and most recently in addition my sifu has added...
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    Wing Chun Online

    Anyone familiar with wingchunonline home study course ? I am 2 hours away from the nearest wing chun school and thought I would try an online course.
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    Wing Chun- London Ontario , Canada

    Hi, I am new to the forum and hope a forum member could help me out. I am looking for a Wing Chun school in the London Ontario area. I know of one further east in Kitchener Ontario but that is too far for me to drive. I am currently a Chow Gar Southern Mantis student along with Ship Pal Ki as an...