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    JKD vs. MMA

    Wow. Off this forum for a while now. It's like I haven't left! How's everything guys and gals?
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    New ninja trend?

    If a gymkata school opened up near me, I would join to learn teh dedly.
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    Is it ok to switch front foot?

    Be a specialist with one lead IMO. When I spar with someone that switches leads, I notice it right away, and fire away once I get the timing right. Once you're efficient with one lead, experiment with the switch in the event you find yourself in that stance. That means jabbing out or push...
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    Sober martial arts enthusiast

    Although I enjoy the occasional beer or glass of wine, I fill my spare time up with training and hanging out with my MA buddies; no need to spend time with the old bar crowd. I also had a really bad anger problem prior to my MA training. It's not that I take out my frustrations on my training...
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    Strong man and martial arts

    In conjunction with a proper MA workout in an alive training environment, MA-oriented calisthenics/stretching, and sparring, I see no problem doing the exercised you've mentioned to increase explosive power/anaerobic cardio. You do that sort of thing prior to competition. You can definitely get...
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    10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

    I don't think the OP will have any trouble finding a school to fit in.
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    10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

    There's an increase in MMA gyms focusing on no-gi/submission wrestling. 10th Planet Jits is pretty cool, and I've used some of their stuff in my own game. But it's not the end-all-be-all by any means... Even in the no-gi world. To me, that particular game can be a little predictable with...
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    anyone use MA moves in everyday life?

    I don't use it every day, but since I took a job in a kitchen, I've run into a lot of "minding the blade" scenarios, and used a sombrada-like motion to get my prep knife away from a skittish server running through my kitchen. Also, a dishwasher was mopping behind me and when I stepped back, I...
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    The End of FMAs?

    No way, and this thread should be renamed "The End of FMA in AMERICA" But back to the original post... From the POV of a MMA practitioner, there is a LOT to be learned from TMAs... ESPECIALLY the FMAs. Footwork, creative striking technique, takedown concepts are all integral, basic concepts...
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    Submission-Only Event

    I've been talking with some friends about hosting our own submission-only tournament. What do you think are the pros/cons of having such a tournament?
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    Constant Movement Drill - Top Game (Video)

    Slow is good and technical. I say go for it!
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    Can't get enough!

    I don't box in class as much as I used to (I get there a little too late for boxing), but I still like to knock my punching bag around when I get home from work. It's cleansing. It's good! I'm glad you feel the same way! Good luck on your journey.
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    Jungle Trek

    I'm looking for a good bag for a week-long jungle trek. Any suggestions?
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    "Anti-MMA sport" Martial Arts Master challenges NY Gov. David Paterson to public debate.

    Looking at his site, he's still advocating sport MA, just labeling it as "Bushido Kickboxing" and promises to promote the SD aspect, and point out the non-SD things of kickboxing. Kind of ironic, huh? Is this guy legit? He's got eleventybillion credentials, and seems to like incense... A LOT...
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    "Anti-MMA sport" Martial Arts Master challenges NY Gov. David Paterson to public debate.

    I wonder what this guy would think if NY ever banned whining...
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    "We are not a McDojo"

    I skimmed this thread. Was a link to the Dojo's site posted?
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    I almost have my black belt in JKD!

    Are you serious? Looking at the youtube comment exchange... I'm LOLing.
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    Wearing your gi and belt in public

    I usually wear my gi pants or grappling shorts in public if I'm in a hurry, right before class. They're super comfy. But I try not to, if I can. I don't want to track dirt into the gym with my just-sat-in-a-funky-pee-stained-train-seat pants/shorts.
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    I am taking TKD to a new level

    I'm not a TKDer, nor am I a fan of TKD as the art for me... But good luck! You're bound to expose yourself to more and more arts, so enjoy the ride!
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    $wear In $chool And It Will Co$t You Big $$$$

    I can see the kids throwing the F-Bomb en masse. Spartacus style. Organizing a student protest, attracting media attention, and documenting everything would seem like an excellent senior project or story for an entrance letter to university.
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    No legs rule

    Lol. Right on. Pre 1960's is old school? The "Old Way"?? Come on, don't lump good teaching method in a chronological fashion. It's a complete falsehood. Back then, and all throughout history, there were good teachers and bad. Same as now. Rule sets are rule sets. But I think beginners should...
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    No legs rule

    I think those are allowed Xue.
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    No legs rule

    My first grappling tournament was an All Subs Allowed event; event to the First Year fighters. I think that rule stinks. I'm not big into leg locks, but I like that they're there.
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    The grappling matches that I have online

    My training group started out as a few buddies. Now, we've got a ton of people with backgrounds in a variety of MAs. Just keep your growing gym genuine, train alive, and focus on finding that happy medium between live training and your training partner's safety.
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    Jackie Chan On MMA

    I don't think that argument is the point at all. The MMA fans here on MT are pretty much all TMA practitioners. That being said, the highlight of this thread pertains to Jackie Chan, his view on a fight, and the irony over his comment on MMA versus his views on how a fight should end.
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    Jackie Chan On MMA

    It's funny that he respects a ring boxer, when they definitely go harder in striking to the head than you see in MMA matches... And they can stand back up after a serious hit! In MMA, on one of those knockout strikes, the ref is supposed to jump in and usually calls the fight. I think Mr. Chan...
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    School shooting averted, suspect almost suspended

    The principal's actions are exhibiting the paranoid environment/fear mentality that America's enemies seek to achieve. Thanks for being a sheep miss principal lady. She should be fired for being stupid and wasting taxpayer money on her paranoia/need to exert power on 9 year old kids.
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    The grappling matches that I have online

    Nice! Find training partners and invite them to roll! If you're near a university, there's bound to be a MMA/BJJ/Sub grappling club around. Good luck on your journey.
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    The grappling matches that I have online

    Good stuff. I like the knee bar/ankle lock entry at :50 of the first vid. Smooth! Do you train anywhere or have training partners?
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    MMA vs. TMA Training Methods: Is One Better Than The Other?

    Unless you could lay out each methodology in terms of philosophy, cross-reference technique and cite examples, making broad generalizations like that would sound like they were based in assumption and personal inflection and not real experience.