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    Gin foon mark and officer Derek Chauvin

    As a suggestion so people on the site can get to know you a bit better, drop into our Meet & Greet section. Good way to break the ice. Meet & Greet New to MartialTalk? Stop in here and introduce yourself. Long time member? Pop in and say hello and meet the new members.
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    Only half done, good luck!
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    Welcome to MT we hope you enjoy your stay.
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    Just Joined

    Welcome aboard, Dan. This is a great site and we hope you enjoy your stay here.
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    Good luck, you got this.....Miss you!!
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    Promoted to Brown Belt (Jiu-Jitsu)

    Nice congratulations!
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    We had a cat for her life time (18) yrs. We always had dogs at that time also. One big happy family.
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    I come and go but I think I may stay for a while this time. I will look for you. Stay safe!

    I come and go but I think I may stay for a while this time. I will look for you. Stay safe!
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    The secret of the punch close to the target of Bruce Lee?

    A strong wrist and hand will not add power to the punch but a weak combo will diminish it. Structure, movement and breath = power. A good strong punch comes from a chain reaction starting from the ground moving through the legs and hips through the shoulder arm and fist. A two hundred pound...
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    I enjoyed Martial Talk for many years in the Bob Hubbard time frame. I will be popping in and out going forward and will look you up from time to time.
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    Georgetown area just north of Austin. Still trying to get used to the food after living in NYS all my life.
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    How do i maintain my healthy weight ?

    Clean up your diet (snack food). Eat your 3 meals per day but divided into 6 meals. Same calories, but, body will utilize food better. Treat food as medicine for the body and nothing past 7pm. Stay hydrated between meals, water is king....
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    Retired to Texas a while ago and enjoying life. Thanks for asking. :)
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    I was in the neighborhood and thought I would stop in and say.....hi.
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    I hope all is well with you.

    I hope all is well with you.
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    Awesome!! You hung in there, good for you...
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    Respect for younger instructors

    Martial arts is time sensitive. What a young black belt knows today will not change later on except for scope and depth of that same knowledge. Both sides of the coin are needed which makes martial arts a life time pursuit for those so inclined. In time for those that realize this the rewards...
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    Hang in there Buka because when the pain stops.......well you know what I mean. :)
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    you're doing exactly what you need to do, keep moving.
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    Mine kicked in around mid to late 60's. You're still young give it time.
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    Pain when I was young is a lot different these days. Young pain is generally muscle but old person pain is every injury I ever got when I was young that went away within a day or so. Movement as mentioned is very beneficial...
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    I hate when that happens. No wait I'm retired.
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    Hi guys!

    Welcome to Martial Talk, we hope you enjoy your stay.
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    Had my first 3 Boxing lessons.

    Good advice!!
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    New Newbie incomming!

    Welcome to Martial Talk. Get involved share and above all enjoy the site.
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    My bad, I opened the wrong window!!
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    On my way to the coffee pot by way of the bathroom!! :)
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    Learning Tai Chi online

    Tai Chi as with all arts has a physical movement aspect that has to be learned. But, there is the feeling aspect of movement of power, yours and theirs. Also learning to move and feeling their movement which can't be taught but must be felt. It's this feeling aspect that could take years to...
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    Yeah, well I've been called some other things too!! :}
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    We do shrink as we get older. I'm 2" shorter at my last doctors visit. This must be part of the life cycle as we slowly disappear. :)