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  1. wingerjim

    Source for Long Pole in US

    Does anyone know of a good source for a reasonably priced Long Pole in the US? I know of sites that charge @ $200 per, but 5 or so years ago I purchased one from California for $75 and it is still going strong but I cannot find them online any longer. I am looking for a second one now and am...
  2. wingerjim

    Staying down in stance vs. moving vertical

    I was just wondering how many of you stay essentially at the same depth of stance, especially when striking, vs rising slightly when striking? I have seen several videos like this one or staying down like in this video
  3. wingerjim

    Line Drills

    Just curious how many schools out there perform WC Line Drill during class? In case you call them a different term, a line drill in my school means we use the WC step (~90% of the weight on the back foot and shuffle forward) while doing various arm movements such as single or double punch, block...
  4. wingerjim

    Anyone use an inversion table?

    A couple of student at my kwoon said they use an inversion table to help with back pressure. Does anyone use one and is it helpful or hype? Thank you
  5. wingerjim

    Qi Explained

    Greeting. Can someone explain what Qi is and how it applies to the martial arts? I have only a vague idea and really do not understand Qi very much. Thank you
  6. wingerjim

    Good source for long pole

    Can anyone tell me a good source for a long pole in the US? Thanks