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    Opinions on my videos

    And Mr Parker, where are your website and videos? Easy to slander someone else. Lets see your great skills. I Looked at a video of your "grandmaster" Dr. Maung Gyi. Not that impressive on a video. Basic yellow belt techniques.Post videos of your stuff. You won't though. Not enough courage or...
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    Opinions on my videos

    How can you come off saying I am the worst martial artist you have ever seen? You have never seen me perform anytechniques or fighting, neither in person or in video. Do you do your police work like that? Base your opinion on nothing?
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    Opinions on my videos This one gets good around 2:28. Just showing examples of videos that could be criticised for their content. I will make some longer ones, maybe not as good as these. This way you can have something to base an opinion on.
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    Opinions on my videos The interesting part of this video starts at 3:18. I will try to use this as my model ,JKS9199. Thanks for he helpful tips. Glad to see there are such friendly people here.
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    Opinions on my videos

    If it was criticism, no problem. Baseless insulting statements, such as " find a new instructor", just an insult.
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    Opinions on my videos

    I will counter some things. As for Chris Parkers "research" on me, I posted my website, which includes my info, and the bullshido story. Nothing hidden here. My teachers are not famous, certainly not known to someone in australia. Judgements made about my art from a 7 sec video clip are not to...
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    Opinions on my videos

    See, I fell into that baiting response tactic. Shame on me!!!
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    Opinions on my videos

    No. You want something for nothing?
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    Opinions on my videos

    shesulsa, note that I thanked Geezer and Jenna for their comments. Do not read so much into the motives here. I made some video on my phone of some training techniques. That simple. I didn't post techniques, stances, my diplomas.... I wanted some comments on my 1st attempts at video. Is that so bad?
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    Can Anyone Identify This Technique For Me?

    Yes, keeping hand open until impact is a better way, increases ki flow.
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    Opinions on my videos

    WOW. I thought I would get some bad criticism, but not on the level of bullshido. I did not come here to incite anyone. Response to some of the comments: I had written a number of responses here, but then thought better of it and deleted them. Why waste my time answering such comments. "Find...
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    Question about breaking concrete

    Hope I am not too late for your feat, but I use 91% rubbing alcohol. It doesn't give off a bad odor, is safer too handle and burns off fast with no residue. Good luck. Post a video so we can see. I have one on you tube of 2 of my students using it.
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    Opinions on my videos

    Basically, I had my Iphone with me and I thought, lets get some video of the class. No planning, just the students and me throwing around ideas. Our fighting stance is very stable. This was just some quick exercises in body blow absorbtion, getting strudent used to getting hit. As a MA, you know...
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    Opinions on my videos

    Thanks Geezer.I will try out your suggestions for my next video.exactly the advice I was looking for.
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    Opinions on my videos

    I don't mind constructive criticism, name calling and comments like " big boy panties" are childish and serve no purpose. Geezers comments were just what I am looking for. As for skin, it's rhino hide. But, as life is short, I would rather not wade through any more BS than necessary.
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    Opinions on my videos

    Just looked up the definition of a troll post. I came to this forum thinking that I could get opinions without "emotionally charged " responses. Am I wrong? If a moderator thinks this is the wrong spot for this post, just move it. Only trying to get feedback.
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    Opinions on my videos

    Not sure what a troll is. Why do you think I am joking? I just want some feedback from Martial Artists. You tube viewers may not have an experienced eye for MA's. This site is for martial artists, right?
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    Opinions on my videos Sorry, forgot the link. Here it is.
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    Opinions on my videos

    I just posted some videos to you tube and would like the opinions of martial artists. Comments on quality, length, etc. Thank you. Mukashimantis
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    Atemi Ryu

    The 2nd video in the list above shows some valid concepts/techniques. Watching this video, as with most MA videos I see ,it is difficult to determine the nuances of an art. The instructor is combining techniques in a flow that is good training for a student with some training. Nothing wrong...
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    What if We Eliminated The Belt System in Martial Arts? by Dr. Gary S. Goodman

    As a teacher, I see the value of the rank system. In years past, in China, Japan etc., students often lived in the school. Even the legend Jackie Chan did. There was less need to have incremental levels. When a child reached adulthood, their training was usually finished at that school. Belts...
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    $50, a bit much?

    The important thing is the value you put on it. If it seems worth $50 to you, that is all that matters. Prices vary across the board, from geographic location, etc. Someone in one town or state may charge more or less. Here in NY, a private lesson can be $40-$80
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    What to do - new and clueless

    An injury is a great opportunity to learn. Ask yourself, "what would I do if I got into a fight with my injury?" . If someone attacks you and you are injured, you need a plan. You need to know just what you can and cannot do. What your limitations and your strengths are. Ask your sensei to work...
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    Professor Robert Clark

    Have you tried Abebooks? They are a great source. Good luck.
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    Traditional Arts - non traditional technique/principle

    As a teacher of aiki jiujitsu, I would introduce it to senior students, perhaps adding it to Shodan curriculum. I feel that an art has to evolve and keep up with progress. Using music as an anology, a musician may incorporate new techniques without affecting his/her classical training. I think...